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Monday, June 28, 2010

Chapter 8


I hear Bella sigh on the other end of the phone as she says my name. I swear I can tell she is smiling. I know I am.

Hearing her voice, fuck! I get an instant feeling of calm just hearing it, well maybe not all parts of my body are calm judging from the way my heart is beating…or the way my dick just reacted.

And then, she tells me she thought about me a lot today. Good to know I wasn't the only one going out of my mind. Calling her angel, yeah that totally slipped out, but from the little gasp I caught from Bella when I said it, I'm guessing she didn't mind.

I love the way she teases me, really love it. It's unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I mean Emmett, Alice, Tanya and Demetri tease me all the time, but getting teased by Bella feels more like...foreplay.

I am so glad she let me explain Tanya to her. I can't believe I was so fucking stupid to just bust out with her name like that, most people don't understand the relationship Tanya and I have. Lauren was always so irrational when it came to Tanya. Tan and I sort of drifted apart a bit during my time with Lauren and I worked very hard to get our friendship back to the way it is now. I hope if this thing with Bella progresses forward the way I want it to, that Bella and Tanya can meet. I think they would get along so well together.

Of course, I almost fucked up by asking about her friends Jasper and Seth. They sound like good guys, though, from the way Bella talks about them. You can hear how much she loves them both. She hasn't mentioned her parents, which is kind of odd, but I imagine I'll have to pass inspection with those two. I enjoyed hearing the stories she told about her, Rose, Jasper and Seth. They seem really close; hopefully she'll introduce me to them.

Twenty-four! Holy hell she is only 24! I have to admit it, not that I will ever tell this to Bella or anyone else for that matter, but the age difference did kind of freak me out for a moment. I mean, shit, being 8 years older than her seems like a big deal. But, I stopped that shit pretty damn quick. All it took was remembering yesterday in the park with her and the kids and I realized it didn't matter in the least. She doesn't seem to mind so there is no reason to make this into anything it doesn't need to be.

I need to make sure to remember not to disrespect her precious U2 and Bono. Girl gets a little worked up about her music, that's for sure.

So fucking adorable though.

Seriously, I don't even know why I picked Radiohead's album as my favorite. I don't technically have an absolute favorite, and not to sound like a pussy, I didn't want to admit I could have easily chosen something by Debussy or Chopin to pick as my favorite. Way to man up there, Edward. God, I'm a douche sometimes. I guess I didn't want to…disappoint Bella?

This feeling I have is so new and all encompassing. The woman has me in knots, and she doesn't even realize. I am so afraid of saying the wrong thing and scaring her off before I have a chance to get to know her I don't realize which way is up. I need to try to remember what Tanya told me though, and just let Bella set the pace and let things progress naturally.

It does seem like things are going ok, we had a great talk and talked for hours. I can't remember the last time I talked to someone that long- and on the phone no less. I hate talking on the phone, ask anyone! Ali complains all the time about it. She is so busy that phone calls are the best way for us to keep in touch with one another, but they never last more than 20-30 minutes, tops. And Ben and I, 5 minutes from start to finish. I don't even bother with Emmett; a text is about all we can manage. But with Bella, time just flew; I didn't even pay attention to how long it was until she brought it up.

Saying good bye was …difficult. I really didn't want to let her go, but there really wasn't any way to keep the conversation going. I have to admit it felt pretty damn good when I realized it was just as hard for her, too. I am glad she was the one to hang up the phone, I would have sat there all night like a fucking idiot just waiting, and trying not to say good bye.

Bella. Bella. Bella.

She is fucking amazing. I only found out a little bit more about her, but I can honestly say I have never, ever been more captivated by anyone in my entire life. I am 32, a successful doctor, have the two most amazing kids ever and have friends and family that I love completely. But, I have not had this feeling of rightness before. Like things are moving in the direction they have always meant to.

Hmm. I'll have to think about that further.

I set the phone on the nightstand, glancing at the clock with a smile on my face. Best three damn hours I have ever spent. And with that, I put my head on my pillow and drift off to sleep, smiling because I know my dreams will be full of Bella.


As expected little miss sunshine was in my room bright and early. Seriously, baby girl is going to have to learn that vacations mean sleeping in, not getting up at the ass crack of dawn when you don't have to.

After a good morning cuddle and tickle fest which Masen jumps into, I kiss them each and tell them I'll be downstairs as soon I shower and get dressed.

Everyone is eating breakfast as I make my way into the kitchen, as usual. I can't ever seem to make it down until after they have all sat down to eat. Mornings suck, that's all I've got to say, I hate waking up in the morning. In college, I never had a class before 10:00; there was no point. I would never make it so I didn't even try.

"Rough morning, son?" my dad asks me with a smirk on his face.

Wise ass old man. "No, Pop. I just went to bed kind of late and had trouble waking up this morning," I gripe to him.

He raises his eyebrow at me, "Really, now? Hmm, I don't suppose it could have anything to do with the fact that you were on the phone until all hours of the night, now could it?"

I sigh and then grumble, "Ok, smart guy. Yes, I suppose it possibly could have something to do with that."

I hear my mom let out a squeak, "Oh, my boy. Does that mean you were on the phone with your Bella?" she asks hopefully.

Oh, great, here we go.

"Yes, Ma, I was talking to Bella. We had a very nice conversation," I answer her, trying to keep the happiness from talking to her from leaking out in my voice.

If my mom hears that, she's liable to call Alice who will call Emmett and I'll be dodging meddling busy bodies all day long.

Shit, too late. "Oh Edward!" she gushes to me, "that is so wonderful. Are you excited about your date on Saturday, I can help you decide where to take her to dinner. In fact, I'll call Ali and see where she recommends. Carlisle," she asks looking at my dad, "What was the name of that quaint restaurant you took me to last week?"

I take a deep breath; I better knock this shit off, and quick. "Ma," I say, getting her attention, "I appreciate it, I really do. But, please don't call Ali, not yet, ok? Let me at least go on one date with the woman first before you unleash the tiny terror on me. Please?" I beg.

She looks at me, properly chagrined and says, "I'm sorry Edward. I am just so excited for you; it has been far too long since we have seen that smile on your handsome face. I'll behave, I promise. No Alice and no least until after your date," she laughs at me.

"You'll be lucky if you can hold her off that long, son, I hope you know that," my dad teases me.

I look at him and sadly say, "Yeah, I know, but I'll take all the time I can get. I really don't want to deal with Alice about this until I have to," I tell him.

I adore my sister Alice, we are extremely close. I have trained her, yes trained; don't judge, over the years not to meddle. She tries, most of the time. She has learned to not offer advice unless I ask for it, not to make suggestions on attire or where to take a date to eat dinner, and most importantly, not to try to make over any woman I go out with or try to become her best friend.

I haven't gone out with that many women for her to be able to do that with since the twins have been born, but she constantly tried that shit when we were in high school and I first started college. I know part of the reason was the fact that she had so few friends that she just wanted someone to hang out with and do girly things with, but Alice has a tendency to go overboard on occasion. I sure as hell don't need her pressuring Bella into makeover nights after we go out on the first date.

"Good luck with that son, with both of them," my dad says as he kisses the top of me head and leaves the kitchen.

I look at Maddie and Masen who are having a conversation about who knows what and tell them, "Okay, munchkins. Go upstairs and get dressed. We'll leave in about 30 minutes. Before lunch, we need to go to the mall and get you guys some summer clothes and Mase, we need to get you some more baseball pants for practice, sound like a plan?" I ask them.

They don't even answer as they race up the stairs to go do as I ask. I pick up their dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I help Ma clean up the kitchen and make sure to let her know the kids and I won't be home for lunch and to probably expect Demetri for dinner, the man will never pass up a free meal. I swear, between him and Emmett, it's a toss up as to who can out eat who.

I get my wallet and phone from upstairs and holler to the kids it's time to head out.

Ah, they joys of shopping, I think as we head out the door to head to the mall. I decide to take my car, a sleek, black BMW X5, since we will have packages that I do not want to be carrying around with me all damn day. I actually have two cars. My pride and joy is parked at a private garage here in the city. It is a 2009 steel gray Aston Martin DB9. I love the hell out of that car. I don't really have much opportunity to drive it, but it is one of the few indulgences I allowed myself once I received my trust fund from Grandfather.

We make it to the mall after spending only about 30 minutes in traffic and head inside. We stop at Old Navy and The Gap first to get some shorts, t-shirts and jeans for Masen. We also pick up some leggings and dresses for Maddie. After spending about two hours in both of those stores, we walk to Gymboree and Limited Too to get Maddie some shorts and tops. She's managed to talk me into a few skirts, too. She needs a new bathing suit, but Aunt Alice is going to have to handle that one for me. Lastly, we head to the shoe store to get Mase some new Van's and Maddie another pair of Converse, purple this time. She lets me know that she can't wait for Bella to see them tomorrow when we go to the park.

Speaking of Bella, I pull out my phone to send my angel a quick text:

Hey Beautiful, just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Hope you're having a good day, I can't wait to talk to you tonight. Later, angel. E

After a stop at the pretzel place for a pretzel and a soda, we leave the mall…4 ½ long hours later. Oh, well, at least I won't have to come back for a few months now. Or, until Masen hits another growth spurt and outgrows all his clothes. I swear the kid grows like a damn weed.

As the kids and I walk through the parking lot to the car I hear my phone beep, and I look at the screen and smile. Bella.

Hi Edward. Day is fine so far, thinking about you too. Say hi to the kids, tell them not to eat too much pizza later and have fun playing games, make sure you whack a mole! Talk to you later, cant' wait! B XOXO

Ahh. Hugs and kisses…again. I can't wait until tomorrow!

We find the car in the parking lot, put the bags in the trunk, get buckled in and head for Pete's Pizza. I call Dem on the way and let him know to meet us in about 30 minutes. Since it is after the lunch rush, I am hoping against hope that the place is not crowded. It's Spring Break so I don't hold my breath.

We finally make it to the pizza place after having listened to the WonderTwins argue in the back seat the whole way about which games to play first and what kind of pizza we are going to get. I try to remind them that we have plenty of time to play all the games, and that there is a buffet, so they can eat whatever kind of pizza they want. Neither one pays attention to me. It sucks to be so unneeded!

As we walk in the door, the kids spy Uncle Demetri and screech his name. He's trying, very unsuccessfully I might add, to flirt with the girl behind the counter at the cash register. I roll my eyes at him and pay for our food and buy $40.00 worth of game tickets. Everyone gets their fill of pizza and pasta and we find a table to sit at while we eat before we go into the game room.

"So Dem, did you get her number?" I tease my cousin as he sticks half a slice of pizza in his mouth.

He finishes chewing and takes a big gulp of his beer before he answers, "Nah, man. I wasn't really trying; I was just wasting time til you got here."

I roll my eyes, again. "Whatever you say dude. She shot you down, that's all," I smirk at him.

He chuckles at me, "Yeah, shot me down in a heartbeat. Whatever. My game is just off or something," he says, trying to rationalize the fact that she turned the great Demetri Cullen down.

"You wish, ass," I tell him as Maddie and Masen are arguing, again, not hearing me.

He gives me a pointed look and tells me, "Not everyone of us has a Beautiful Bella, Edward, give me a fucking break, dude," he says as he finishes a forkful of pasta.

Speaking of Bella, I whip my phone out to send a quick text…

About to rock at whack a mole, hope you're having a good night. Talk to you soon beautiful…E

I put the phone on the table, and pick up my beer, telling the kids they can go on back to the game room, after handing them a handful of tickets each. I give the standard speech of making sure they stay together and tell them I will be back there in 5 minutes. I can see the game room from where we are sitting so I finish up my beer before going to play games.

A sound from my phone lets me know Bella has texted back:

Oohh, win me a prize Edward! Don't let the kids embarrass your fine ass too much. Talk to you later, counting down the minutes…B

I smile as I read her text, a little bummed not to get hugs and kisses this time, but she did say I had a fine ass…I'll take that as a win for me!

"Dude, you are so fucked!" my cousin tells me. "You have the biggest shit eating grin on your face I have ever seen and you haven't even been out on a date yet with the girl. Come on Ed, move your ass. I am going to school you in some air hockey!" he says as he slaps me on the back, walking towards the game room.

School my ass, no fucking way!

We make it back home after my parents have finished dinner; Demetri deciding to hit some clubs with his friends. The kids rushing over to them to show what they got at the mall. I help them carry their things upstairs and make sure everything gets put away before I run baths and tell them to get cleaned up. Yes, my kids are extremely spoiled; they each have their own bathroom. But in all fairness, they have to help Nana keep them clean, too, so it all works out in the end.

I go to my room and change my clothes, throwing on some track pants and a t-shirt, anxiously waiting for the kids to go to bed so I can call Bella. I have missed her voice so much and can't wait to let her know I'll be bringing her a surprise tomorrow when we see her at the park.

I did rock at whack a mole, thank you, and won her a present. She will now be the proud owner of a stuffed rhino. I remember her telling me last night when we were talking about random shit, that her favorite animal was rhinoceros, so it made me think of her.

My parents and I watch a movie with the kids, both of them out cold before the movie finishes and my dad helps me get them upstairs and tucked into bed. With a slap on the back he tells me good night, knowing I've been dying to get to my room all night.

Before I head in there, since it's still a little early, I make my way downstairs and fix myself a scotch. Of course my thoughts immediately focus on Bella and I mentally make a list of the questions I want to ask her tonight, there is so much I want to know about her.

As I enter into my room, my phone alerts me that I have a text message. I set my drink down on the bureau and pick it up, it's from Bella. Kind of weird since I'm supposed to be calling her in just a little bit:

Won't be able to talk tonight, sorry. I'll be at the park tomorrow morning around 10:00. See you then. B XOXOXO

What. The. Fuck?

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  1. Awwww, he is so disappointed... she put the big XOs after her name this time though... wonder what's going on she was so excited to talk to Edward...