The Path We Choose

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In Progress Story Recs

De La Vie D'Artiste
Bella Swan is a novelist who can't find her words. Edward Cullen is a composer who can't hear his notes. When they meet, will it be lust at first sight or true love? And will the inspiration come? AH. Rated M for language, sexual content, & adult themes.

Falling Beyond Redemption
A plan to keep Edward & Bella apart ends in unthinkable violence leaving Bella & Charlie battling for their lives and Edward for his soul. When the fallout threatens to destroy not only them but the Pack as well, an unlikely Shaman may be their only hope.

First & Ten
Bella Swan is an aspiring sports writer and her first big assignment is to interview the league's biggest, not to mention hottest, quarterback. Will Edward Cullen school her in the rules of the game or will she teach him a thing or two? Rated M.

If You Can't Stand The Heat
SEQUEL TO COOKING WITH FIRE! Bella and her Firefighter are back, along with the rest of the ‘CWF’ gang. Prepare for more COMEDY/LUST/ROMANCE/FLUFF/DRAMA/LEMONS GALORE & ITALIAN DIRTY TALKING EDWARD! Canon. Rated ‘M’ for Language & Graphic Lemons. E&B POV

Laid Bare
Desperate to taste-unable to deny. A defective vampire-a deceptive human girl. Monster and man discovers primal urges he never knew existed. Can it ever be enough? To drink her is completion, to touch her is salvation.AU, ExB OOC,Canon pairs

Love In My Box
Bella's an intellectual free spirit and Edward is a reserved, slightly geeky med student. They have a brief, but intense encounter on Sp Brk in Miami. Can they find true love through emails? There will be lemons and laughs. Look who's writing this!

Without Bella's love, I can merely exist. Now that I've lost her, I am bound to wander this earth, alone and unchanging for eternity. - Edward, attempting to be noble, leaves again after the Night of Tears. Will Bella crumble or run after him? Eclipse/AU.

The Handcuff Bracelet
Having escaped to Forks, will Bella find solace in dark Edward Cullen? How hard will Edward have to fight to keep that which he longs to claim? Rated MA for lemons, language, drug and alcohol content. Tattoos with meaning, leather worn well- enjoy!

The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Bella Swan is personal assistant to 'The Sexiest Man Alive', Edward Masen. Their natural chemistry has them giving into temptation, but will Edward's fame tear them apart? Or bring them closer together? Rated M for language and future lemons. AU/AH/OOC

Through Glass
Bella's loved Jasper since the day she saw him. Only problem? He's loved Alice for that long as well. When she says goodbye to them at their wedding, who will help her over her broken heart? AU/AH/OOC

Through The Flames
One fateful night, 29y/o Edward must make the decision that haunts every firefighter's worst nightmares. In choosing between his life and that of another, life altering repercussions arise. Rated M. Contains graphic descriptions of fire. HF Warning.

On the eve of a wedding, a chance encounter in a piano bar leads to a weekend of passion. When faced with the consequences, will Bella and Edward overcome their differences and focus on what's really important in life? AH. Rated M.

In the blink of an eye, her ballet career ended. His as a DEA agent is now on the line as he races to bring down the Volturi. When they meet on the dance floor, nothing else can even compare. Can they work together or will rapture tear them apart? A/H. M.

Life Is Okay
Bella has had it with her relationship, she is stable but just not with her soulmate. Edward is tired of being used and feels like he is not in love anymore, so he moves back home to get some space. Can these two find love and happiness?

This Hungry World
Sequel to A Life Extraordinary. Love beyond sanity meets the real world, and both Bella and Edward struggle to find balance. How does forever look with your beloved when you want to own every second of every day? AU, Rated M for...oh, you know why.

Worth The Burn
A night of Halloween trickery & secrets leads to some unexpected treats for Bella. Will this night of debauchery be a one time occurrence? Or will Bella & Edward risk the burn and attempt a relationship? Rated "M" for mature language & situations.

Night Must Fall
In a world of night, of darkness, shadows known as the Volturi reign supreme. Their word is law, unquestioned and unchallenged. A word has been spoken. She has been condemned to die. AU/M for themes/violence/language/sexual situations.

When a high profile murder case forces old enemies back together, can the sins of the past be absolved? Or have time and malice destroyed the bonds of family and love forever? AU, AH Canon pairings