The Path We Choose

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Chapter 7


Night beautiful. Thanks for the perfect day. I'll call you tomorrow, sweet dreams. I know I will since they will be of you. E

God, could he be any sexier? I have to admit to giving the girliest of squeals ever after I read the text from Edward. I wanted to call him so badly before I went to bed. After talking with Seth, I just needed to hear his voice so much. I know I will need to talk him soon, but like I always do, I am going to put it off as long as I possibly can.

What to say back to him? It pleases me greatly to know that he enjoyed today as much as I did. I mean, he acted like it did, but you can never tell, you know? Hmm… I want to let him know I am thinking about him, too, but not come out sounding like I am pining away for him.

I glance back at the screen where his message is still on display and press the keypad to type:

Night to you, too, Edward. I can't remember a more perfect day, so thank you and thanks to M&M. I'll be seeing you in my dreams. Until tomorrow…B XOXO

That should do it, nice and sweet, a little flirty, too. I debated about adding the hugs and kisses on the end, but I really wanted to do it! I was sorely tempted to sign off with Love, Bella but decided it might be a tad too soon for that.

Sighing, I place my phone on the nightstand beside the bed and crawl under the covers. What a day! I sure never imagined the first day of my vacation to end up like this, to end up as one the best days I can remember. Edward. Maddie. Masen. Three perfect people. Smiling to myself, I feel myself float away drift off to sleep, knowing that like I told Edward, I'll be seeing the three of them in my dreams…

Waking up to the sounds of Rufus' pitiful whines from the kennel, I roll over and look at the time, 8:30 am. Not too bad, Bella. Normally I am up as the ass crack of dawn so that Mike and I can get an early morning work out in before I have to start the day. No Mike this week, so no workout this morning! Yeah for me.

I pull on a pair of yoga pants and slip into some flip flops to go check on Rufus. Poor little guy I think as I scoop him up and grab his leash from beside the door. Time for morning business. I grab a bottle of water out of the fridge as I am walking out the door and we make our way outside so he can use the bathroom. Thankfully, the loft has a small clearing across the street so we head that direction. I stand still; drinking my water as Rufus finishes up his morning bathroom break and then head back upstairs.

I don't hear any sounds coming from Seth's apartment as I go back to mine which means he is either still sleeping or is already gone for the morning. I wonder what Edward and the twins are doing today? I know today is the first day of their Spring Break and they have plans. Maybe I should go to the park with Rufus and see if I can run into them, accidentally of course. No Bella, you'll just have to wait until Wednesday like you planned I sternly tell myself. I console myself with knowing that Edward might call me today. I sure hope so. I miss his voice, is that possible already? I don't know if it is or isn't, but it's the truth.

I make sure Rufus has food and water in his bowls and make my way to the kitchen to start on the cookies for the shelter. I so enjoy baking for the kids there. I wish I could spend some time visiting with the kids, but my "celebrity" status makes that really difficult. Celebrity, my ass. Why looking good in a bathing suit makes me famous I will never understand. But, since it is a women and children's shelter where abused women go to feel safe, it is impossible for people to know I volunteer there. The safety of the people inside would be compromised if photographers followed me to and from there.

Now, if I was known for when I was on the National Team, that would be something different. Of course that was 5 long years ago. Besides this is New York City, I was a soccer stand out from the other side of the country. And, unfortunately, I got hurt before the Women's World Cup so I was not a part of the build up when it happened. Hurt, what an understatement. Annihilated would be more like it. I shake my head, stopping those thoughts before they can spiral out of control and ruin my day and set out the ingredients for the cookies.

Oatmeal raisin cookies, my favorite. A lot of people don't like raisins, but I love them. In granola or in cookies. Yum! I effortlessly make batch after batch, carefully placing them in the box to take to the shelter. I hope Zaphrina is there, I love her! She is a little intimidating until you get to know her, but I suppose in her job as director of the shelter, she would have to be. She has a heart of gold though. Zaphrina is an amazing person and I am lucky to be able to call her a friend.

Friend. I don't have many of those. In fact, I can count them on one hand. J, LeLe and Seth of course. Then there is Zaphrina and lastly is my personal assistant, Angela. I met Angela Jacobs in college. We were attending The University of Oregon together. I was there on a soccer scholarship, full ride. I majored in English, and so did Angela. She is like the sister I never had. She is a lot like me, completely nerdy. We both love to read, and read we did. We spent many a Friday and Saturday night when I wasn't working, quietly reading in our apartment together or watching movies. Jasper, Rose and Seth were all at UO with me, but since Seth was on the football team and Jasper was on the track team, I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. Rose was still my best friend, but her social calendar was so full, it was hard to find time to see her. I didn't complain; they were always there for me when I needed them. We were all just spreading our wings a bit once we were able to leave Forks behind.

I was busy myself. Soccer practice took up a lot of time and when I wasn't practicing with the team, I practiced by myself. I also had to work, a lot. I worked in the bookstore on campus and waited tables at one of the nearby sports bars on the weekends. I didn't get any money from my parents, not that I expected to either. It was okay though, I wanted to make it on my own.

When I was selected to the National Team during high school, I really felt like I had it made. I had set that as a goal, and worked and worked until I achieved it. It wasn't easy, not at all, and I had so many things against me, mostly where I lived. Since Forks is so small, I had to travel to Port Angeles to play on a team once I got too old for the Forks Soccer League starting at about age 12. My dad never once complained about the drive, 2 days a week for practice, plus games on the weekend. Jasper played there, too, and he would come with me. His parents worked so much they couldn't bring him to practice so my dad happily brought the both of us. If he had to work, Sue would take us. God knows, Renee couldn't be bothered.

When we had games on the weekends, Rose and Seth always came with us. They never missed a game, not one. I still played on the boys' team with Jasper, and I was still faster than all of them, J included. I got along with most of the boys, being a girl on an all boys team is not the easiest thing to do, but I managed. It helped to have Jasper with me; he never let anyone say anything bad to me or about me.

I continued to improve, until I made it to high school. I knew once that happened, I would have to start playing on the girls team and I did. I was good enough and fast enough to keep playing with the boys, but they were all so much bigger and stronger than I that I really couldn't do it. Soccer scouts started to notice me and I was invited to attend many prestigious soccer camps during the summers. I was also invited to guest play on teams that traveled all around playing in tournaments.

As soon as I made it to the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I was invited to attend the camp where they selected the girls who would be playing on the United States National Team. I was so nervous about going. It meant being away from J, LeLe and Seth plus Charlie for at least 3 weeks over the summer. If I made it, I would be staying even longer and I would have to go back frequently for practices. I almost didn't try out; I was convinced there was no way a girl from small town Washington could ever make it. Jasper took me aside one day and told me how much he believed in me, how I had worked hard, and I deserved the chance to prove to myself and everyone else that I could do it. He convinced me to not let the way Renee felt about me dictate what I wanted. It was the harshest he had ever spoken to me, but I got the message. I left the next week, and didn't come back for a month. I made the team, just like Jasper knew I would and I was convinced my life was about to change.

It changed, that's for sure; just not in the way I had expected or hoped it would.

I finished getting the cookies into the box after they had cooled some, even though they were still a bit warm. I grabbed my phone and purse and walked downstairs to catch a cab to take me to the shelter. I arrived and made my way into the kitchen. As I made my way through the door, I had to stop. I had the feeling I got yesterday in the park, the one where I could feel Edward. It was impossible, I knew, but damn it was almost like I could feel him here with me.

I left the cookies with Zaphrina, promising another delivery later in the week. I was going to be busy, really busy in the near future, but I didn't want to let the kids at the shelter down since I knew the cookies I made for them were one of the few indulgences they had here. The shelter was funded completely by donations, and Zaphrina did the best she could with what she had. I knew there were some doctors that donated their time to the women and children, giving them check ups and what not. I was impressed by that; maybe I can meet them one day.

I walked back to the loft, still not seeing Seth. I collected Rufus and took him outside for his lunch bathroom break and gave him a treat once we made it back into the loft for being such a good puppy. I still couldn't believe Seth had gotten him for me, but after what happened yesterday, I think he deserves a special dinner… or even a few plus dessert.

Edward. Just thinking about him makes me smile and my girly bits get tingly! Please, let him call today! I could call him I suppose, but I really want him to call me first. Old fashioned, I know, but I want to make sure he is interested before putting myself out there. He is the one with the kids, the one that has more than themselves to consider. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be a single parent and to try dating, especially in this city. Hell on Earth I would imagine.

I pick up my phone to call Angela and check in. She is at the office at Volturi's this week. She confirms the release date of the magazine and reminds me about my schedule for next week. I am tired just thinking about it all, and it's only Monday and I still have 6 more days of vacation to enjoy. She lets me know that she has sent my schedule to Jasper and Rose in California as well and that J has some paperwork I need to sign.

I hang up the phone with her and sigh. I know I need to call and talk to Jasper, but I am hesitating. Out of all my friends, he is the most protective of me. I know why and where he is coming from, but he does tend to forget I am 24 years old sometimes. Steeling myself I hit the speed dial on my phone as his cell phone rings on the other end.

"Shortcake! How is the first day of vacation?" He asks me.

I am pretty sure that I will be 85 years old and Jasper and Seth will still be calling me shortcake. They gave me the nickname when were in first grade. Strawberries have always been my favorite fruit and strawberry shortcake is my absolute favorite dessert. It was my birthday, and we were celebrating both mine and Seth's like always. Harry and Sue were having a big party at their house for us, all our friends from school were invited, the boys from the reservation and all our parents' friends. It was my year to pick out what kind of cake we would have and I wanted strawberry shortcake. Charlie and Sue tried to convince me that it wasn't strawberry season and I needed to pick something else, but I was set on having shortcake for my birthday. I begged and pleaded and threw such a fit that they drove 3 hours to Seattle to pick some up and bring back to make my cake. From that birthday on, Seth and Jasper called me shortcake or strawberry shortcake if they wanted to get picky. It didn't help that as I got older I began using strawberry scented shampoo, either.

I smiled, "Hey, J. Vacation is just fine. I miss you, how is Lele?" I asked.

He grunted, "Damn sister of mine is a pain in my ass, that's how she is. She's been going on and on about some new client she has that needs his car customized like yesterday. The guy is an ass and has been giving her a hard time. She is convinced it is because she's a woman. I tried to tell her it is because she's a bitch," he laughs at me.

Those two, I swear. If they didn't love one another so much, they would be liable to kill one another. I have never seen two people gripe and bicker like the two of them do. They would die for one another, but they are just as likely to beat the shit out of the other one, too. They are twins…reminds me of my other favorite set of twins. Ah, Edward. That thought makes me smile.

"Jasper, really. Rose is not a bitch and you know it. She just hates when people assume that because she is so beautiful it means that she doesn't have a brain. Now, I talked to Angela this morning and she said you have some paperwork for me? Can it wait until I see you in two weeks or do you need to Fed Ex it to me?" I ask.

Properly chastised for speaking badly of his twin, Jasper tells me, "Nah, Bell, it can wait until you get here, nothing too important that it can't wait. Did Seth give you your present yet?" he asks me.

I should have known Seth talked to him before he gave me the dog, "Yes, Mr. Know it All, he did. I got Rufus yesterday as a matter of fact. Cutest damn thing you have ever seen, too. I was mad as hell at first, but the little guy has grown on me so much already, I couldn't give him back even if I wanted to," I giggle at him.

"I told him you would love it, what a dumbass. I agree with him though, you are alone entirely too fucking much and it will be good for you to have someone to keep you company for a change…unless you have something you want to tell me?" he pointedly asks me.

"Damn gossiping old women, I swear that is what the two of you are," I gripe to him. "What do you want to know J? I know you're dying over there, so just ask what you want to," I sigh as I say to him.

"Tell me about yesterday, Bell, who is he?" he quietly asks me.

I take a deep breath and start talking, telling him all about yesterday from start to finish. Getting the puppy, walking to the park, I pretended not to hear the sharp intake of breath from the other phone when I said that, to finding Masen while I was sitting on the bench. I told him about teasing with him to make him smile so we could go find his dad, what I felt when I saw Edward for the first time. I may have spent a little too long describing him in minute detail, I'm not sure. I told him how I felt talking to Maddie and watching the three of them playing with Rufus on the grass. I told him about lunch, even telling him about sitting facing the building instead of the street; that got me a grunt. I told him about Edward whispering in my ear and what that felt like, I told him how I felt when I kissed him good bye. I kept talking , telling him everything. Everything I felt yesterday and what Seth and I talked about last night when I got home. I told him about the text message from him last night and the one I sent back to him. I told it all.

Silence. I was met with complete silence on the other end. Shit, I could kill Seth for talking to Jasper before I could. I am so going to kill him, no special dinners, now, that's for damn sure!

"Bella, honey," I hear Jasper say as he takes a deep breath. "I…I'm so happy for you," he quietly tells me.

I gasp as I say,"J, are you serious? No lectures no telling me he isn't good enough for me, just that you're happy for me?" I ask him incredulously.

He snorts in annoyance, but says, "Bell, what Seth told you last night is correct. You just need to be careful, there is more to consider than just you and Edward. And you DO need to talk him soon, and tell him who you are. But, if he is ok with all that, and from what Seth tells me there is no way he won't be, then you deserve this. I didn't believe him this morning when he told me he had never seen you this way before, but I get what he's saying now. I can't see you, but I know you are smiling, I can hear it in your voice. I love you Shortcake, you know this, and I just want you to be happy. It has been entirely too long. I take the blame for that, and if this Edward puts a smile back on your beautiful face, then I will owe him more than I could ever repay," he finishes of in barely a whisper.

Of course at his words, I start crying, but manage to get out, "Jasper Lee Whitlock, you know what happened was NOT your fault, you have to stop blaming yourself. Please?" I beg him. "What happened with James is not because of you, you know this," I finish.

"Whatever, Bell. It is, and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind. Now, tell me about this date you two have planned," he says, effectively changing the subject.

I let him, knowing that it would only cause an argument to keep fighting with him. I know the truth; I am to blame for what happened because of James, no one else and certainly not Jasper.

I tell him I'm not sure, I am supposed to see him on Wednesday at the park with the kids, so I am hoping that even if I don't talk to him before then, that we'll firm up our plans.

"Another date with the puppy and kids, huh, Shortcake?" he tells me.

Ass. "Shut it J, I promised Masen he could play with Rufus again, I can't go back on my word now you know," I huff at him.

He snickers at me, "Sure Bell, you keep telling yourself that all day. You know and I know you are dying to see Edward again."

"Of course I am fucker, I can't wait. But, I don't want to come off as a love sick idiot either. You should have seen me last night after I read his text. Totally embarrassing. On second thought, I am so glad you weren't here! I would so never live that shit down," I laugh at him.

"Damn, now I wish I had installed those hidden security cameras in your room like Seth and I talked about. That would have been blackmail material for sure!" Jasper tells me.

I roll my eyes, even though he can't see me. That sounds like something those two idiots would do. "Oh, I have plenty of my own material on you two fools to get you back, don't forget about that," I threaten him.

"No, shit. I don't even want to think about it. Bell, really, I am happy for you. Am I nervous for you, hell yeah I am, but you knew I would be when you called. You deserve to be happy Bella, so much. I gotta run, make sure you call Rosie soon, she'll be dying to hear all the details you won't tell me," Jasper tells me.

"Tell Rose I'll talk to her tonight or tomorrow. I love you both J, and can't wait to see you. Two weeks then I'm all yours for 14 days," I say.

"Right back at ya Shortcake, be good. Love you," he says as he hangs up the phone.


I putter around the apartment for the rest of the day, picking up a little, reading a lot. After a few hours of completely vegging out, I get up and make my way into the kitchen to start making dinner. I decide to make Seth's favorite, chicken enchiladas with home made cilantro rice and black beans. I spend time chopping and mixing, getting lost in the motions. I do love to cook, so much. I have a degree in English, I used to tell myself I wanted to be a writer or a teacher, but that's not really what I want to do. If I could do anything, if I could dream up my perfect job, I would own my own bakery where my other house is in Lake George.

I love it up there. It's quaint and peaceful. People leave me alone up there. I can bake and read and take walks and be myself. I'll be heading up in a few months, for Memorial Day, when I go to open the house up for the summer. I know I'll be busy finishing up my contract with Volturi's but I'll be damned if that keeps me from going up there a few times. It is my most special place.

I finish getting the enchiladas prepared and put them in the oven. The rice and beans are cooking on the stove and I start making the cream cheese brownies that Seth loves so much for dessert. Who am I kidding? Seth loves all food, especially food that he doesn't have to make himself or cook in a microwave.

I hear him as he comes in the door, I swear his sense of smell is better than a bloodhounds. Somehow he always knows when dinner is about to be ready.

"Seth Michael Clearwater," I three name him. "You are in so much trouble. How could you tell Jasper about Edward before I had a chance to talk to him? I told him you two are like a bunch of gossiping old women. Couldn't you have at least waited for me to talk to him first before you two started talking behind my back?" I grumble at him.

Hanging his head a bit he says, "Sorry Shortcake. He called this morning to see how you liked the puppy and I told him about you taking him to the park yesterday which turned into talking about Masen, which led to Edward," he states.

"Ah, it's ok babycakes. You're forgiven. Besides, I was going to have to tell him anyway," I tell him as I hand him a plate of food.

He tells me about his day and I let him know I have talked to Angela and gone over the schedule for next week. He lets me know he has everything under control and that he will be meeting with Jacob when he gets back next week to go over the changes that need to happen once the magazine comes out.

Fucking job, I hate it!

Seth finishes eating, grabbing some brownies and petting Rufus on his way out of the door. Since I am not going anywhere tonight, he has a date and needs to go home to get ready. His taste in women sucks. The only women he dates are brainless bimbos who take one look at his body and then stop looking. One day, I hope, he will find someone that will keep looking until they discover what is underneath the muscles and the sarcastic humor. He will make that someone feel like a queen.

It's only about 7:30 so I clean up the kitchen and then decide to take a long, hot bubble bath. I run the water in my huge bathtub, another gift to myself. I light some aromatherapy candles in the bathroom, and turn the lights down low. I pick my mellow playlist on my iPod and set it on the docking station and lower myself into the steaming, fragrant water.

My thoughts of course immediately drift to Edward. I hope he and the kids had a good day today. I hope he calls tonight; I miss the sound of his voice. I think back to yesterday and the way it felt when he whispered in my ear, how my whole body tingled, especially the parts down there. My hand absentmindedly travels the path of said tingles until I realize I am touching myself, lightly tracing circles on my stomach and then trailing down towards the ache between my legs. I keep imagining Edward's voice, only this time he's talking to me in my ear, quietly pulling me close to him as we are riding in the cab home from our dinner date. I feel his lips on the spot behind my ear that drives me crazy and then down lower to my collar bones. His tongue is so warm as it moves back and forth. His warm hands gripping me, holding me closer to him, pressing my body completely against his. I imagine running my fingers through his hair, feeling how soft it is. I picture him kissing me, pressing his tongue into my mouth, nibbling on my bottom lip. My index finger is circling my swollen clit now, rubbing back and forth. My other fingers pressing through my wet folds, I can feel my orgasm building, it's so close now. I picture Edward as he presses me against my front door, our date finished, feeling his solid erection against my thigh. His hand pressed against my breast, rubbing over my hard nipple, his tongue still pressing against mine, kissing me deeply. I rub my clit harder now, feeling the orgasm as it rips through my body, until the aftershocks subside. I lean my head against the wall, breathing heavy.

Holy shit that was intense! But it felt so good…

I finish my bath and grab a towel to walk into my room. I put on a tank top and panties and begin to brush my hair. The phone rings and I race over to the nightstand to grab it. Fuck me, it's Edward. Internal girly squeal as I answer the phone,


"Hey Beautiful, I've been thinking about you all day!" Edward says to me.

Sighing in contentment from hearing his voice I say, "Edward," I hope he can feel the smile through the phone because I am sure it is about to split my face in two.

He laughs at me, yeah, he can tell I'm smiling. "Hey Bella, it is so good to hear your voice," he tells me.

"Yours, too Edward. I thought about you today, too. A lot," I shyly tell him.

"Really now, do tell. What exactly were you thinking about angel?" he cutely asks me.

Angel, really? Oohh, I like that, I really like that.

"Well, wouldn't you like to know?" I cheekily answer him. "You be nice to me, and maybe I'll think about telling you," I smartly tell him.

I hear him chuckle, "Bella, don't you worry your beautiful head, I promise to be nice!"Edward answers back to me.

"How are you Edward?" I ask. "What did you and the kids do today, did they have a good day?"

"I'm better now angel, now that I'm talking to you, and yes, the kids did have a good day today. I took them to the aquarium and then we stopped for ice cream on the way home. Totally spoiled their dinner, but it's vacation so it's ok," Edward tells me.

I laugh, "So Maddie got to pick today's activity, huh?"

"How did you know that, Bella?" Edward asks me, sounding somewhat surprised.

"Um, well, yesterday at lunch when she and Masen were talking about what they wanted to do, I thought she said that the aquarium was on her list. Besides, the aquarium sounds like Maddie. Nice and quiet, and lots to look at," I answer him.

He says, "You're right, it was Maddie's idea. Tomorrow is Masen's day, we are going to Pete's Pizza, where they have all those obnoxiously loud games to play."

"Poor Edward," I giggle at him. "You know you'll have fun, you just don't want to admit it," I tease him.

He has the grace to laugh at that, knowing I am right, "Yeah, it is fun. Pizza is terrible, but the beer is cold and I rock at Whack a Mole!" he chuckles back to me.

Fuck…could he be any more adorable?

"Well, I am sure you three will have fun tomorrow," I tell him.

"I'm sure we will, my cousin Demetri is going to come with us today. Tanya came today and kept Maddie company, and Demetri will be Masen's partner in crime tomorrow," Edward explains.

That catches me by surprise, I can't picture Edward having cousins as young as the twins, so I ask, "Oh, I didn't realize you had cousins that young, Edward."

He snorts as he answers, "I don't Bella. Demetri is 29 and Tanya is the same age as my sister Alice."

Tanya, who the hell is Tanya, and what is she doing going with to the aquarium with my Edward and my Maddie and Masen? Shit.

"Oh, I see," I curtly tell him.

I hear him gasp on the other end, "Bella, is everything ok," he sweetly asks me. "Did I say something to upset you angel?"

"No…well yes. Um, stupid question, but who is Tanya, Edward?" I ask succinctly.

I didn't think he had a girlfriend; he sure didn't act like it yesterday. Both he and Masen told me he didn't have a mom which leads me to believe she is not a part of their lives at all. I don't want to sound like a possessive bitch or anything, but this I need to know before we go any further.

"Shit, Bella, I'm sorry. I didn't think about the way that would sound. Tanya is Masen's godmother and one of my best friends. Her parents and mine have been friends since they were in college together. Tanya went to high school with my siblings and me. She also is one of the partners in the practice my dad and I own. She's just a friend Bella. She's only ever been a friend," he answers me.

Ok, now I feel like an ass, kill me now please.

"Oh, Edward, I'm sorry. It's just you said her name and I immediately thought something else. I should know better, people assume the same thing when they see Jasper and me or Seth and me together. I really am sorry, please forgive me…" I ramble to him.

I hear him softly laughing, "It's ok Bella, completely understandable. Now tell me, who are Jasper and Seth, hmm?"

Now it's my turn to explain I guess, "Remember at lunch yesterday when Masen asked if I had any brothers or sisters and I told him I didn't but I had three friends who were like my siblings? That would be Jasper and Seth. I have known Seth my whole life, literally. He was born 12 minutes before me and we have been inseparable pretty much since birth. And Jasper and his twin sister Rosalie moved to Forks, where I'm from, when they were 5 and we met on our first day of kindergarten. The four of us have been the best of friends ever since then," I tell him fondly.

"Ok, good to know, I would hate to start out beating up random men fighting for your affection!" he teases me.

I could get used to this flirting thing with Edward. Yes, I could very much get used to this.

"Come on now Edward, you know you're the only one who's affection I want," I say with a small laugh.

That is nothing but the truth, and really, can't he tell?

"Good to know Bella, good to know," he says.

We chat back and forth for a few minutes about nothing really when I remember something.

"Wait, Edward. Did you say earlier you and your dad have a practice together? Does that mean you are a doctor or something?" I curiously ask.

Edward and I did talk quite a bit yesterday, but we didn't get too personal so I have lots of questions for him.

"Yes, angel, I am a doctor, a pediatrician actually. My father works with me. Tanya is the OB/GYN specialist at our office," Edward informs me.

Holy hell, a doctor! But, I can see him as a pediatrician, he's so good with his own kids, I can only imagine how he is when he's taking care of a sick child.

"That is amazing Edward," I tell him.

I mean it, it is amazing. To be that dedicated to something, to spend the years you have to in school in order to become a doctor is a true testament to Edward. I know there are probably a great many men and women who enter into the medical field solely for the money they can make, but I know Edward is not one of them.

"Hey Bella…um, I have a really strange question for you, too. Ah, this is kind of awkward, but, how old are you? Fuck, please don't take the wrong way, but I don't know and I kinda want to," he asks timidly.

I have to laugh at that. Crap, now that I think about it, I hope this doesn't cause a problem, what if he's freaked out about being older than me or something. I mean it's only eight years, but it might seem like a lot to him. God, please don't let this freak him out.

Taking a deep breath I answer, "I'm 24, I'll turn twenty-five in September?" I ask in a way it almost sounds like I'm asking him a question.

"Whew! Here I was thinking I was robbing the cradle or something!" he chortles to me. "I figured it was somewhere around that actually. Um, Bella, you don't care that I am 8 years older than you or anything like that, do you?"

"No Edward, I've known how old I am compared to you since yesterday, you're the one working at the disadvantage here, not me buster," I smartly answer him.

Eight years, that's not too bad is it? I don't think so, besides he doesn't look anywhere close to being 32 anyway.

We talk a bit longer, I tell him which books are my favorite, he tells me his. We argue over the best albums of all time.

"Edward, maybe your brain is starting to rot from old age or something, but there is no way in hell that Ok Computer by Radiohead is a better album than Joshua Tree by U2, no fucking way," I heatedly tell him.

Dissing U2 is a complete no no in my book and dude better back the hell off.

He responds back, "Angel, I never said Joshua Tree wasn't a great album, I just think Ok Computer is better. And what the hell, making fun of the old man already, huh? So not cool Bella."

"Whatever old guy, just remember I love me some U2 and Bono so if you want to stay on my good side, no disrespecting is allowed. Remember that, and we'll be just fine," I giggle to him.

We talk a bit longer, he tells me some stories from when he was younger about he, Emmett, Alice, and Demetri. I tell him some about me, Jasper, Rose and Seth. We laugh and talk and the next thing I know, I glance at the clock and it is midnight. We've been talking for almost 3 hours now, and it literally seems like 5 minutes.

"Damn, Edward, do you realize it is midnight. I should let you go. You need your rest if you are going to keep up with the twins tomorrow," I quietly tell him.

I don't want to say goodbye, I could talk to him all night and not mind at all, but I know he'll pay for it tomorrow if he doesn't get some sleep.

He takes a deep breath and says with a sigh, "I suppose you're right angel, I need to get some sleep. Maddie will be in here at the crack of dawn like always. I'm so glad I got to talk to you tonight, Bella. It's been great, truly."

"I'm glad, too. Um, will you call me tomorrow, well I guess, later today?" I ask shyly.

"Of course I will beautiful. Now that we've started talking, I don't think I'll be able to stop," Edward answers me. "I don't want to say good bye Bella, but I guess I'd better go," he whispers.

I respond back in kind, "I don't either Edward, but we'll talk again a little bit later. I'm really glad you called, I was so nervous you wouldn't."

"Bella, don't be silly. I debated last night for an hour if I should call you or not. I looked like a teenager pacing back and forth trying to build up the courage to ask a girl out on the first date," Edward admits to me.

"If it makes you feel any better, I did the same thing," I tell Edward honestly. "Good night Edward, sleep well and sweet dreams," I murmur, really not wanting to let him go.

"Night beautiful. I'll call you later today, ok? Sweet dreams to you too, my angel. Rest well," he gently tells me.

I sigh softly, "Night Edward" and press the button to disconnect.

I pick up the pillow beside me and press it to my face, screaming into it. Taking a deep breath, I pick up my phone again and hit speed dial number 3 and as the person answers the phone, without waiting for a greeting I say,

"Rose I am so fucked!"

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  1. hmmm, getting to know you, getting to know all about you... Saweeet~! So much fun getting to learn things about each other, they are so cute. His friends and her guys seem to be okay with stuff, her guys just want her to let him know she is, I do not think that is going to matter to him but we will have to wait and see...