The Path We Choose

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chapter 20


"What the hell was that?" Bella giggled at me as she settled onto my chest.

I ran my fingers through her damp hair. God, it was a tangled, wild mess and she had never, ever looked more irresistible.

"That, my hot little insatiable vixen, was a weeks worth of missing the hell out of you," I growled at her as I pulled her close to me again so I could explore her mouth with my tongue.

I loved kissing Bella, loved it more than most anything else in the world. I felt so connected to her when I was kissing her, almost more so than at any other time. Of course being buried deep inside of my girl was where I felt the most connected to her, but kissing her ranked a very close second.

"Edward," my love sighed at me, her voice laced heavily with longing, "if you ever want to get off this floor, we need to get up. Besides, I am sure you are starving and I know you had a long trip to get here."

Bella rolled off me, gloriously naked in the late afternoon sun that filtered through the wall of windows that faced the lake. The light made her skin look luminescent, like a light from within was radiating out of her. She was positively sublime as she stood there; running her fingers through her damp hair and putting it back up into a messy ponytail.

My heart clenched in my chest as I thought about her and what her past week must have been like. I never wanted her to hurt, and I know that in her time here she has done just that. But, watching her as she absentmindedly finished putting her hair up and grabbed the long sleeve shirt I had been wearing when I arrived up off the floor and slipped it over her shoulders, all I could think of was how much I loved her and how my entire future was wrapped up in the beautiful woman standing in front of me.

She caught me looking at her and her face softened as she smiled at me, "What are you thinking about Kit Kat?"

I chuckled to myself. I so loved it when she called me that!

"Just about you Jelly Bean. It's always you. Now get your ass over here and help me the hell up off this floor. My legs feel like jell-o and I am too old for this shit," I grouched to her and she, of course, laughed at my whiny ass.

"Knock it off Edward," Bella told me as she rolled her eyes in my direction. "You are not old so stop acting like you're decrepit."

She held her hands out and pulled me up. I really was just fine; I just wanted her to help me up. I wrapped my arms around her and licked the side of her neck, nipping at the skin behind her ear as my hands gripped her ass.

Seriously, Bella's ass was the definition of perfection.

"Maybe we should skip food and go upstairs for round two?" I asked her as I nuzzled her neck and ground my hardening cock against her thigh.

I heard her breath catch before she gently pushed away from me. She took my hand in hers and twined our fingers together before she drew our joined hands up to her mouth and brushed her warm lips across my knuckles before she kissed them.

She pulled me towards the kitchen and said, "Edward, I know you're hungry for food. Besides we have the next two days all to ourselves and I, for one, won't object in the least if we spend them in bed or on the floor, or the table, wall or even in the shower."

My cock got noticeably harder beneath the boxer briefs I had put back on, as I thought about having her, multiple times, in every spot she just mentioned, and probably a few that she didn't as well.

I drug her to a halt as visions of Bella, naked in the shower, my head between her legs as my mouth eagerly devoured her soaking wet pussy before fucking her, hard, against the shower wall swam in my head.

"Bella," I growled as my chest rumbled deeply.

I wanted her again…now.

"Edward, what is it?" Bella asked me as my eyes raked over her perfect form.

I know my eyes looked hungry, my body ached to fill her again, to claim her as mine…again and again. I'm not sure I would ever be satiated, but I knew I wasn't even close to being done with her yet...for right now.

"I'm going to take you again angel. I can't wait another moment," I told her as I picked her up and sat her on the top of the island in the kitchen.

She wrapped her legs tightly around me, her heels dug tantalizingly into my back as she drew me in closer to her.

I felt her hands thread through my hair, her nails embedded in my scalp, making it tingle and driving me out of my fucking mind.

I grasped my shirt that she was wearing, taking the material in each of my hands and ripped it open, my mouth diving for her as my tongue met the skin of her collar bones. She tasted like strawberries and cream, a little salty from our earlier round of lovemaking and of purely Bella.

My tongue traced a line from collar bone to collar bone as my hands covered each of her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and my thumbs happily rubbed over each hardened peak. When I pinched each tip in between my thumb and index finger I heard the whimper of pleasure that escaped from her mouth.

"Edward," my beautiful girl sighed as I began to circle each nipple with my tongue, enjoying the feeling of its growing hardness with each pass of my warm tongue.

When I blew on the wetness, my cock twitched in response to the tightening of her grip in my hair and the way her legs pulled me closer to her.

"Say my name again, Bella. Let me hear my name come from your hot little mouth again, baby," I commanded as I began to suck on one nipple, tugging it lightly between my teeth.

"Oh my God…fuck…" Bella gasped as she arched her back and lifted her chest to me.

I chuckled darkly, "No baby, Edward, my name is Edward," I groaned out as Bella began to writhe against me, her wet center rubbed enticingly against my aching cock.

"Edward," Bella shrieked as I pulled her to the edge of the island and began to kiss my way down her chest to her stomach.

I felt her muscles tense in anticipation as my tongue lazily drew circles around her belly button. Bella's breathing was coming in short gasps now, and her breath quickened even more as my tongue trailed farther down until I was between her legs.

"You smell absolutely mouthwatering my love…I am going to lick every drop from your soaking wet pussy baby," I said roughly, my need for her increasing exponentially as her smell engulfed me.

She was bare and glistening in the afternoon light, and she was all mine. Completely and utterly and only…mine.

I felt desperate in my need for her, hungering for her body in a way I had never felt before. My need to claim her and have her as my own almost overtook me.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm myself somewhat, I let my tongue touch her for the first time. I had touched her with my fingers and my cock, but my mouth had yet to touch her…taste her.

The moment her juices coated my tongue, my mouth felt like it had exploded. Between the taste of her and her smell surrounding me, I felt like I was coming apart only for Bella to put me back together again when I heard my name come from her lips.

"Edward… baby…Jesus that feels so fucking good!" Bella exclaimed as my tongue continued to lick up and down her folds, then pressing and circling her clit.

Her fingers were tangled in my hair, pulling it almost to the point where it hurt as she moved her body beneath me, trying to control the motions of my tongue and mouth.

I was having none of that, this was my show and I wasn't about to let her dictate one fucking thing.

I reached my arm up and pushed her backwards until she was laid out on the counter, my mouth never leaving her and maneuvered her so that Bella was spread wide open…for me.

Bella was whimpering softly and I could tell she was close to coming. I wanted it, wanted it so bad but I slowed my tongue down, until I stopped and began just placing open mouthed kisses over top of her glistening pussy, her thighs, her hip bones.

"Edward, please…" my beautiful angel begged me.

I fucking loved when she begged for me, her voice needy and raspy. It might make me a selfish bastard, but I didn't care one damn bit.

I stood up and looked at the sight before me and felt my cock get impossibly harder. Bella was laid out across the island, my torn shirt beneath her, her eyes dark and dilated with her need for me, her chest heaving with her heavy breathing and flushed a delectable shade of pink. Bella raised herself up on her elbows and trained her eyes on mine as I stared at her, my own body shaking with need for her.

"Bella, my God baby, you are exquisite. Just fucking look at you…all flushed and heated, and begging for me; do you want me Bella?" I moaned out in pleasure as I pressed myself tight against her as I stepped up alongside the counter top and felt her skin against mine.

The electricity that was always present around us was bouncing wildly, snapping and cracking in the air. I swear you could almost see it; it was so all encompassing.

Bella moaned again, and the sound sent tingles straight to my ever growing erection. "Yes, Edward…fuck yes I want you…I always want you," she said in a voice full of lust and want and obliterating need.

I bent my head down again, my tongue making circles on her clit, as my fingers pressed inside of her.

"Tell me my Bella, tell me who you belong to, who this body and this pussy belongs to," I growled at her as I curled my fingers forward and sucked her clit into my mouth.

"Oh…shit…my God Edward…Please!" Bella mumbled incoherently as I coaxed her body until I could feel her orgasm approaching.

"NOW! Bella, tell me, and I will make you come. You're so fucking close baby, I can feel it, smell it, Bella. Who do you belong to?" I demanded as I pressed against that spot inside of her and felt her pussy clench and pull my fingers deeper inside of her.

Bella was panting, her hair sticking to the side of her face drenched in sweat, her back arched off the counter top in an almost full "u" shape, her fingers clenched into a fist beside her.

She was the sexiest, most beautiful fucking thing I had ever laid eyes on.

I flicked her clit with my tongue one more time, knowing she was about to explode into my mouth as I whispered huskily, "Who Bella?"

"You Edward…only and forever you…please Edward?" Bella begged again and then came in my hungrily waiting mouth.

I licked and sucked and lapped up every drop that spilled from her, feeling her pussy spasm around my fingers until I had had my fill and slowly removed my drenched fingers from her.

Bella's eyes glassed over as she watched me place my glistening fingers in my mouth as I licked the taste of her off of them.

"Mmmm, one of my favorite flavors in the world," I chuckled at her as I watched her blush adorably at my words.

"Don't get shy on me now my love, you were fucking magnificent. You look so beautiful when you come Bella," I told her as I leaned forward and kissed her, plunging my tongue deep into her mouth.

I felt Bella's hand as it held the back of my head and felt it as her tongue licked my bottom lip, sucking it into her hot mouth.

"Mmm, Edward…I can taste myself on you," Bella panted at me as she began to push my underwear down with her feet.

She placed her hands on either side of my face when she had pushed them down as far as she was able to and whispered in a trembling voice, "I want you Edward. Please make love to me, let me feel you inside of me baby," as she wrapped her strong legs around my waist and pressed her heels into my ass.

"Yes, my love," I told her as I pushed my boxers the rest of the way down and pulled her to the edge of the counter top and aligned myself with her saturated pussy, teasing her with the tip of my painfully hard cock.

"Now, Edward," my beautiful girl scowled at me, her voice full of want.

"My pleasure little girl," I groaned out as I pushed inside of her.

Her warmth consumed me immediately, my body vibrated with need as I moved in and out of her. I loved her so much, so intensely that my body stilled for a moment as I reveled in the feeling of loving her, possessing her.

"Baby?" Bella squeaked out as I stared to move again.

I shook my head at her, and then looked into her bottomless brown eyes; the one's I hoped to look into every day for the rest of my life. I reached up with my hand and moved her damp hair off her forehead and back over her shoulder. I ran my thumb across her cheek and down over her bottom lip, feeling my heart fill with love and desire for her.

"I love you so fucking much Bella, you have no idea what you do to me baby," I whispered to her, my throat ached from trying to hold my emotions back.

Bella reached down and grabbed my hand that was holding onto her waist and twined our fingers together, moaning out in pleasure as my cock pushed deeper inside of her, moving in and out in slow, delicious strokes.

She pulled our joined hands up her body and released my hand and placed my palm over her heart.

"Do you feel that Edward?" My love rasped out to me as I felt her pussy sucking me into her more fully. "My heart belongs to you Edward; all of me belongs to you. I love you Edward, with all of my heart and soul."

A tear leaked from the corner of her eye and I traced over it with my finger before licking it off with my tongue.

"You are my life now Bella, my forever. I've waited for you my whole life and no one could ever make me feel the way you do," I panted to her, pulling her closer to me, feeling her lift her hips and meet each and every one of my thrusts into her.

"I want forever with you Edward…I'm so close baby, please…" she begged as she gripped my forearms with her little hands.

"Me too baby, together now…come with me angel. Let me have it Bella…come for me…" I commanded her, wanting to feel us come together.

I felt her shudder beneath me and then her body tensed as Bella climaxed, looking so achingly beautiful she was almost too much to look at. I exploded inside of her, following her climax with my own. She ran her fingers through my damp hair and pushed it up off my forehead as I collapsed on top of her, bracing myself on my elbows on both sides of her.

"Edward…Jesus…that was…I have no words baby," she mumbled to me as I looked up at her.

Bella had her arm resting over her eyes and her breathing was still coming in sharp bursts and her other hand rested lightly on top of my head, her fingers trailing through my hair.

When my legs began to ache from standing in the same position for so long I regretfully lifted my head from her body withdrew from her. I immediately missed being inside of her and the scowl that flitted across her face let me know Bella felt the same as me.

I chuckled lightly at her and kissed her stomach before standing up straight.

Damn…my legs were really fucking sore. First against the wall then the floor and now the counter top, hopefully we make it to a bed the next time. I bent down and pulled my boxers up for the second time since I'd gotten here and looked at my love, still lying on the island.

"Baby, do you need help getting up?" I asked, taking a deep breath as I soaked up the moment of looking at her naked body.

Bella just shook her head and me, still not moving her arm and still not saying a word.

I watched as she bit her bottom lip and the spot between her eyebrows furrowed. Oh oh. I knew what that meant. She was upset about something, although what it was I couldn't figure out for the life of me.

"Angel, are you okay?" I asked, trying that question first. I knew I had taken her a bit more forcefully than I ever had before, but she didn't seem to mind at the time.

Bella nodded her head, replacing her arm with just her hand now. Okay, that was progress.

I tried not to laugh, but she was so fucking adorable that I couldn't help it. I watched her mouth turn down in a frown and the wrinkle on her forehead became even more pronounced.

I grinned at her, since she couldn't see me I figured why the hell not and I tried again.

"You're not upset with me are you, I mean you didn't mind what we just did, did you?" I asked, swallowing hard, hoping like hell I didn't upset her in anyway.

This time I watched as she smiled beneath her hand, and there was no way she could hide the blush that spread across her cheeks.

Her bottom lip found its way in between her teeth again and I really wanted to kiss her right at that second so I stepped between her legs again and placed my hands beneath her back and picked her up, cradling her close to me.

Bella dropped her hand but burrowed her head into the space between my neck and shoulder still not looking me in the eye. I ran my hands up and down her back and I felt her body as it melted against mine and heard her sigh in contentment as she pressed kisses up and down the side of my neck.

I stopped what I was doing and gripped her face in my hands and pulled her up to look at me. Her eyes were warm with love and happiness, but beneath that there was a trace of shyness and…embarrassment?

What the hell?

"Okay, sweet girl, you're killing me here. Tell me what's bothering you Bella, please? And don't fucking try to tell me nothing because I can tell that there is," I demanded from her and watched as her eyes flitted away from mine nervously.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, but I wasn't having any of that.

"Open your eyes and tell me, Bella. You know you can tell me anything sweetheart," I softly told her as I bent forward and kissed her forehead.

"Edward," Bella began in barely more than a whisper, "No one has ever done that to me before."

My eyes narrowed at her, "Come again, baby. What did you just say?" I questioned, sure I had misunderstood her.

Bella huffed out a very frustrated sounding breath and scrunched her face at me, her eyes squinting as she focused them on me. "I said, Edward… that no one had ever done that to me before."

"Okay, Bella, I must be missing something here. Done what exactly?" I confusedly asked her.

"Well…I mean…no one has ever um…done that down there, you know with your mouth?" she stammered out to me.

I was shocked…and turned on and excited beyond belief at her confession. To know that I was her first for something as intimate as that was almost as good as if she had never been with anyone before me. Totally unfair and unrealistic of me to want or wish for I knew, but it didn't change the fact that it was true.

I cupped her face in my hands and held it so she would have no choice but to look in my eyes.

"Angel, I am thrilled beyond belief that no one else has…or ever will…get to experience that with you. Why are you embarrassed about that?" I asked her, genuinely wanting to know that answer.

The tears that leaked out of her eyes shattered my heart into a million pieces and her voice when she spoke almost obliterated me completely. "Was I okay, then? I haven't had much experience Edward; sometimes I feel like I don't know what the hell I'm doing."

I kissed her then, totally possessing her mouth with mine and tried to convey my utter devotion to her with that kiss.

"Bella," I breathed out as I moved to her neck, my tongue making circles on the spot behind her ear, "you, my love, are a phenomenal lover and I feel so much when we are together that way. Trust me, you have absolutely nothing to fear baby."

She released a pent up breath and I felt the anxiety leave her body as she molded herself against me.

"Thank you, Edward, for not making fun of me. I know it might sound silly, but I can't help the way I feel. And, I'm glad that no one else had ever done that to me before you. It was amazing!" Bella giggled at me as I playfully growled at her and gripped her hips and held her still.

"I'm so glad to know you enjoyed it sweet girl because I can fucking guarantee that I will be doing it again and again." Not kidding in the least about that, I loved it myself and couldn't wait to taste her again.

Just then, thankfully since I was pretty sure I couldn't take her again until I had at least a few minutes to recover, her stomach rumbled, letting me know that it was time for food for my beautiful girl.

"I'm sorry about your dinner, Edward," Bella sweetly told me as she looked around the kitchen.

She blushed endearingly as she rested her eyes on the torn scrap of material that used to be my shirt and then looked back at me.

"Beautiful, what are you blushing about?" I teased her with a raised eyebrow in her direction.

"Sorry about your shirt, too, baby," she quietly said to me.

I walked towards the bags that were still where I dropped them when I first arrived and pulled out a t-shirt for her to put on, since she was obviously uncomfortable sitting there completely naked.

"Lift your arms, Bella," I whispered to her as I slipped my shirt over her head. I kissed her forehead then her lips as her head peeked out the top of the shirt before I pulled the shirt down over her.

"Since I ripped the thing baby, it's completely my fault. Besides I like you in this one even better," I told her truthfully.

Bella twisted around and giggled when she saw the back of the shirt.

'CULLEN' was written across the top in black letters and my baseball number was below it.

Fuck yeah I'm putting her in something with my name on it if I can, who wouldn't?

"Looks good on you angel, I think you should wear my name more often," I told her as I helped her down off the island.

She chuckled at me and then kissed my quickly on the cheek, "You're such a guy Edward," she said as she walked towards the fridge.

"What the fuck ever Bella, you love me and you know it," I told her like the smartass I am.

With her head still in the open refrigerator I heard her muffled reply of, "I do, baby."

I couldn't help the smile that bloomed on my face as those words ran through my mind, 'I do', but only in a different context.

One day my love, one day soon I promised myself she would be saying those words in front of our family and friends and they would mean forever she would be mine.

Bella was throwing the food away that sat out while we were otherwise occupied and then got busy putting something else together for us to eat as I took a look around the house for the first time.

The place was spectacular and I could immediately identify with why Bella loved it so much up here. The view was to die for and the air was crisp and clean and it was so damn quiet out here. Now that my body had released the pent up frustration I was feeling from our separation, I could feel myself relax in the peaceful surroundings.

The house here felt much the same as her loft, homey and comfortable and totally Bella. I knew without even having to ask her that she decorated both places by herself, with input I'm sure from Seth, Jasper and Rose along the way. There were more pictures of the four of them here on the walls than at her place in the city but the four of them looked the same. They were a true family, one made from choice and not by birth.

I couldn't wait to meet Jasper and Rose on Friday. I haven't spoken to Rose very much since Bella and I started dating, but the few times I have, she has made quite the impression. Once she believed my feelings for her best friend were honest and pure, she opened up and the woman is a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure. She has the most wicked sense of humor I have ever seen and I can't wait until she meets Emmett. I have a feeling he has met quite the match in Rosalie Whitlock. They will either hit it off immediately or they will hate one another just as quickly. I'm betting on the first one, but you never can tell with my dumbass brother.

Alice had mentioned Jasper's name on more than one occasion and I have a feeling there is more to that than she has said so far. I caught the twinkle in her eye when I mentioned her seeing him this weekend so I know she is looking forward to it a lot. Jasper is a tremendous guy and if he has feelings for my sister, they would have my blessing in a heartbeat. Hearing Bella talk about him and the way he has protected and stood by Bella for almost 20 years now says more about his character than words could hope to convey. Bella loves him deeply and his feelings for my girl are as plain as day and I know Bella is so excited to see him on Friday.

"Edward, come eat, baby," Bella said, getting my attention and pulling me back to the present.

She was plating our food and set the food on the placemats on the island. God, for just throwing something together, it looked fucking delicious and I was famished.

Making love to my angel sure the hell worked up my appetite!

"Wow Bella, this looks sensational," I told her as I sat down on the stool in front of my placemat.

She had put together a pasta salad with grilled chicken and Parmesan cheese on top. There was a basket of crusty rolls set between us and I swore I saw white chocolate mousse in the fridge when she had the door opened earlier.

"Well, I had planned on twice baked potatoes, grilled steak and fresh green beans but someone had other plans before I could get it all made," Bella said as she turned back towards the cabinets.

"Not that I'm complaining, mind you," she chuckled as she saw the scowl on my face. "Do you want a beer with dinner or wine, Edward?" she finished.

"Wine sounds good baby, do you need me to open it?" I asked, standing up to help her.

Bella finished getting the wine glasses and said, "Sure, there is a bottle chilling in the refrigerator and the opener is in the drawer over there," as she pointed me in the right direction.

I opened the wine and poured us each a glass as she finished getting her plate fixed and we sat down to eat. There wasn't much talking going on, it seemed like both of us worked up quite the appetite from our earlier endeavors but it was a comfortable silence that settled around us.

We finished eating in no time at all and I helped Bella clean up the dishes and the kitchen. I can't even begin to describe the feelings that flowed through my body at doing something so normal with Bella, like it was something we did every night together. I could see the future I wanted with her become clearer and clearer with each passing day and there was nothing that was going to stand in my way of keeping her mine forever.

I glanced at the clock on the oven and was startled to realize it was almost 9:00.

"Hey Edward, do you want to sit on the deck with me and look at the stars? It's so peaceful out when it's night time, I usually sit out every night before going to bed," Bella shyly said to me as she poured us each another glass of wine.

"Sounds great sweetheart. Hand me the glasses and go find a blanket, it's chilly out there and you are only wearing my t-shirt," I told her as I took the glasses from her and made my way to the deck and sat on the cushioned loveseat facing the water.

It was a stunning view; I couldn't wait to see it in the daylight. Since I'd arrived my only thoughts and my sole focus had been on Bella, everything else had faded into the background.

Bella came out on the deck holding a huge blanket that was wrapped around her. I held my arms open to her and felt our bodies shift and move to accommodate the other as we got comfortable on the loveseat.

I bent my head down and kissed the side of her head as I wrapped my arm tightly around her and hugged her close to me. I can't remember having a better day than the one I'd just had. Making love to Bella, then eating in companionable silence, and now sitting outside under the stars, holding her close. It was fucking perfection.

"I love you so much baby," I whispered softly to her as I peppered the side of her head and temple with light kisses. "I missed you so much this past week; you have no idea how much," I finished, taking her hand in mine and wove our fingers together.

Bella settled herself against me more fully before I heard her quiet voice, "I missed you, too, Edward. So, so much. Thank you for encouraging me to come up here, it's given me the time I needed to begin to move past the things that have happened to me."

Her voice was full of sadness, but it was also strong and determined. There was no backing down to be found anywhere in my girl. Whatever it was that Bella needed to face, I had no doubt she would. And, I would be by her side to help if she needed me to be.

My love turned a bit then, to look at me and she literally took my breath away. The gentle night breeze blew a few wisps of hair across her face and her eyes shone brightly in the moonlight. I reached my hand up and brushed her hair back behind her ear before I lowered my head and swept my lips across her mouth, my tongue barely grazing her bottom lip.

"I'll always be here for you Bella, forever if you'll let me. Do you feel better about everything now?" I asked her as I rested my forehead against hers, my breathing matching hers breath for breath.

She leapt at me, her tiny body getting tangled in the blanket that swallowed her. I felt her arms wrap tightly around my neck as she settled herself on my lap. I grabbed the blanket and covered us both and held her to me, rocking her back and forth. She didn't say anything for the longest time, just ran her fingers over my chest in a mindless pattern as I hummed to her. I had no idea what it was I was humming, but it was calming to the both of us just the same.

I didn't keep track of how long we sat that way in the moonlight under the stars, but when Bella began to talk I kept up the rocking motion and instead of humming, I started to run my fingers through her hair.

Bella began to speak; her voice was so small my heart broke for her before I even heard what she had to say.

"I never got a chance to tell my father good bye, Edward. He died and he was all alone. I've never been able to forgive myself for not being there for him," she wept, her small shoulders shaking with her anguish.

She turned more into me; nestling her head on my shoulder and I felt my shirt getting damp with the moisture from her tears. I wrapped the blanket more tightly around us and cradled her head against my body and held on to her for dear life.

"My precious Bella, I am so sorry that you weren't able to see him before he died. I can't even imagine how that must have felt to you then and how it still makes you feel angel. But, it's not your fault Bella; you couldn't have known when he would pass away. I am sure he knew that you would want to be there when the time came," I tenderly told her.

My God, how that must have made her feel! I know how much she adored her father; I can't imagine anything being more painful for Bella to have to endure than the thought of not being there for her dad when he needed her.

Bella mumbled quietly, "I know that Edward. My brain knows that logically I couldn't have known when the time would come, but it wrecks me to think of him being all alone, and wondering where I was, if he was even aware when he died. But, I'll never know, no one will ever know what he was feeling!"

She began sobbing uncontrollably at that and I didn't even try to tell her it was all right, because honestly, it wasn't. If something was to ever happen to Carlisle or Esme and I wasn't able to say good bye to them, I'm not sure I would be able to handle it either.

I just held on to her, swaying her back and forth and tried to let my love for her help her through this. It is obvious she's never really faced the fact that Charlie died alone in a hospital room without her and without giving her the closure she needed to move on so it's no wonder that getting a letter from him after all these years would send her into tailspin.

When her sobs turned into sniffles and her breathing evened out to a more normal pace I shifted her so that I could look at her face. Her cheeks were tear stained and her eyes portrayed the devastation she must have felt when Charlie died but she was so achingly beautiful to me in that moment and my heart felt like it would explode it was full of so much love for the girl I held in my arms.

"I love you so much my Bella, do you know that?" I whispered softly to her as I bent my head towards hers and began to kiss the tears on her face away. "You are the strongest person I've ever met baby. You've faced the hardships from your past head on and basically alone. I still don't know everything from your past Bella and we each have so much more to learn from and about the other, but the one thing I do know is that there is no way Charlie Swan did not know how much you loved him. Even if you weren't able to tell him before he died angel, he knew. You have to trust that Bella, and believe it in your soul. Let him go baby, you have to. It's time to let him rest in peace and there is no way he could do that if he knew how much you have tortured yourself for the past five years for not being there when he died, when it was completely out your control."

I kissed her forehead again and this time I felt her arms grip me tightly and it felt like she was clinging to me, afraid I would leave her, too.

A sudden thought hit me and I gently moved her body away from mine so I could look her in the eyes. "Bella, let me tell you something, okay?" I asked; my voice trembled with need to want to say what I was holding back.

She nodded her head at me, a few tears still falling from her eyes.

I took her hands in mine and shifted so that I could fully look at her and let her see me as well.

"You, my darling angel, are the love of my life. I've searched and waited for you for as long as I've known what I want in my one true love. We are the best parts of each other, Bella. You are my soul mate and I've known it since the very first moment I laid my eyes on you. You took my breath away that day in the park baby and I've fallen more and more completely and wholly in love with you every day since then. Having said all that, the thing I want you to realize more than anything is that I will never, not fucking ever… a million times over, ever leave you Bella. I wouldn't want to live without you now, but more than that, I couldn't sweet girl. Not if I ever hope to be happy. You are my future Bella, the person I want to spend my forever with, the woman that will be the mother to my children and the mother to the children that we will have together one day. I want it all with you Bella and I promise you with all that I am that I will never, ever leave you."

She clutched me so tightly then I was afraid she would hurt herself and I couldn't help the tears that fell from my eyes at my emotional breakdown. But, I knew instinctually that she was terrified I would leave her. I've been able to feel that she was holding something back, even though we'd expressed our love for one another a hundred times or more already, I could sense that one wall within her that kept her from giving herself completely to me.

Bella was bawling as she held on to me and said through her struggling breaths, "I have been so alone Edward and since you've been in my life, I've been petrified that I would lose you somehow or push you away or not be enough for you. I love you so much, you are everything to me. I love Maddie and Masen and I want us to be a family baby. I've tried to keep myself from hoping for too much from the future, but I can't help what I wish for when it comes to you and the twins. I feel the same way you do Edward and I know with all of my heart and soul that we were meant to find one another in the park that day. Please, don't ever leave me, I wouldn't be able to survive Edward, I wouldn't. Just promise me you won't leave me Edward. Please…" her voice cracked from the crying she had just done and the emotions that had overtaken both of us.

"I promise you Bella, with everything that I am, that I will always be with you until you send me away." I crushed her to me then, my arms ached with my need to hold her.

"I will always want you Edward, you are my forever now," Bella whispered so soft I could barely hear the words over our combined breaths.

We sat together then on the loveseat, engulfed in the heavy, albeit life changing declarations we just made to one another. I felt a calm settle over us then, like our paths had been forged and now we just had to travel down them to get to the future we each promised we wanted together.

I wrapped the blanket around her and held her bridal style and stood up. I kissed the top of her head and murmured, "Let's go to bed sweet girl. I want to hold you in my arms and fall asleep with you."

When I shut the doors to the deck, I placed Bella carefully on her feet so we could lock up the house and turn the lights off before going to bed. She had mentioned during dinner that Rufus was with Seth for the night so we didn't need to attend to him. As much as I loved the little guy, I was extraordinarily pleased that nothing would interrupt us. I walked over to the place where I had dropped my bags and picked them up, swinging the straps of my bags over my shoulder.

Once the last door was locked and the lights were turned off she held her hand out to me and I walked to her and let her guide me up to her room.

Her bedroom was totally her, minimal furniture and huge bed facing a wall of windows. The bed was covered in a navy blue comforter with gold accents and the pillows looked as soft as clouds. She led me to the bathroom where I placed my night kit, taking my toothbrush out to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I needed to take a shower, the long day feeling heavy on my skin, but I didn't want to be away from Bella for any longer than absolutely necessary. Hell, I held her hand while I brushed my teeth, not wanting to disconnect my body from hers for even a moment.

Our eyes met in the mirror, each of us lost in our own thoughts, but the love we felt for one another shone through loud and clear. We finished at the same time and she pulled me behind her and stopped beside the bed. I walked around to my side of the huge bed and removed some of the pillows before helping her move the covers down so we could slip underneath them.

I immediately pulled her to me and wrapped myself around her, our bodies fused into almost one. I felt her body as it molded against me and I could feel it as her muscles began to relax in my embrace.

"Thank you Edward," my love muttered against the arm that was wrapped around her. "Thank you for everything you said to me tonight and mostly thank you for loving me and promising to never leave."

"Thank you for allowing me in your heart baby. Let me help you Bella, let me keep loving you and I swear with all that I am that I will help you move past every painful moment you have had. I love you Bella, always and forever I will love you," I told her, my voice quivering with the intensity of my love for her.

"I love you too, Edward…always and forever," she softly replied back, barely awake.

As I held her and felt her drift off to sleep, I whispered to her, hoping that her subconscious would register my words somehow, "I am going to marry you one day Bella, and then you will be mine for all time."


I woke up to sunlight shining brightly in my face. I groaned and pulled a pillow over me. One thing is for damn sure, if Bella wants me to spend any amount of time up here with her, she's going to have to get some fucking curtains or something!

Rolling over, I grabbed my phone to look at the time, 9:30. Shit, I couldn't believe it was that late. Last night was extremely draining, not to mention the long day I'd had before I even got here. I was so happy I was able to surprise Bella with my arrival though, and it was quite the welcome!

My cock twitched beneath the blankets as I remembered taking her in the kitchen yesterday and I immediately reached my hand out to find Bella. When all I was met with was an empty side of the bed, my smile instantly turned into a frown…until I heard the water running and heard the sound of her gorgeous voice humming in the shower.

I slipped out of bed and made my way into the bathroom. I could make out the contours of her exquisite body through the glass doors of the shower, her body partially obscured by the steam from the heat of the water. I watched as she tipped her hair back under the flowing water so that she could wash it. I had an irresistible need to plunge my fingers in her hair and quietly pried the shower door open and stepped into the shower with her. I watched as she turned around then and bent her head forward under the streaming water and then I stepped forward and enveloped her in my arms. She squealed for a moment before I felt her body respond to the proximity of mine.

I tipped my head down and kissed her neck, and paid careful and dutiful attention to the spot behind her ear. "Morning my love, why didn't you wake me up so I could join you? I hate waking up and finding the bed empty baby," I growled at her as I took her earlobe in between my teeth and nipped at her gently.

Bella stepped back into me, and rubbed her perfect ass against my growing erection. Damn sexy vixen knew exactly how to get me started first thing in the morning that's for damn sure. "Watch it little girl before you start something you have to finish," I huskily told her as I pulled her back into me with force.

"Who says I don't want to finish Edward?" my beautiful girl asked, her voice laced with sex.

Bella turned towards me then and before I could even register what she was doing, her little hand was gripped tightly around my cock, slowly moving up and down.

"Shit, oh…fuck Bella, that feels…fucking amazing…" I panted out, feeling myself grow harder by the second under her expert touch.

She knew just how to touch me so that I felt like I was going out of my fucking mind. Her thumb drug enticingly across the tip of my now aching cock and then her fingers grasped around my length and squeezed me until my eyes rolled back in my head.

Bella shocked the shit out of me when she dropped to her knees in front of me, the water from the shower raining down over both of us. I watched, helpless to say a fucking word as her perfect lips placed a soft kiss to the tip of my cock before she wrapped her mouth around my straining erection and her mouth opened more fully as she took me inside her warm, wet mouth.

"Bella…Jesus…yes, oh fuck…you don't have to do this…" I managed to gasp out, wanting to make sure this was something she wanted to do, that she wasn't doing it because she felt like I wanted her to.

She moved her head off me and ran her tongue up one side and down the other of my cock before she looked at me, her eyes glinting with fire."Edward, shut the hell up. I've been wanting you this way for so long now, don't spoil it for me. Just sit back and enjoy baby. It's my turn to give you pleasure. Please?" And with that, she engulfed my dick again, and I felt her tongue twirl around me.

I couldn't help but wrap her hair around the fingers of one of my hands and with the other I cupped the side of her face, my thumb rubbing circles down the side of her neck.

"Angel…Oh Christ, yes…that feels so fucking good…" I croaked out to her as I felt my body begin to move in and out of her mouth.

I looked down and about lost it right then. I was mesmerized by the sight of Bella's mouth moving over me, my full length buried inside her mouth. I could feel it as I hit the back of her throat and when she hummed around me, I swear to fucking God I had never felt anything like it before.

Bella began rubbing her thighs together and I knew she was incredibly turned on as I could smell her in the moist air.

"Touch yourself Bella, let me see you touch yourself while I fuck your hot little mouth baby," I commanded her and almost lost my fucking mind when I saw her hand cover her pussy as she opened her legs for me to see.

I watched as her finger circled her clit and then she pushed it inside of her, moving it in and out in concert with her mouth on my cock.

I was lost in a haze of absolute lust as my cock expanded even more in her mouth and her fingers moved in and out of her even faster.

"I'm so close baby…so fucking close," I groaned out, feeling the muscles in my thighs tense and my orgasm began to grow.

Bella's fingers began to move quicker, in and out, and I could tell she was close to coming herself. The sight before me was almost too much comprehend and when I felt Bella's teeth gingerly scrape my dick I gritted my teeth and fisted more of her hair in my hand.

"I'm going to come baby…yes…fucking Christ yes!" I yelled as I felt my release shoot down her throat and I swear I almost came again as I watched her lick every drop from me, her hand still furiously working herself.

My hand still cupped the side of her face as I looked down at her, watching her fingers slide in and out of her soaked pussy.

"That's it baby, you're so close, I can tell. Your breath always gets this sexy as hell little twitch in it when you are close. Come for me my Bella, come on your perfect little fingers," I demanded of her and watched as she threw her head back and completely fell the fuck apart.

It was breathtaking to watch.

I pulled her up to me when her orgasm was finished and placed her fingers in my mouth, curling my tongue around her fingers as I licked off every drop of her juices from her fingers.

"I love you so much Edward," my angel sweetly said to me as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed the spot over my heart.

"More than words baby, more than fucking words," I mumbled back to her.

The rest of our shower was quick since the water was turning colder. I wrapped a towel around her body and then did the same to my waist when we were through and walked back into Bella's room to get dressed. We each put on jeans and t-shirts and made our way downstairs to find something to eat after working up our appetites…again.

I was definitely going to be in need of a run later after all the food I'd already consumed since I'd gotten here. We ate a simple breakfast of cereal and juice and once we were through eating and doing the dishes, Bella gave me a tour of the house.

The house was even more spectacular in the daytime and I could understand even more Bella's love for the house here. I briefly wondered if we would someday live here together as a family. I wouldn't mind, in all honesty. I would love to get the kids out of the city and I am sure I could set up a small practice here. Too many things to think about right now, I knew, but I couldn't help but admit how perfect they all sounded.

We spent the day outside, riding the four wheelers with Seth, taking Rufus on a walk around the lake, and then we went for a run in the late afternoon. The day was pure bliss. Nothing but spending quiet time with Bella…except when Seth was around, but the comic relief he provided was welcome as well.

We talked some more about her father when we took our walk around the lake, our hands linked together as I kept her close to me. I asked her to tell me happy stories from her childhood and she didn't disappoint in the least. She told me story after story, all involving her and Charlie and most of the time Seth, Jasper and Rose as well. She told me about Seth's football games, the campouts they used to go on together with Seth's mom Sue and Rose and Jasper's parents when they were alive. She told of going fishing with Charlie every Sunday, just the two of them. She never mentioned her mother and I finally had to ask about her. I knew her mother's name was Renee but that was the extent of my knowledge of the woman that gave birth to my Bella.

"Baby," I cautiously asked her while we were fixing our dinner of steak and twice baked potatoes. I hoped like hell I got my white chocolate mousse tonight!

Bella raised her eyebrows at me when I stopped mid sentence.

Taking a deep breath, I just went for it, "What about your mother Bella? You never talk about her. Can you tell me why?"

She stilled immediately and I watched as her back straightened and her breathing became heavier.

What the hell did that woman do to her to make her react just by mentioning her name I wondered?

"We just weren't very close, that's all Edward," Bella forced out, almost choking on the words.

I put the plate of marinating steaks I was holding down and walked over to her, taking both of her hands in my own and looked at her with all the love I could muster. "Angel, forgive me for saying this, but that's a fucking crock of shit and you and I both know it. I have no idea what she did to you to garner such a reaction from you, but when you are ready to tell me, I'll be here. I won't force you sweetheart, but just like saying good bye to your father, dealing with whatever residual feelings you have towards your mother is going to have to happen, too. Just let me know what I can do to help you, and you've got it. No questions asked, ok?" I asked her, meaning every damn word.

She's been hurt so deeply, it's so blatantly clear and I just have to trust in the fact that she will tell me everything when she is ready. I gave her my word I wouldn't push and god damn it, I aimed to keep it.

I changed the subject then, receiving a grateful smile from her. Bella knew I was letting her off the hook…but just for now.

We talked about the kids coming for the weekend and what all she wanted to do with them. I, myself, couldn't wait to get out on the lake and drive the boat and go tubing. I planned on dropping Em's foolish self into the water…along with my cousin. I was getting really excited to have everyone here. It seemed like such a big step to be melding our families together, but in a way so totally right.

Bella and I called Maddie and Masen before they went to bed and to say they were excited about seeing Bella would be the fucking understatement of the year. They could care less that school was ending in two days; all they cared about was seeing Bella…and Rufus. We talked to them for about 20 minutes before convincing them that it was time for bed. I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure Bella is just as excited about seeing them as they are to see her.

We laid on the couch and watched a movie until I heard Bella's soft breathing, letting me know that my sweet girl had fallen asleep. I was able to disentangle myself from her and make my way around the house locking up the doors and shutting the lights off. I refilled Rufus' food and water bowl, knowing that when the little guy woke up he would be hungry.

I carefully picked Bella up and carried her upstairs and laid her on the bed. She had changed into a pair of my boxers and the t-shirt she wore the other night so I tucked her in under the covers and went to brush my teeth. I crawled in bed beside Bella and she immediately found my chest in her sleep as she curled into me, her hand resting on its favorite spot over my heart. I kissed the top of her head and wished her many sweet dreams before falling fast asleep.


I woke alone in bed again, but this time instead of Bella's sweet voice in the shower, it was to the raised voices of my love and her best friend in the kitchen.

Groaning since it was fucking eight o'clock in the damn morning, I pulled on a pair of sleep pants and a t-shirt before running my hands through my hair and headed downstairs.

"I don't give a shit Seth, you and Jasper are sharing a room and Alice and Tanya are sharing the other. Now get over it and stop your fucking whining. I swear you're worse than a damn child!" Bella shrieked at her best friend, causing poor Rufus to wake from his spot on the couch.

"Shortcake, I'm just sayin', J doesn't need to bunk with me, he has his own room in here. You know I hate sleeping in the same room as him…he snores Bell!" Seth whined, sounding exactly like a child.

He looked up and saw me enter the kitchen, "Tell her Ed, it's not fair to make me sleep with someone that snores. I need my sleep Bell, you know this."

I held my hands up. No way in hell I was getting in the middle of this fight…no fucking way.

"I'm out of this man," I said as I made my way to the coffee pot.

"Pussy," he muttered under his breath.

I didn't even bother to acknowledge his comment, there was no need. Bella's house, Bella's rules…Bella stays happy which is all that I care about.

"Seth, come on. I need the room in here. Maddie and Masen are taking Jasper's room, plus I have Carlisle and Esme. Angela is going to sleep with Rose, Marcus and Diane will be in the last bedroom in here and then Demetri, Ben, and Emmett will be in the basement. It won't work any other way. Just fucking help me here, ok? I am nervous as shit about this weekend as it is, I don't need you fighting me about sleeping in the same room as Jasper on top of it!" Bella exclaimed, looking completely stressed out.

I shot Seth a warning look and he sighed before he nodded at me, "Sure, Bell; whatever I can do to help."

Bella hugged him tightly then and whispered, "Thanks baby cakes, I really appreciate it. I'll make you something special for dinner, ok?"

He ruffled her hair before he kissed the top of her head, "Thanks Shortcake, but unnecessary. I'm heading into the city tonight to take Tanya out before loading everyone up tomorrow to bring them up. I'll check in with you before I head out," He finished as he grabbed one of the muffins that Bella had made for breakfast and headed out the door.

"Morning sweetheart," Bella gently said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her so she could kiss me.

I happily obliged and swept my tongue across her lips before answering, "Morning to you, too, beautiful. Thanks for the wake up call by the way," I teased her as I swatted her on the ass before grabbing a muffin myself. Banana nut…fucking awesome!

She huffed before crossing her arms adorably, "Damn idiot. I know J snores like a freaking freight train, but really. He can suck it up for a few nights. Besides they'll be up until all hours playing the stupid XBOX 360 in the game room anyway."

"XBOX? " I excitedly asked. "Do they get on Live and play Halo?"

She groaned at me and I shrugged my shoulders at her. Fuck it, Halo freaking rules!

"Yes, and I suppose I'll find you in there, too?" She giggled as I nodded my head with what I am sure was a shit eating grin on my face.

"Just great," she muttered as she started cleaning up the dishes.

"Oh, I am sure you can think of a few ways to keep me occupied baby," I told her as I ground my crotch into her backside.

"I'm sure I can Edward, maybe if you're a good boy, I'll show you," she rasped to me as she rubbed her ass against me again.

I gently pushed her away and shook my head at her. I knew she had a ton of things she wanted to get done today before everyone arrived and I didn't want her stressing anymore than she already was by making us rush because we got sidetracked.

She crooked her eyebrow at me and I just answered, "Later baby, we have things to do." She nodded her head and we got to work.

I helped her change the sheets on all the beds. We stocked all the bathrooms with clean towels. We set up the fold out cots in the basement for Dem, Em and Ben. She vacuumed while I dusted. I cleaned the grill and Seth and I gassed up the four wheelers and checked the boat. We worked all day and then Bella and I went into town to stock up on groceries. I swear there was enough food for a fucking army, but I guess seventeen people pretty much was, especially with Dem, Em and Seth in the mix. Bella and I picked up a pizza and ate outside on the deck once we had the groceries put away.

I was finishing up my beer when Bella walked inside and then came back out a few moments later carrying an envelope.

I immediately knew what it was, having seen it before when Carlisle gave it to Seth to give to Bella almost two weeks ago.

She sat down quietly next to me and wordlessly handed me the letter.

"Bella," I croaked out, not wanting her to feel like she had to share this with me but feeling overwhelmed at the same time that she was willing to do so.

Bella reached across her body to pick up my hand in hers, and played with my fingers for a moment before she softly spoke, "Its okay Edward. I want you to read it. I want to share a part of my father with you. He would have loved you Edward, I know he would have. And, I am pretty sure you would have liked him, too."

This time there were tears, but not the anguish that was present the first night I got here. Bella seemed to be slowly coming to terms with everything and it made me so happy to watch her put herself back together again. This, this is what I wanted for her…and for us.

"Thank you baby, for trusting me enough to read this. It means so much that you want to share this with me," I honestly told her, as I picked up her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"I want to share everything with you Edward; this is just a small part," Bella gently told me before going inside to let me read the letter in solitude.

I picked it up; my fingers trembled with the meaning of what she just did and began to read. My eyes were clouded with tears before I finished the first paragraph and by the end, I was sobbing so uncontrollably I could hardly breathe, let alone see to finish reading…but I did.

My god what my poor sweet girl had to go through. I don't know how she survived. Well, I did. She was the strongest damn person I'd ever met and Seth, Jasper and Rose were three of the most incredible people I could have ever asked for in friends for my love. I felt eternal gratitude for the love and care they had given Bella all those years ago. I again felt that twinge of regret, of feeling cheated for never being able to meet a man as incredible as Charlie Swan seemed to be, but said a silent prayer of gratitude for his foresight in writing this letter to Bella. I understood why it was so hard for her to read, but at the same time it was so essential to her forgiveness of herself.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and face and carefully folded the letter back up and placed it back inside the envelope. I walked back inside to find Bella standing in front of a picture, it looked like high school graduation, of the four of them with Charlie, his arms wrapped tightly around Bella and Seth, with Jasper and Rose on either side of them. They all looked incredibly happy and Charlie just looked proud. Proud of Bella and proud of the others as well. I called her name softly and as she turned to me, I fell in love with her even more. She looked calm and serene…and at peace.

I held my hand out to her and whispered softly, "Come, let me take you to bed and love you Bella. I need to make love to you baby."

She came willingly and I carried her upstairs to love her in the only way I knew how…with all my heart and soul.

I woke sometime in the early morning, the clock letting me know it was just a little past two. I felt for Bella and got startled when I realized she wasn't in bed…and hadn't been for quite some time. Her side of the bed was cold and it looked like she hadn't been in it at all after we finished making love a few hours ago.

I pulled on my boxers and a t-shirt and walked out in the hallway and then down the stairs. I looked out the back windows and noticed the light on in the garage. After making sure she wasn't in the house, I made my way to the garage, hearing the drum beats getting louder the closer I got to the building. I couldn't figure out what it was. It wasn't a stereo or anything like that, because I could tell that the sound was coming from actual drums. I opened the side door and the sight before me caused all the breath to leave my body and my eyes to literally almost fall out of my head.

There my girl sat, in all her blinding beauty…sex personified as she played along with the music from the iHome. I took a quick glance around, my eyes immediately settling on the gorgeous car off to the side before finding their way back to my girl. There were posters up on the walls beside her, Dave Grohl, Larry Mullin, Jr., Lars Ulrich, Tommy Lee…and Animal from the Muppets. Her arms were flying, the muscles in her back and shoulders flexed with each movement, as the sounds of U2 floated around the room. Bella was completely oblivious to my presence she was so lost in the music.

It was, without a doubt, the most erotic, sexy and hottest fucking thing I had ever witnessed in my life. I would remember this moment for the rest of my life, I was sure. I watched her play for 20 more minutes, wanting her more and more with each beat of the drum. It was reverberating through my body and my cock ached to be inside of her.

I could tell when she began to wind down until she finally stopped and placed the drumsticks down on top of the drum. She was sweating, her hair sticking to the sides of her face, her breathing deep from the heavy playing she just did. Bella had never looked more enticing…ever.

I watched as she stretched her neck and rolled her shoulders, no doubt loosening the muscles she had tensed while playing. She was fucking barefoot and I swear to Christ my dick got even harder when I noticed that. Bella had on a tank top and a tiny pair of shorts that barely covered her ass. My breath was coming so hard with my lust for her; I couldn't believe she couldn't hear. When she finally moved off the stool and turned around to look at me, she gasped sharply, her hand immediately covering her mouth.

Sweet Jesus, she wasn't wearing a bra…or panties.

"Edward," she squeaked out, her eyes widening when she noticed me looking at her.

I am sure I looked wild, feral. I was afraid that if I moved I wouldn't be able to control myself; my lust for her was that intense.

"Bella, now. I need you right fucking now baby," I growled lowly at her, stalking towards her like she was my prey.

"Edward…I don't…are you…" I silenced her with a finger over her lips as I stared into her eyes.

"I am going to fuck you Bella, fuck you like you have never been before. I am going to hear you scream my name over and over again until you can't fucking make another sound," I ground out roughly as I possessively kissed her mouth, plunging my tongue in as deep as it would go.

I took her against the wall, then again as she was bent over the stool to her drums. I finished by taking her against the shiny black Camaro, Bella's handprints visible to anyone who looked.

As I pulled my boxers back on and slipped my t-shirt over Bella's head, she giggled at me.

I quirked my eyebrow at her, wondering what the hell she could possibly be laughing at after we had just had the most intense sex any two people had ever had…at least in my mind.

"I need to clean those off Edward; Rose will go fucking nuts if she sees handprints on this car," Bella told me.

I didn't doubt her for a minute, but I stopped her as she started to wipe them off.

"Leave them baby…I don't care who fucking sees them. That was the hottest damn thing I have ever experienced in my life and I am really tempted to go get my phone and take a picture and use it as my fucking screen saver," I told her, kissing her again because, well, I couldn't fucking stop.

Bella pulled me towards the door and turned the light off before stilling me with another heart stopping kiss.

"Come on old man, you need your rest…you've got a long weekend ahead of you," she chuckled at me.

Long weekend, that's for damn sure, and I couldn't fucking wait.

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