The Path We Choose

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chapter 34


"Yeah, Pop, we do." Edward told Carlisle as he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye. Maddie and Masen bounced up and down on the balls of their little feet beside him and I knew, fucking knew, that whatever it was my little family had planned, it had something to do with me.

Edward continued to smirk at me and then looked back at his father who said, "Well son, are you going to share with us all or do want us to try to guess?"

Edward chuckled at Carlisle and reached out to rub the tops of Maddie and Masen's heads and said, "Nope, I think I'll wait until after dinner to fill everyone in."

"What, Edward! Come on man you can't leave us hanging like that," Jasper groaned out at him and Edward just smirked and shrugged his shoulders at him. "Too bad Jas, the rules were we got to plan what to do tonight. No one said anything about telling you right away."

"Jackass," Jasper growled as he passed by Edward only to be stopped by Maddie and Masen who had their hands out.

"Pay up Jasper," Maddie sweetly said as she looked at me and I nodded. Jasper looked incredulously at me and I nodded my head at him and gave him 'the look' until he unassed the money. "Sorry brother dear." I told him as I went to congratulate the kids, "I said the time out lasted until the games were done. So not my fault you got busted first." I giggled at him and kissed his cheek as I herded the kids inside.

I fixed everyone some drinks and watched everyone chat and visit for a few minutes before Seth said, "Bell, I'm taking the boat out okay? What time is dinner?"

I looked at the clock on the oven and it was three thirty. Most everything we were having for dinner was going to be cooked on the grill so they could stay on the water for a few hours if they wanted to. "Six thirty should be fine Seth," I told him as he went to change his clothes.

"Bella, can I go on the boat too?" Masen asked and I looked at Edward who nodded his head. "Yep you can. Daddy is going to go with you but before you go, you need to wrap your cast so it doesn't get wet, alright? And, you have to promise to leave your life jacket on," I said as I waited for him to agree with my terms.

He nodded his head and huffed at me. I knew he hated the life jacket but there was no way in hell he was taking one step on that boat without it. "Fine, but I'm almost eight you know. I shouldn't have to wear one."

I bent over at the waist and looked him in the eye before I said, "You are almost eight and you will wear a life jacket…for a long long time if you want to keep going out on the boat so get used to it buddy." I kissed his nose and sent him to go change into his bathing suit and stood up and looked at Edward.

Edward stood with his back resting against the island in the kitchen and his arms crossed. When he caught my eye, he opened his arms and I immediately stepped into them and molded my body against his. I laid my head on his chest and rested my hand over his heart…after I ran my fingers over his medal that I felt beneath his t-shirt.

He bent his head down and rested his lips against the top of my head, "I love watching you with him Bella."

"Well, he is an amazing kid. Kind of takes after his dad that way," I giggled, but was totally serious at the same time.

Edward Cullen was without a doubt the most amazing father I had ever come across in my life. Admittedly, I hadn't seen that many up close and personal, but between my friends in high school and then my team mates all throughout my soccer career, I knew enough to realize that men like Edward did not come around that often. Maddie and Masen were so extraordinarily lucky to have a father like Edward and I swore to myself that I would make sure they recognized that fact as they got older.

I heard him rumble deep in his chest as his arms squeezed me tighter and he bent his head down beside my ear and he whispered, "I think you might be a bit biased there baby."

"Hmph," I snorted and then looked up at him. "I may love you more than life itself Edward Anthony Cullen, but that does not mean that you aren't an amazing man just the same," I said honestly.

"Bella," he sighed and gazed at me with eyes that I swore looked straight into my soul and saw…fucking everything.

"Angel, you have no…" he began before he was interrupted by Masen's thundering down the stairs. "Daddy, I'm ready," he shouted as he ran into the kitchen with Rufus right behind him.

Poor Edward looked thoroughly conflicted and I reached up and laid a hand on his cheek and stood on my tip toes to press a soft kiss on the side of his mouth and whispered, "Go Edward. I'll be here waiting for you when you get back. Oh and then, you can tell me about this plan you have for later," I said to him and raised my eyebrows trying to get him to spill.

"You can wait Bella, it's not going to kill you," he chuckled and then kissed me quickly on the lips before he grabbed Masen and threw him on his back. "See you at dinner baby," he said as they ran out of the house and down to the dock.

"Do you ever wonder what the male species did before the invention of motorized…anything?" Tanya asked me as she stepped up beside me and we watched all of the males run down to the docks where Seth had the boat and the Jet Ski's waiting.

"Drove their women crazy," Esme tittered behind us and I laughed at her very correct statement.

Tanya laughed too and looked at Esme and said, "Aunt Es, are you telling me that Uncle Carlisle drives you crazy?"

"Tanya my dear, you work with the man. You should know the answer to that question!" Esme laughed and we all made our way into the kitchen.

Maddie sat on a stool and had laid her head down on the countertop. "Baby girl, why don't you go take a short nap?" I asked her and though I could tell she wanted to tell me she wasn't sleepy, she nodded her head and slipped off.

"Bella, I'll take her upstairs," Tanya said as she led Maddie up the stairs to their room.

Rose moved around the kitchen and looked over her shoulder at me and said, "Where is the blender Bell?" She got it from the cabinet I pointed to as well as the ingredients for her famous margaritas.

"What? The guys are out on the water and will be there for a few hours, Maddie is sleeping upstairs…I think it's a perfect time for margaritas," Rose said and chuckled as she got the tequila out of the liquor cabinet after she winked at me.

"Rosalie, it's always a good time for margaritas," Esme snickered as she set the glasses out.

Rose made 2 pitchers of her special drinks and I grabbed some tortilla chips out of the pantry and some salsa out of the fridge and carried it all to the deck. I looked out over the water trying to find our guys, but couldn't pick them out from all the people that were out there. I hoped Masen was okay and that Edward made sure his cast stayed dry.

"They are fine Bella," Alice said as she sat down on a chaise and put her sunglasses on.

With one last glance at the water I followed her lead and sat down and put my sunglasses on as well. I laid my head back and then turned it to face Alice. "I know they are Ali…I just worry. I can't help it," I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Of course you worry Bella, that's what mom's do," Alice said as she looked at me over the tops of her glasses.

I closed my eyes behind the darkened lenses and rubbed the pendant I still wore every day without fail and felt my heart clench at the memory of Masen calling me mommy. "He called me mommy Alice. When we were waiting for Edward at the hospital, he called me mommy. It was the greatest feeling of my life…well after hearing Edward tell me he loved me for the first time that is. I want it Alice, I want it so bad I can taste it."

"I know you do Bella. It's what we all want for the four of you," Alice said as she reached across and grabbed my hand. "Have you and Edward talked about what you are going to do once your contract is up in September?"

"We've talked a bit about it Alice, but we haven't made any definitive plans," I told her as thought after thought began to run through my mind.

I sighed and sat back in my chair and tipped my head backwards. The sun felt so good on my skin and I allowed myself a few minutes to just…be.

My mind had a life of its own as it went over the events of the last few days with Edward and the kids. Playing with Masen had been amazing and I couldn't help but be excited as I thought about playing with him when we were at home. Then I thought about telling the kids about Charlie and Renee. It had been easier than I thought it would be to be honest. I spent so damn much time trying to forget about Renee that in turn, I didn't allow myself to think about Charlie either.

It was hard sometimes to get past all the anger and the residual hurt I felt in regards to Charlie. I loved him, obviously, but if I let myself dig down deep…and I very, very rarely did…I was able to admit to myself how fucking angry I was at my father for allowing Renee to treat me the way she did. There were too many times to count when he could have done something, said anything to her about her actions towards me and how unfair and unfounded her anger at me was. Instead, he did nothing, said even less and buried his head in the sand. During those very few times of deep introspection I found myself wondering what my life would have been like if Charlie hadn't gotten sick, if Renee hadn't been the person she was, if I kept playing soccer.

Would I have found Edward? Would I have ever met Carlisle and Esme? Would I have ever loved two kids as much as I loved Maddie and Masen?

If I believed what Dr. C. did, that it was fate that brought us all together, I suppose I had to believe that if we wouldn't have met through Charlie first and then through coincidence second, it would have happened somehow. I did know that if I had to suffer through Renee's maliciousness and Charlie's illness to find my way to Edward, it was all worth it in the end. I would never wish for my father to be dead, but I couldn't regret anything that led me to Edward.

The thought of what Edward and I were going to do once my contract was up kept coming to the forefront of my thoughts and I tried to sort through them all to focus on what I truly did want. There were a few things I knew for sure, the first being I wanted Edward and the twins to live with me…permanently. They spent more and more time at the loft now anyway, especially since Emmett and Seth agreed that the kids were safe, if not safer, at the loft than anywhere else.

Safe…I hoped with all that I had that Maddie and Masen would continue to be kept safe from whoever the hell was taking pictures of us and sending me creepy as fuck letters. It was easy to forget about all of that while were up here, away from the insanity of the city and my job but it was never far from my mind. I kept going back to what Seth told me not too long ago…just because my contract was up in September, it didn't mean that all the bad things were just going to magically fade away and Edward and I would live happily ever after. Well, I knew we would live happily ever after, but I was really worried that we would all have to live with the threat of unknown, unstable people watching us from far away.

Truthfully though, as long as I had Edward, Maddie and Masen, nothing else mattered at all.

"Time to get our drink on ladies," Rose cheered as she walked out onto the deck carrying two pitchers of margaritas followed by Esme carrying a tray of glasses.

Rose poured and Tanya, Heidi, Diane, and Carmen came to join us and before I knew it, we were all a giggling mess on the deck.

"Hey Bell, have I told you that I looovvveeeee my Emmie?" Rose hiccuped in my ear as she threw an arm around me and leaned against me.

Her eyes were glassy and she had the goofiest smile on her face. Even though she was drunk off her ass, I knew she was being completely serious. "No, Le you haven't told me, but I kinda figured it out on my own." I laughed at her when she dropped her bottom jaw and looked completely dumbfounded.

"Well shit," she huffed. "I wanted to be the, to be first to tells you," she slurred as she took another gulp of her drink.

I patted her on the hand and said, "Its okay Rosie, you can tell me again later. You'll never remember you told me this time."

"I'm so's happy for all ofs us," she said with a sigh and though I wasn't as far gone as she was, I couldn't help but agree.

Rose and I sat on the chaise and Alice came and plopped down on the other side of me and handed me another drink. We chatted among ourselves and by the time I was done with that drink, I was almost no better off than Rose and Alice were.

"Bella, did Jasper ever tell you what he could do with his tongue?" Alice dreamily asked me as she licked her lips.

"Oohh no Alice. Just no!" I shrieked at her. "That's my best friend you're talking about!" I said as I shook my head back and forth.

"Well, I know he's your best friend, that's why I asked," she said, like I was foolish for not understanding that.

Fine, she wants to play that game? I'll show her.

I grabbed another drink and took a sip before I casually asked, "Alice, has Edward ever told you how he can do this one thing with his finger that totally drives me wild?" I evilly smiled at her and watched as the comprehension of what I just said seeped into her brain.

Alice's eyes got really big and then she screeched and jumped up and down, "Bellllaaaa! Ugh! That is just so…just so wrong!"

"Well short stuff, that is what you get for saying what you did about J!" I laughed, pointing at her and then held my hand out for Tanya to bump my fist.

"Good one Bell," Tanya said, nodding her head in approval.

She put her arm around me…apparently hugging went along with drinking margaritas because I couldn't remember getting hugged so much, well except for by Edward.

Mmmm, Edward. I sure hoped he came home soon!

"I know what you're thinking about," she said to me in a sing song voice. I nodded my head dumbly because, really, what was the point in lying to her? I knew I was an open book when it came to my Edward…and I really didn't give a shit who knew it either.

"Tanya," I said, as a thought flitted into my brain. "What the hell is up with that psycho bitch Kate?" And as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I slapped a hand over my mouth.

Holy hell, what if Tanya was like really good friends with her…or Alice? Oh shit, and Esme!

I looked at the three of them over the top of my hands and they were all giggling at me.

"Why are you three laughing at me?" I scowled at them and tried to give them 'the look' which, being that I was drunk probably didn't turn out quite the way I hoped it would.

"Silly Bella!" Tanya said as she shook her head at me. "Kate Stewart is the biggest bitch known to man."

"No kidding," Esme snickered behind her hand. Waving it in the air, she said, "Seriously. I have no idea what Carlisle thought by keeping her around for so long. I'd told him over and over again that she would cause trouble."

"And then that crazy bitch went after you Bella!" Alice squealed as she sloshed some of her drink out of her glass. She was totally oblivious about that fact though as she went right on, "What the hell was she thinking? Not only that, psycho bitch was deluded enough to go after you in front of Edward!"

"No one messes with my Bella!" Rose said animatedly from beside me and I couldn't help but burst out laughing when I pictured the cow's face when Carlisle told her to wait in his office for him.

I gasped as I realized I didn't even know what happened to her and I looked at Tanya questioningly, "What the hell happened to her Tan?"

"Well by the time I came back from lunch that day, you had already left and Edward filled me in on what had just happened. Thankfully we had a break in between patients because the skank was yelling and carrying on about how you had attacked her and she was just defending herself. She kept blaming the whole thing on the fact that you were jealous of her being able to spend so much time with Edward and yada yada yada. Uncle C didn't pay any attention to her and told her she had until the end of the day to clean out her desk. She came storming out of the office, muttering about how she was going to make you pay for ruining her life and some other bullshit. I say good riddance," Tanya finished up.

"Damn straight," Aunt Diane said as she poured herself another drink. "You do not mess with our family, that's for damn sure. Isn't that right Carmen dear?"

Carmen nodded and threw back the rest of her drink before she slammed her glass on the table and wobbled as she tried to stand up straight in the shortest pair of shorts known to man and the highest heels I had ever seen grace the legs of someone who didn't rub up and down against a pole for a living.

She pushed up her boobs and fluffed up her hair and said, "You got that right. We may not all be blood related Bella love, but we will fuck up anyone that messes with us. That bitch comes around again, you just call me, you hear? You're Edward's Bella, that makes you family now."

"Oh Jesus," Tanya groaned and I couldn't help but giggle at all of them.

Kate didn't scare me a damn bit and honestly I was glad she was out of the office, if only because she made things uncomfortable for Edward. I looked around at the women I was currently getting more than a little toasted with and couldn't help the warm feelings that I got…of course the fact that it was summer and I was drinking tequila outside probably didn't help much either.

Regardless of alcohol or being in the sun, these women were all my…family.

We finished off the rest of the margaritas in no time and when we did, holy shit! I'd found out way more about the men in our family that I ever, ever wanted to know.

"Esme!" I squealed as she gave me a knowing look. "I cannot believe you and Carlisle do that!" I shook my head, secretly hoping that when Edward and I got to be their age, we did the same thing.

"Oh sweetheart, please!" Aunt Diane chuckled. "Marcus and Carlisle are Cullens you know. They have excellent genes! You, Rosalie and Heidi are all very lucky women indeed."

"Hear that Bella?" Heidi giggled from beside me as she kissed my cheek. "We have lots to look forward to!"

"Hell yeah," Rose said as she tried to give Heidi a high five…and completely missed her hand and fell over.

Carmen started giggling and we all looked at her. "So tell us Bella love, how is Edward in bed?" she asked with a completely straight face and in spite of the heat and the alcohol, I know I turned a shade of red that wasn't natural.

"Well, he's um…Edward is," I stammered out and then looked around at everyone and realized, I didn't give a damn what they thought.

So, I stood up and looked at them all and said, "Fucking phenomenal. He makes my toes curl and gives me more orgasms than I can count." I blew my hair out of my face and sat down, enjoying the shocked looks on everyone's face.

That should give them plenty to think about.

Carmen walked over to me and held her hand out and when I slapped it she said, "Well done little one." And then she bent down to whisper in my ear and said, "You'll have to give me details sometime darling."

We sat outside and visited for a bit longer before I got up, albeit a bit on the wobbly side, and went into the kitchen to get dinner started. I grabbed the potatoes, rubbed them with oil and salt, put them in the oven and began cleaning the corn to put on the grill. I was singing along with the iPod I'd turned on when I felt the buzzing I always felt when Edward was close by so I spun around to face him.

Not my most graceful moment by far.

"Edward!" I giggled and ran and jumped in his arms and kissed him all over his face. "I missed you baby!" I said…louder than was completely necessary… I think anyway.

He chuckled at me and lifted me up to set me on top of the island. "Did you have a good day sweet girl?" he asked as I nuzzled his neck.

"Mmm hmm," I said as I kissed his jaw and then moved to his mouth. "I did. Did you know that Rosalie makes the bestest margaritas ever?"

I pressed my mouth, a little on the sloppy side, over his and licked his lips. He tasted like beer, sun, and Edward and it was fucking mouthwatering. "Oh, you taste soooo good Edward. All manly and beery and stuff," I giggled and kissed him again.

"My Bella, did you, perhaps by chance, have more than your fair share of Rose's famous margaritas?" he asked me as I slipped my hands underneath his t-shirt and ran my hand over his skin…which was so damn warm and soft and holy hell his muscles were so hard.

I shrugged my shoulders at him and kept up with the touching and the kissing. "I didn't really count Edward," I told him as I focused on how soft the hair below his belly button was. "Your mom and Aunt Diane and Carmen had waaayyy more than me," I told him as I swayed from side to side on the countertop.

"Oh Lord! Please tell me Mama didn't tell you anything embarrassing?" he asked me and I chuckled as he just stared at me.

"Kit Kat…did you know that your mom and dad still," I started to say but was interrupted when Alice shrieked, "Isabella Marie Swan! Shut it! If you repeat that sentence I swear to fucking God I will tell Edward every damn thing you told us this afternoon…everything." She raised her eyebrows at me and I totally shut my mouth the hell up right then and there.

I may be a little on the tipsy side, but there was no way I wanted Edward to know I told all the girls…that!

"What? What did Mama say? And Bella? Baby, what the hell did you say?" Edward confusedly asked as he looked back and forth between Alice and me.

"Unh uh brother mine. I already heard way more shit about mom and dad than I fucking ever wanted to know. Believe me, you are so much better off not knowing!" Alice said as she grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.

"Bell, where are the Tylenol?" she asked me and I pointed to the drawer Edward got my bandaids out of the other day. "Jasper apparently had more to drink than we did, and on top of that, he is sunburned too. Damn fool," she muttered as she walked towards the guest house.

Jasper always was a fucking light weight when it came to drinking!

I shrugged my shoulders and went back to my kissing and touching and I looked up at Edward when I heard the rumble of laughter in his chest. "You are fucking precious when you're all tipsy and shit baby," Edward whispered and bent his head down and began to suck on the skin behind my ear.

"You'd better be fine by the time we go up to our room though Bella, I have such…naughty things planned for us," he growled out to me as he ran the backs of his knuckles across my nipples.

"Well who says we have to do your naughty things Edward?" I asked, visions of what Edward and I could do up in our room tonight dancing through my head. "Maybe I have my own ideas," I purred to him, or well I tried to. The hiccup at the end of my statement kind of killed the mood a bit.

"You'll be lucky if you're not passed out in bed as soon as we're done with dinner," Edward grinned at me and picked me up to set me back down on the ground.

This time I was happy I stayed upright…and no wobbling either.

"Whatever baby," I told him as I kissed him on the cheek and walked back to the counter to finish what I was doing before he walked in.

"I'm going to go shower and check on Maddie beautiful," Edward said as he kissed the back of my head. "I'll be back to help you with dinner when I'm done. Seth and Emmett are pretty wasted so there is no way I'd trust them next to an open flame."

I goofily grinned at him and he chuckled and then slapped me on the ass, causing me to jump. "Watch it Cullen," I warned him, the smirk he gave me in return let me know that I hadn't scared him in the least.

"Oohh, I'm so scared Swan," he laughed as he walked out of the kitchen and towards the stairs.

By the time he made it back downstairs, I was feeling almost back to normal and was only very slightly buzzed. The potatoes were in the oven and I was chopping the vegetables for the salad. The corn was ready to go on the grill along with the steaks and chicken breasts.

"It all looks delicious Bella," Edward said as he walked back into the kitchen.

Oh fuck, I groaned softly and totally missed the carrot I was trying to slice. Edward just raised his eyebrows in question and chuckled knowingly as he grabbed a bottle of water.

"Um…thanks," I stuttered out as I tried to control my breathing.

God help me, I silently prayed to myself as I appraised him out of the corner of my eye. His hair was still wet from the shower and he smelled like the sandalwood soap he used. He was barefoot and the khaki cargo shorts he had on were slung low on his hips. He had on a black wife beater tank top and his muscles flexed as he raised his arm up to run a hand through his hair. When he did that, a small sliver of skin peeked out from beneath the bottom of his shirt and I caught a quick glimpse of soft, bronze hair right above the waist band of his shorts.

Edward Cullen was, with out a fucking doubt, the sexiest man alive and I couldn't wait until it was time for bed…or not to go to bed to be more accurate.

He lifted the water bottle to his mouth and I watched the muscles of his neck work as he swallowed half the bottle down. Edward's fingers were gripped around the bottle and I couldn't help the shiver that went down my spine and the heat that immediately flooded my panties as I thought about what those fuck awesome fingers could do to me. When the bottle was empty, he looked at me from beneath his eyelashes over the bottle and smirked that fucking deadly grin at me. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before he threw the bottle in the recycling bin.

Edward stalked towards me, his eyes dark and focused directly on me and I felt the knife slip out of my fingers and clank on the countertop. He stood directly in front of me, our chests pressed flush against each other. When I felt the hair of his leg rub against the inside of my thigh as he moved his leg between mine, I wanted nothing more than for him to throw me down across the countertop and fuck the living daylights out of me.

He gripped my hips and curled his fingers over my hipbones and jerked me towards him. "Bella, you have no fucking idea what it does to me when you watch me that way. Your eyes follow my every movement and your body gives off this vibe that I just can't get fucking enough of," he said softly but his voice was rough with need…like silk over sandpaper.

I closed my eyes and breathed heavily though my nose as my body hummed in pleasure at his words and the proximity of our bodies. Every place his hand touched my bare skin, it felt electrified. My pussy was aching and I was going to have to change my panties before dinner if we kept this up…and I had no inclination whatsofuckingever to stop anytime soon.

"Fuck Edward," I moaned out in pleasure as his tongue traced over the outside of my ear. "I wish you could take me upstairs to our room right this second, or I wish you could hold my up against that wall right over there," I grunted out as his teeth bit down into my earlobe. "Or," I whispered as I tugged on his hair, "I wish you could lay me out on this island right here and do what you did to me the last time I was on here."

Edward's tongue trailed down my neck and it swirled and lapped at it and then I heard his breathless voice as he said, "Do you mean my Bella," and he bit the top of my shoulder, "the time when I laid you out on this counter right here and tasted your delicious pussy for the first time?"

"Shit! Oh my God Edward," I hissed out as he ghosted his fingertips over the inside of my thighs. The electric current I felt from his first touch made my breath hitch…and made my panties even wetter than they already were.

"Mmmm, my little insatiable one," Edward murmured in my ear as his fingertips grazed the front of my now extremely wet panties. "Could this mean that you want me my Bella?" His voice was pure sex…deep, raspy, velvety.

"Fucking hell Edward," I groaned out as I threw my head back and vaguely registered the rest of the family outside on the deck. I really wanted nothing more than for Edward to push those long, talented fingers deep inside of me and make me come but I really didn't know how quiet I could be for one, and for two…well, I couldn't really think of another reason not to.

The smug ass just smirked his deadly smirk at me and looked at me, eyes darkened with want and need. Damn, tonight couldn't get here fast enough!

"Hey Bella," Rose said and stopped abruptly as she walked into the kitchen.

"Motherfucker," Edward grumbled and rested his forehead against mine.

I sighed and then ran my hands up and down his back while we both calmed down enough to move. "Later baby," I whispered to him and he picked me up off the counter and set me on the ground.

"Can't get here soon enough sweet girl," he mirthlessly told me before taking the platter of steaks outside to cook on the grill.


As soon as another rambunctious dinner was complete and the dishes were done and put away we all watched Edward, Maddie and Masen as they stood in the living room in front of all of us…looking very much like cats that had caught the canaries. Maddie was positively giddy with excitement and she bounced up and down, her hair swung wildly around her head. Edward bent down and whispered in both of their ears and when he stood up and looked at me he looked as excited as the kids…but a little nervous and apprehensive as well.

Uh oh.

"Okay everyone. We have made our decision about tonight's activity," Edward began and I noticed that Jasper and Seth walked in carrying a cardboard box.

Jasper and Seth both nodded at Edward and then looked at me, a little sheepishly and I got the feeling that I might not be a big fan of what they wanted to do.

"What we would like to do is watch some of Bella's old soccer tapes," Edward said and locked his eyes with mine to wait for my reaction.

My first thought was to immediately shake my head no but one look at Maddie and Masen's excited little faces and I knew I wouldn't do it. My hands shook and I couldn't help the tears that pooled in my eyes and I hung my head for a moment. I felt warm hands gripping mine and a finger beneath my chin lifting it up.

When I opened my eyes, I was staring into the green eyes that I loved more than life itself. In them I found concern, a little bit of pain…but mostly an overwhelming amount of love and understanding. "Baby, we won't watch them if you really don't want to. But I would love, more than anything, to see this part of your life," he whispered as he ran the back of his hand down my cheek.

Maddie and Masen both came forward and were on either side of Edward and they both looked so sad that I immediately put a smile on my face and opened my arms to them, which they each filled in an instant.

"You really want to watch me play?" I asked them both, feeling more than a little proud that they would want to watch me.

"I really would, Bella. Please?" Maddie asked adorably, she even did the clasping of the hands below the chin thing…totally unfair.

Masen nodded his head and then tilted his face to the side…just like his damn father, and gave me his version of the Cullen pout which was as effective, if not more so, than the man sitting in front of me.

Edward had definitely taught his son well…the jackass!

I laughed at both of them and their pathetic, but very effective attempts to soften me up and said, "Sure. Why not? Besides, if I am not mistaken, there should be a few tapes that have Jasper on them…and you can all see the hair do he thought was soooo cool when we were in Junior High."

I giggled when I saw the horrified look on Jasper's face and then all out laughed when I saw him try to dig through the box to find the offending tapes.

"No way Jasper!" I told him as he looked at me. "If I have to go through this, you do too. Now hand the box over to Edward so we can get started on our trip down memory lane."

"Fine. Here Edward," Jasper said very grudgingly and the entire room laughed at him when he wouldn't let go of the box when Edward tried to take it from him. "You sure about this Shortcake?" Jasper asked, hoping I would say no, but underneath it all, I was really excited to watch the tapes.

"Absolutely. Now let the box go and take two steps back. It'll be okay Jasper," I told him.

Esme and Diane had popped a few bowls of popcorn while Edward and Seth got the VCR set up to watch the tapes on. I would have to get the tapes transferred to discs so that nothing happened to them. Once the machine was set up and every one was settled in with snacks and drinks, Seth started the tapes.

Edward sat on the couch beside me and threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. "Are you sure about this Bella? If you're not, we can find something else to do baby," he whispered and when I nodded my head he bent his head down and kissed my temple and whispered, "I love you angel. I'm so proud of you."

I had Maddie sitting on my other side and Masen was sitting at our feet holding Rufus when the tape started to play. Seth, Jasper, Rose and I all started laughing as soon as the picture came on the screen and Edward looked at me with a question.

"Oh Bella!" Rose squealed as she clapped her hands. "I completely forgot about this!"

We all watched the screen and soon everyone was laughing. On the screen was mine and Jasper's first soccer game ever. We were eight and there on the screen was me in the pink jersey I had given to Maddie. Jasper was tall and lanky like he is now and his hair was much longer.

"Bella! That's the jersey you gaves me!" Maddie exclaimed as she pointed to the screen.

I really hated that damn jersey but I was so glad Maddie enjoyed it so much. "Sure is baby girl. It looks so much better on you than me!" I told her and playfully elbowed her in the ribs which made her laugh.

"You were so damn adorable," Edward whispered in my ear.

"Nice hair cut man," Emmett laughed and slapped him on the back which received the finger in response from Jasper. "I was eight dude, cut me some slack," Jasper huffed and crossed his arms until Alice whispered something in his ear that made him smile a mile wide.

There is no telling what she just said…not that I wanted to know either!

The game continued on the screen and I had to admit it was fun watching. Seth would fast forward through some parts so that it didn't take forever.

"Nice move there Shortcake," Jasper said from across the room and tipped his beer in salute as we watched me take the ball away from a guy that was at least six inches taller than me and outweighed me at the time by a good twenty five pounds.

"God I hated that guy," I mumbled to myself and heard Edward growl at the screen when the idiot ran after me and took me down with a hard, uncalled for foul.

"That motherfucker is a dead man," Edward said under his breath and I couldn't help but chuckle next to him. "Baby, that guy is probably fat and bald right about now. I think I survived just fine. You can stop the killing spree tendencies right now," I told him and kissed his jaw. "I appreciate the thought though."

We continued to watch more games and Seth picked out some good ones. Like I'd said before, none of them ever missed a game so he knew which ones we should watch. We watched games from Junior High, some of my high school ones when I was on the girl's team and then we ended with a few from when I played on the National Team. Seth looked at me in question to make sure I was okay and I really was.

The game that the picture in the garage was taken at was the last one we watched. I couldn't help the butterflies I got in my stomach as I watched myself running, dribbling and then scoring that game winning goal that had made my dad so proud.

"You were so damn good Bella," Edward said softly as he picked up my hand and kissed my fingers.

My eyes filled with tears, but they were happy ones for the most part. A part of me would always regret not being able to continue playing but I enjoyed the time I did even more.

"Will I ever gets to be as good as you?" Maddie asked me and I lifted her up and placed her on my lap and said, "I don't see why not Maddie. We'll just have to keep practicing and working really hard, but if you want to, you can."

"That is for sure honey," Jasper said and stood up and bent down so he could look her in the eyes. "Bella spent lots of time practicing when she was your age and you can do the same. You might even be better than Shortcake!" he said and kissed her on the tip of her nose before he looked at me.

His eyes swam with tears and I knew this was hard for him to watch too. "I am so sorry Bell," he quietly said and I shook my head at him and kissed his cheek. "None of that now Jasper. It was a long time ago. Let it go, okay?"

Everyone seemed to be a little emotional which I guess was understandable since they all knew what happened and everything. I squeezed Edward's knee and shifted Maddie so I could stand up and looked at everyone…my family in the room.

"Okay guys, enough with the long faces. Now, everyone needs to get to bed, we've got a long day tomorrow. Emmett, Dem, Seth and Jasper have promised quite the fireworks display, isn't that right Em?" I asked, knowing if anyone could lighten the mood it was him

"Damn straight Sweet B…me and fireworks, a match made in heaven," he grinned stupidly and clapped his hands which caused everyone in the room to groan.

Yep, he sure knew how to lighten everyone up…but then I shuddered as I imagined what tomorrow could bring.


I could hear Edward, Emmett, Rose, Alice and Jasper laughing as they sat outside on the deck when I walked into our bedroom. My stomach had the fluttery feeling in it when I thought about being alone with Edward in just a little bit. Today seemed to consist of hours and hours of foreplay and I would be a lying fool if I didn't admit that I was just ready to feel him inside of me.

"Holy shit Rosie!" Emmett bellowed as his voice carried up through the open windows in our room and I couldn't stop the smile I got when I thought about Emmett and Rosalie.

My god, they were absolutely fucking perfect for each other and I couldn't be any happier for two of my favorite people. Rose knew me better than almost anyone and there had never been anyone that would call me on my bullshit like Rosalie Whitlock. She was the queen bullshit detector and since we were five years old she had never let me get away with…anything. There were too many times to count when I wanted to knock her silly for her annoyingly bad habit of seeing right through me, but I had to be honest and say that if it hadn't been for her, I never would have made it through the early years of playing soccer.

I shouldn't have been surprised when Edward, Maddie and Masen announced that the evening's activity would include a trip down my memory lane in the form of my old soccer tapes. My first instinct had been to shake my head and say hell no, but one look at Maddie especially, and I couldn't do it. I knew how much she looked up to me and I believed it was really important for her to see me as I was when I first started and watch as I progressed. She was a very talented little girl, but until she believed it herself, she would always be the thing that held her back the most.

Hearing Edward whisper in my ear as he told me he was proud of me and watching Seth, Jasper and Rose as they relived those games again had me feeling on top of the damn world. I watched myself on the screen and smiled as I remembered what it felt like to run and kick and cut and score. I was even more amazed that I was happy remembering. There were plenty of bad times mixed in with the happy ones but I was finally in a place where those bad times didn't rule my life anymore.

Not since Edward Cullen and his WonderTwins came into my life anyway.

Jumping in the shower I let my thoughts turn from my past to my future. The future…that long, open expanse of time that I literally could fill any damn way I want…as long as Edward and the kids were by my side. While I went through the motions of washing my hair, I tried to picture what it was I wanted my future to entail. Being with Edward and the kids was a given so I tried to focus on what else I wanted. I knew I was done with being in the spotlight; that was a fucking given. And I also knew that as much as I loved living in the city, I was a small town girl at heart.

Edward had lived in New York City his whole life, save for the time he was away at college, and I had never asked him if staying in the City was something he really wanted to do. Maddie and Masen grew up in the city and even I had to admit they totally loved it. It was a great place to hang out and there was a ton to do, but I did not want to raise my family there.

After all this time, and really, it seemed like just yesterday that I met Edward, I did believe with all my heart that our future was with each other. There were decisions that needed to be made…and soon. For the life of me I couldn't tell you why I kept putting off making them, but I did. I wasn't scared to face my future at all. I had saved up almost every damn dime I'd made since signing my contract so that wasn't the problem either. Besides, Edward had so much money he could be my sugar daddy without even blinking.

A plan…we just needed a plan, and it was past time to make one too. But…not tonight. Tonight I was going to seduce the hell out of my man and then we were going to kiss and touch and lick and make love until neither of us could go on any longer. It wasn't like we hadn't had sex recently, hell it was less than eighteen hours ago, but I wanted him…desperately.

Maybe it was playing the games and acting like a real family…maybe it was all the sexy whispering we did…maybe it was seeing Edward all sexy and mouthwatering in a black wife beater…or maybe it was what happened before dinner?

Whatever the hell it was, my body was vibrating with need for him and if he didn't hurry the hell up I swore to myself I was going to spontaneously combust!

I dried my hair and put it up in a pony tail. I put Edward's favorite smelling lotion on and a little bit of lip gloss. I let the deep purple nightie I picked out to wear tonight slide down my body and pulled on the matching panties.

Walking around the room, I lit a few candles and then tried to decide between my iPod or Edward's. We liked much of the same music, but I had to admit his playlists were still better than mine. He'd been working on getting new stuff added to my iPod but Edward's taste in music was so vast and varied; his knowledge and appreciation of music made mine pale in comparison.

So, I set his on the docking station and then picked up my phone to send Edward a text to let him know to get his sexy ass up here. The kids had been in bed for awhile now and thanks to the afternoon of drinking done by everyone else in the house, everyone in our immediate vicinity was sound asleep already.

I stood by the open window, the cool night breeze gently blew the sheer curtains. It felt amazing as it cooled my skin that was still warm from the shower. I heard Edward move through the house and check the locks on all the doors and I smiled when I heard him stop at the kids' room and check on them as well. There truly was not a better father in the world than Edward Cullen.

Singing softly to Jason Mraz's Sleeping to Dream I didn't hear Edward come into the room until I heard the door quietly shut.

His eyes immediately found mine and they darkened as he pinned me with his gaze.

"Isabella, you looking fucking beautiful baby," he said in a deep, husky voice.

As he stared at me, his eyes completely devoured me. I felt beautiful and it made me want him even more.

I stared him straight in the eyes, the green never brighter or more mesmerizing, and said, "Thank you Edward. I've missed you while I've been up here all by myself." I walked towards him and ran my fingers up his chest and then around his body as I circled him.

The muscles on his arms flexed and jumped with each touch on my fingers and when I traced the outside of the sexy as hell black wife beater…and I should really make it a rule that Edward wear black at least once a week…and felt the skin of his back under my fingertips, I couldn't help the sigh that escaped my lips. I fucking loved touching him, feeling his skin respond to my touch was like nothing I'd ever felt before and I couldn't get enough of it.

Edward, from the soft whimpers of pleasure he let go every few seconds, seemed to have the same thoughts I did. There was something so incredibly…intimate about just touching one another and at times, it was like when I would touch him, my fingers said every damn thing I couldn't find the words to say.

I pressed my lips to his exposed shoulder blade and I smiled against his skin when I heard the low hiss of "Damn it Bella," when I flicked my tongue at his skin.

I giggled lightly and ghosted my fingers down over his sides and across his ass and pouted a bit when I realized he had way too many clothes on. I wanted to touch more of him, see more of him…feel more of him and I snaked my hand around his waist and unbuttoned his shorts.

My fingers pushed the button through the button hole and I lowered the zipper while Edward stood perfectly still and let me do as I wished. I pushed the shorts down his legs and they pooled at his feet. I don't know what it was, maybe I was so in love with Edward that all rational thought left my brain, but his feet were fucking sexy as hell….and I absolutely hated feet. Usually they grossed me the hell out but his…his were just as sexy as the rest of him.

Walking around to stand in front of him, I purposely let my fingers brush across the bulge that threatened to burst out of the confines of his boxer briefs.

Edward cursed softly and when I picked my head up to look him in the eyes, my breath left me as blazing green eyes bore into mine. "Bella if you don't fucking touch me I swear to Christ I am going to explode…or throw you down on the bed and fuck you until you see stars," he said in voice that was so tight with need and want I almost wanted to tell him to take me right then…but I didn't.

I had plans of my own and as much as I wanted Edward to fuck me…and hell fucking yeah I did…I gritted my teeth and beguilingly shook my head at him.

I pulled my bottom lip in my mouth and bit down on it and wrapped a piece of hair around my finger and looked up at Edward from beneath my eyelashes. "Little girl, you are really fucking pushing me," he ground out, his jaw tense and his fingers kept clenching and unfurling and his chest heaved as he breathed deeply in and out.

"Edward my love, you really need to stop calling me a little girl," I whispered to him and the proceeded to grip the waist band of his boxer briefs in my hands. "Because firstly, I can guarantee I am all woman," I huskily told him and bit the lobe of his ear not quite so gently. "And secondly, if I was a little girl, I certainly wouldn't do this," I dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled the boxer briefs down, his cock right in front of me. "Now would I?" I needlessly asked as I licked the tip of him.

Edward hissed and immediately his hands went in my hair as I licked him up one side and down the other. "Fuck Bella…shit," he panted in and out when I took him fully in my mouth.

I twirled my tongue around his cock and moved up and down over him, all the while looking up into his eyes. "I love the way you taste Edward," I said seductively as I lifted my mouth off him and gripped him in my hand. His cock pulsed when I wrapped my fingers around him and he was so damn hard…and big.

"I love the way you feel," I continued as I began to pump my hand back and forth. "I love it when you watch me take all of you inside of my mouth," I rasped out and lowered my head again and wrapped my lips around him once more.

"Bella, baby…my God what you do to me," Edward moaned and laid his hand on my cheek and rested his thumb along my jaw. "I've wanted you so badly all day angel…to feel your mouth and your hands on me," he softly said as he cupped the back of my head in his other hand and moved me at the pace he needed.

I scraped my teeth gently along his length causing him to hiss and wrap my hair tighter in his fingers. He was getting so close and I really couldn't decide what I wanted more, to feel him come in my mouth or inside of me. Edward apparently was having the same difficulty because he was so hard in my mouth and I could tell he was close to letting go.

"Bella, damn it," he growled. "That feels so fucking good," Edward hissed again as I nipped and bit and sucked at him more.

I pressed forward and took even more of him into my mouth and when I felt him hit the back of my throat I knew it would only be moments until he couldn't hold on any longer. I sucked harder, my tongue giving him the friction he needed and when I reached up and grabbed his ass to push him towards me even more and took him as deep as I possibly could, he released and the groan he let go of at the same time was so full of pleasure I felt it in my pussy.

"Oh God…yes, fuck…" Edward mindlessly rambled as I sucked and kept my mouth over him until he was completely spent.

I licked my lips while I looked up at him and again, my pussy throbbed in anticipation because he looked down at me like a predator who enjoyed taunting his meal before he consumed it.

And I wanted…needed to be consumed by him.

Wordlessly, he reached down and pulled me up so that I stood in front of him. He brought his hands up and with a touch that was so gentle and tender and was at such odds with the intense way his eyes bore into mine, he slipped the tiny straps of my nightie off my shoulders and followed it as it fell to my feet with his eyes.

When I stood before him in nothing but a pair of barely there panties he stared at me, and once again I felt as if everything around us faded away and there was nothing that existed but the two of us in that moment. "You are so damn beautiful Isabella. You are everything I ever dreamed of. Every hope, wish, prayer…desire…you embody all of it," he whispered reverently and I felt as if I was falling apart.

My body needed him, needed to feel his hands…tongue…cock. I wanted to feel all of him.

"Every fucking thing I have ever needed pales in comparison to the way I need you Bella," he said as he bent his head down and licked across my collar bones, pushing my hair back over my shoulders. He cupped my breasts in his large, warm hands and brushed the pads of his thumbs across my achingly hard nipples.

"Edward," I said on a long breath. "That feels so good."

He continued to work my nipples, rolling them gently and then more firmly between his fingers until just the slightest touch from him sent an ache so acute to my wet center I felt like I would come undone if he didn't touch me…there.

"Please Edward…I need," I began. "What, tell me what you need my love," Edward breathed against my neck, flicking his tongue against my pulse point.

I reached down and grabbed his hand and led him to where I wanted him the most. "Please touch me here," I whimpered and wrapped my hand around his neck and held on to him as I slid his hand over my stomach and to between my legs. "I want you so bad Edward," I desperately told him.

"Oh baby," he said darkly and chuckled lowly, "you have me. You always have me, always and forever, remember?" He pushed my panties down over my hips and they slid down my legs to the ground.

"Yes, I remember," I said and then when his finger slid over my clit and to my entrance I squeezed him harder around his neck.

"Relax angel," Edward whispered as he pushed a finger inside of me. "I'm going to make you come so hard Isabella," he said as he took the skin behind my ear between his teeth and bit gently and then immediately licked the spot to soothe the sting.

"For me baby, I want you to come for me," Edward said and his words made me clench around his fingers.

"Only for you Edward. I love you so much," I breathlessly murmured to him, the coil in my stomach tightened with every delicious movement of his fucking talented fingers.

"Damn straight only for me sweet girl. You are fucking mine baby…every piece of you belongs to me. Just as I am totally yours Isabella," he crooned in my ear and in a voice that was laced with his increasing need. "I love you Bella, so damn much it hurts sometimes."

I ground my pussy down on his hand, forcing his fingers even further inside of me, needing to come so badly. "Please Edward, I'm so close. Come…I need to come," I said as I threw my head back and his arm held me to him.

"Then let it go baby. Come for me Bella," he curled his fingers forward and pressed against that spot and his thumb pressed down on my clit…and I was fucking gone.

"Edward…oh god!" I tried to scream, but my breath caught in my throat when he lowered his head and took a hardened nipple into his mouth and bit down.

"That's it…God you feel so good coming on my fingers. Give it all to me Bella," Edward demanded huskily and I exploded again and this time I could feel the orgasm through my entire body.

The instant I was finished, he swept me up in his arms and carried me to the bed and laid me in the center of it.

Edward stood at the end of the bed and stared at me as I lay there. His eyes traveled the length of my body and I reveled in it, absorbed every bit of it. I absolutely fucking loved when he looked at me that way, like I was a prize and he couldn't figure out how he won me.

I stared back and marveled at him, his body. He was so fucking beautiful, perfect…and belonged solely to me and me alone. I knew there had been other women in his life before me, but I also knew they meant absolutely nothing to him. I never got a list of them all, and really there weren't that many. Their names and faces didn't matter to me in the least. I knew without a doubt, knew to the very depths of my soul that he had never…ever looked at any of them the way he looked at me. Like they were more important than the air he breathed, that his heart, mind, and body were so full of love for them he felt as if he were drowning at times. That was how he looked at me and if he ever stopped looking at me that way I swore I would die.

"I know Edward," I whispered softly to him because I felt it all the way he did. The need and the want and the overwhelming love that it threatened to crush you. I smiled when he raised his head to look at me again. "It's exactly the same for me." I scooted back on the bed and then opened my arms and…my legs and said, "Make me yours again Edward. Show me over and over. Please," I trailed off and the next words were cut off as he covered my body with his and pressed his mouth against mine.

"My Bella," Edward crooned as he dipped his head and licked up and down my neck and my legs wrapped around him. "My love, my life, my fucking everything," he breathed in my ear.

He shifted our bodies and lined his cock with my entrance and pushed inside of me. Edward held my head in his hands and his brilliant green eyes stared into mine. As soon as he was completely buried inside of me he pushed my hair back away from my forehead and said, "There it is. There's my look. I fucking love the look you get on your face Bella when I am inside of you. I dream of it, did you know that? I see it when I close my eyes, the way your eyes are so full of love for me, the way they show how much you need me."

His words, the way he spoke them with such intensity along with the way it felt as he moved in and out of me was almost more than I could handle, more than I was able to comprehend.

I raked my fingers down his back, my nails digging lightly into his skin. "Yes," he hissed out when I did it again. "Mark me baby, do it."

Edward bent his head down and sucked on the soft skin of my breast, and I could feel his teeth as he kept sucking. He was moving in long, deep strokes and my hips rose off the bed to meet his thrusts. My knees fell to my sides and the heels of my feet dug into his ass to push him in even deeper. I tipped my head up and my head thrashed back and forth across the pillow as he continued to take me higher and higher.

My nails made a path from his shoulder blades down to the small of his back and he growled in my ear. "That's it my Bella…feels so fucking good," he said through gritted teeth.

He reached down and curled his fingers over my hips, his thumbs pressing against the skin there as he held me in place while he sank deeper into me. "You feel so good around my cock baby, so tight and hot and…fuck you're so damn wet."

I threw my arms up over my head and grabbed onto the head board behind me and Edward let go with one of his hands and took both of my wrists in his hand. "Edward, I'm so close," I panted out as I arched my back off the bed.

He sat up a bit and moved our bodies so that my ass rested on his thighs and I was spread open in before him. Edward still held my wrists in his hand and with his other he ran his fingers down the side of my face and then down the side of my neck. He pressed a finger against the spot where my pulse beat rapidly.

Edward smirked at me, his body illuminated by the candles and the moonlight that flooded the room. "Is that because of me baby?" he asked and raised an eyebrow in question…even though he knew damn good and well it was.

I wanted to give him a smart ass answer but the way he was looking at me stopped me before I could even get a word out. Not to mention I could feel him grow impossibly harder inside of me and as he shifted just a bit, he twitched inside of me and I groaned out in both pleasure and frustration.

He had me teetering on the edge and he knew it too…smug fucker.

"Edward," I said through gritted teeth. "Please!" I begged and tried to move against him, but he held me still.

He shook his head at me and his fingers began to move again, over my collar bones and down my chest and in between my breasts. Edward circled each of my breasts, teasing me to the point of frustration before he chuckled at me and then pinched each of my nipples. Wordlessly he continued trailing his fingers until they circled around my navel and then over my hipbones.

"So perfect," he said reverently as he spread his hand out over the top of my pussy and covered my stomach. "So beautiful," he went on and stared into my eyes. "So fucking mine," he breathed out as he began to move inside of me again.

Both of us were covered in a light sheen of sweat and the cool air that blew through the room from the open window did little to cool either one of us. The connection between the two of us practically pulsed around our bodies and I could feel every fucking thing. The coarse hair of his thighs beneath my ass, the tensing of his muscles in his arms as he gripped my hip, the twitch of his fingers around my wrist…I felt it all. There were beads of sweat that dripped down his chest and I bit my lip as I watched it slowly move down towards where our bodies were joined.

"Christ, fucking look at you Bella," Edward moaned out as he rocked us back and forth. "All spread out for me. I wish you could see yourself, so fucking magnificent. And watching myself move in and out of you, there is nothing fucking hotter," he panted again as his rhythm increased.

"I can feel you getting closer, your pussy is positively twitching every time I move baby," he said and lowered his head to mine so he could kiss me again.

His tongue delved into my mouth and I met it willingly. Each of them curled and twirled around the other as our mouths made love the way our bodies were. I arched and pressed against him again, so fucking close now.

"That's it beautiful girl…come for me," he said in his deep velvety voice. "Let me have it Isabella, all of it."

He reached down and pressed his index finger against my clit at the same time as he bit down on my shoulder. "Now damn it Bella, come for me now," he commanded and I did as he asked and let go as the orgasm raced through my body, exploding in a white flash behind my eyes.

"God, oh Edward….yes," I mindlessly said, as my pussy clenched and shuddered around him.

"Don't close your eyes baby, look at me," Edward said and when my eyes found his he came right after me, our bodies taking from the other until we were both positively spent.

Edward kissed my temple, murmuring soft words in my ear and I ran my hands through his damp hair as our hearts tried to find their normal pattern and our breathing calmed down.

"Jesus I love you so fucking much," Edward laughed lightly in my ear after I scraped my nails along his scalp. "Good thing too because I'm not sure I can ever move from this spot. I hope you don't have to pee anytime soon baby," and he narrowed his eyes at me when I giggled at him.

"Speaking of, move it old man," I pushed on him.

Because, now that he mentioned it, I really had to pee.

"Fine," he mumbled and then rolled off me and onto his back. I bent down and kissed him tenderly on his lips and whispered, "I love you so much Edward. That was…" I took a deep breath as I felt tears in my eyes that I couldn't understand.

Edward smiled at me gently and wiped the corners of my eyes with his fingers and said, "I felt it too baby. Every time I make love to you I feel it Bella."

I nodded at him because I couldn't find the words to say anything else and slipped off the bed and went to the bathroom to pee and then clean up. When I opened the door and looked at the bed, Edward was sound asleep, breathing softly and he looked so at peace.

I moved around the room, blowing out the candles and made sure the bedroom door was locked. I switched the iPod to Edward's sleeping playlist and slid into bed and curled up beside him. I leaned over him and kissed his forehead before I pressed my lips against his and whispered my love to him. I reached down and pulled the sheet over us and laid my head on my spot on his shoulder and laid my hand over his heart.

I really couldn't wait for the time to come when I went to sleep every night for the rest of my life with him beside me.


I woke up the next morning to find myself in the position I always did when Edward slept next to me. His chest was pressed up against my back, his hand possessively held me to him and his cock pressed against my ass.

He was hard…as he always was in the morning.

"You know it's your own fault don't you?" Edward sleepily asked me after he kissed my shoulder.

I settled myself back against him and found a comfortable spot on the pillow. "What's my fault?" I asked but I was pretty sure I knew what his answer was going to be.

"If you weren't so fucking irresistible…not to mention the fact that you are completely and gloriously naked," Edward growled when I purposely moved my ass against him. "I wouldn't wake up this way."

Yep, that was the answer I was expecting.

He pulled me to him even more and then onto my back so he could get on top of me. His eyes were still sleepy but were so clear and bright in the early morning sun. His hair was a riotous mess on top of his head…not to mention the scruff along his jaw that fucking drove me mad with desire.

In a word….sexy as fucking hell and I couldn't help the flash of lust that spirited through my body when I felt his hard, smooth length press against my thigh.

"Bella, you can't look at me that way baby," Edward groaned as he ghosted his lips across mine for my first kiss of the day.

I bit my bottom lip and pouted and then looked at him. He closed his eyes and shook his head before he stared down into my eyes and said, "Evil woman. Your pout is fucking adorable by the way angel, but its not going to work this morning," he whispered as he bent his head forward and bit at my bottom lip until I released it from my teeth. "You have no idea how much I want you again Bella but we have to get up. Emmett wanted to go buy fireworks first thing this morning and you know the kids will be up as well."

"But Edward," I whined and then laughed at how much I sounded like Edward did when he wanted something…or me…and didn't get it.

"No fun is it baby?" he teased me and then waggled his eyebrows. "Maybe next time I want you and you tell me no, you'll remember this moment right here."

Edward kissed the tip of my nose and then rolled off the bed and stood up. "Now get that fine looking ass out of bed and go fix me some breakfast woman. I'm starved. Some insatiable, sexy as fuck goddess made me make love to her all night long and I worked up quite the appetite," he said sternly but then smirked at me when I narrowed my eyes at him.

"So I made you huh?" I taunted him as I pulled a clean pair of panties out of the drawer of the dresser and stepped into them.

He shrugged as he did the same thing as me and then said, "Well baby, you were the one that was in here smelling all mouthwatering and everything and then you were wearing that sexy as fuck purple thingy. What the hell did you expect me to do?"

I strutted over to him and stepped up on my tip toes and licked my way up the scruff of his jaw and said, "Well you did just call me a 'sexy as fuck goddess' so I suppose I'll let you slide this time Cullen."

Edward reached down and grabbed my ass in his hands and pulled me against him and huskily said, "Don't forget I also said you had a fine looking ass baby." He nuzzled against my neck for a moment before he pushed me away from him and walked towards the bathroom, swatting me on the ass as he passed me. "Now get me some food woman. Your man is hungry," and he winked at me as he shut the door to the bathroom.

Jackass, I mumbled to myself as I got dressed and walked down the stairs. Sexy as all get out, but jackass just the same.

Esme, Diane and Carmen were already up and in the kitchen and thankfully they had started the coffee already.

"Morning Bella dear," Esme said as she handed me a steaming mug of coffee with a kiss to the cheek. "I hope you don't mind that we started the coffee already."

Taking the first sip, I smiled as I inhaled the delicious aroma. "No Esme. Thanks so much," I said and walked to the fridge to pull out what I needed for breakfast.

"Can I help with anything?" Diane asked and I shook my head. "No thanks Aunt Di. I'm just making some French toast and bacon this morning. It won't take anytime at all."

She patted my hand and looked at me wistfully and said softly, "I can't tell you how much I love when you call me Aunt Diane."

To be honest, I didn't even realize I did it; it was just natural to call her that. "I've never had an aunt or uncle before you and Marcus," I told her honestly with a shrug of my shoulders. "My parents were both only children."

"Well, it makes me giddy with joy when you do it darling so don't stop, okay?" she asked and then winked at me as she walked off and upstairs to check on her husband.

"I am so glad we got to watch your tapes last night sweetheart," Esme said as she handed me the eggs to crack for the French toast mixture.

I smiled at her and nodded my head and said, "Me too. I had a feeling Edward and the kids would find those and want to watch."

"Was it very painful for you to watch those again?" Esme gently asked me.

I thought about it for a moment and smiled even bigger when I honestly answered her and said, "Not at all. I have a lot of really good memories from when I played. My dad loved to watch me play and I loved playing with Jas and the other guys."

Esme chuckled and then shook her head before she said, "Trust me dear. I'm very well aware of how much your father enjoyed watching you play. He was so proud of you Bella."

I swallowed thickly and closed my eyes for a moment before I looked at Esme and whispered, "I know he was. I just miss him so much."

"Of course you do. He would be so happy to see the beautiful, accomplished woman you've become Bella. I believe that with all my heart," Esme said and wiped the tear of my cheek that fell.

"I know it to little one," Carlisle said as he stepped beside me and kissed my temple. "He's always with you Bella, never forget that," he said gently and squeezed my shoulder before moving to fix his coffee.

"Bella!" Maddie and Masen hollered as they ran into the kitchen and I squatted down to hug them both, their little arms wrapping tightly around my neck.

"Morning my little munchkins. How about you guys find your stools and come help cook?" I kissed them each on the cheek before shooing them away so that I could stand up.

"Yep, he'd be so proud of you," Esme said and she patted my cheek before going to sit with Carlisle.

The kids and I got busy cooking and before long everyone else was up and ready to eat. "Sweet B! Smells good in here baby girl. I'm starved!" Emmett bellowed as he walked in the kitchen and ruffled the twins' hair and patted me on the head.

"She's not a damn puppy," Edward growled as he walked in the kitchen and I had to swallow a few times before I could even speak.

He was wearing a pair of white and green board shorts that hung low on his hips with a white tank top and holy hell he looked and smelled so good.

"Daddy, you owes us a dollars," Maddie giggled at him as she looked at me and then at Edward…who was staring at me.

Edward smirked at me and wiggled his eyebrows knowingly at me. Cocky ass knew exactly the reaction I would get to seeing him dressed like that!

"Sure thing princess," he giggled at her and kissed her on the cheek and then gave Masen one too. "Do you need any help Mads?" he asked as she tried to dip the bread into the egg mixture so we could put them on the griddle.

"Nope, I's got it," she said as she flopped the bread around in the liquid, sloshing some of it over the sides.

"Someone said they were hungry so shoo and let us cook old man," I told him and swatted his ass with the spatula as he walked past smelling entirely too enticing for so early in the morning.

He fixed a cup of coffee for himself and went to go sit with his parents and Emmett and when Jasper, Seth and Demetri made it down, they started making lists of what kinds of fireworks they wanted to get.

Jesus, I hoped they didn't set us all on fire…all of those men with things that caught on fire…so a disaster waiting to happen.

We finally got enough food made for breakfast…three loaves of bread worth, and we all filled up on French toast, bacon, fresh fruit and orange juice before everyone split up to get ready for the day.

"Baby," I said quietly to Edward while we were cleaning up the dishes. "Do you think you can take me, Maddie and Masen out on the boat for a bit today?" I asked him.

I knew Maddie was a little nervous to go out on the water but I thought if it was just the four of us, she would be more comfortable that way and I hadn't been out yet so I really wanted to go.

Edward looked at me, surprised, but extraordinarily happy at the same time. "Bella, that sounds great. Why don't you fix us some snacks and drinks and I'll go get a cooler for you and get the kids ready," he said excitedly.

I laughed at him, he was seriously so easy to please but I had to admit I was excited too. "Oh and baby, please wear the blue bikini with brown on it?" he pled sweetly and when I nodded in agreement it was met with a 'hell yeah!' and a fist pump.

"We'll take off in about thirty minutes, so hurry up beautiful," he giggled as he ran off.

"Bella, why in the hell did my brother go tearing out the back door and run to the shed like his ass was on fire?" Alice asked as she walked into the kitchen and sat at the island while I fixed some simple sandwiches and sliced some fruit for us to take on the boat.

I laughed and turned around to look at her. "I asked him if he would take the kids and I out on the lake for a bit and the man looked like I just promised him a blow job everyday and that he could eat ice cream for breakfast if he wanted to," I said as I rolled my eyes.

Alice snorted and nodded her head and said, "Well, he certainly looked excited. You guys will have fun."

"Have fun doing what?" Emmett asked as he plopped down next to his sister and reached for a sandwich.

I slapped his hand and put my hands on my hips and said, "Get your damn hands off Emmett. Those are for Edward, the kids and me."

"For what, where are you going?" he asked and looked at Alice and then me.

I shook my head at him and finished making the sandwiches and grabbed some chips out of the pantry and set them on the island. "I just got done telling your sister, Edward, the kids and I are going out on the boat for a little bit."

"Sweet, let me get my suit on and I'll come with," he said as he stood up.

"Um…Emmett," I started to say but was saved when Edward walked back in carrying a cooler, "No can do big brother. I'm taking my family out on the boat, no one else. You guys can get on the Jet Ski's or the four wheelers but Bella and I are taking the kids, no one else."

"But why can't I come?" Emmett asked and I really felt bad…for a moment but then I remembered something.

I smiled at Emmett and said, "Hey Em. There is a picnic on the other side of the lake…hot dogs, curly fries, watermelon seed spitting contests, games…all kinds of stuff. Why don't you get Rose to take you guys to that while we're out on the lake? And then, on your way back you all can buy the fireworks for later."

He looked at me and then a huge smile spread across his face and he clapped his hands together and said, "Sounds like a plan. Short shit, you go tell the women and I'll go tell the guys and we'll meet here in thirty minutes to get ready to go. No complaining about choice of fireworks B if you and Ed are leaving it up to us," he warned me.

I shuddered when I thought about the possibilities and said a quick, silent prayer to up above that some one…Carlisle maybe?...would be smart enough to intervene if the guys went overboard. But then I pictured Marcus' and Carlisle's faces when they got on the four wheelers and realized we were all doomed.

But, what the hell? It was a holiday, so why the hell not?

One look at Edward and he knew exactly what I was thinking but he shrugged his shoulders at me, having come to the same conclusion. "We trust you Em. Just remember if you idiots set my house on fire, we won't have anywhere to come and play at so keep that in mind," I told him with a kiss to his cheek. "Oh, and make sure you get some sparklers for the kids, too."

We spent a very enjoyable couple of hours out on the water. Edward even managed to find a small cove for us to swim in and have a picnic. Poor Masen couldn't swim, but after Edward delivered him and Rufus to the shore, Masen happily looked for rocks while we played in the water. Maddie was a bit anxious when we first started but after a few minutes relaxed completely and when Edward took us to a section of the lake that wasn't crowded with people, he even let each of the kids take a turn steering the boat…under his intense supervision of course.

It was a wonderful afternoon and just gave me one more reminder…as if one was necessary…of why I wanted to share my life with three such amazing people. Edward had given me a family, a large, loud but loving family and I couldn't be more grateful if I tried.

By the time we made it back to the dock in front of the house, it was late afternoon and it was almost time for dinner and then fireworks. The kids went to take a short nap, being in the sun and the water all day wore them out and when I had grabbed the extra blankets to use when we watched the fireworks show, Emmett and the rest of the family came home…carrying pizza, beer…and bags upon bags of fireworks.

Holy hell, the man was surely going to set something on fire!

After more pizza than I had ever seen in my life was devoured, we all settled in to watch both displays. I watched in amusement as Seth and Jasper carried their 'special' table out of the garage and to the back yard.

"What in the hell is that?" Edward chuckled in my ear as we sat on the blankets on the ground. "Oh Christ," I laughed as the guys set the table down.

"That, my love is their 'apparatus' as they like to call it," I told him as I turned to look at him, giving him the air quotes around the word apparatus. "When we were here last year, Jas and Seth decided to try to make their own launching pad for the fireworks, and that," I shook my head as I pointed to it, "was their masterpiece."

"Oh shit," he laughed as he bent his head down on my shoulder.

"Pray for us all," I told him sincerely.

The table had tubes of different lengths attached to it so that they could shoot the fireworks up in the air…and shoot off more than one at a time. I had to admit it had worked pretty damn good but adding Emmett and Demetri to the mix made me more than a little nervous.

"Show time everyone!" Emmett shouted gleefully once the table was set up in the yard and they had their fireworks laid out.

There were loud cracks and booms all around the lake as everyone who had homes here started shooting their own fireworks before the big show was to start at about nine thirty. Thirty minutes, I told myself. Hopefully Emmett and the rest could last thirty minutes without casualty or destroying my house.

The guys started kind of tame and for that I was grateful. Maddie, Masen and Rufus were all sitting on the blanket with Edward and I and I couldn't help but smile at their cute little faces as they watched the sky light up with streaks of red, blue, green and purple. They would hold their little hands over their ears when the fireworks would first get shot off, but after a time, they got used to the noise.

I looked up to see Edward watching me and he bent his head down to my ear and whispered, "This is the best fourth of July I have ever spent Bella. I love you so much."

I laid my head on his shoulder and watched in amazement as Emmett, Jasper, Seth and Demetri put on a fireworks display that would put many others to shame. I didn't even want to think about how much money they spent, but figured it was all worth it in the end as I looked around at everyone enjoying the evening.

I couldn't remember the last time I had enjoyed a holiday so much and it only made me look forward to the future that much more. Thanksgiving and Christmas would be here before we knew it and I couldn't stop the fluttering in my tummy or the smile that spread across my face as I envisioned what it would be like to spend them both with everyone.

"What's got you smiling like that baby?" Edward murmured in my ear and I looked up at him and kissed the side of his cheek and leaned into him and said, "Just thinking about the future Edward."

"Mmmm, I like the sound of that Bella," he sweetly said back.

Our tender moment was interrupted by shouts of "Oh shit! Look out!" and I whipped my head around in time to see the guys running from the table.

The damn idiots had put the next fireworks in the tubes upside down and they were exploding inside of the tubes, causing lots of noise and even more smoke.

"Bella!" Maddie cried as she held her hands over her ears and crawled to me where I wrapped her in my arms and shielded her until it was over.

I glared at the four fools but was met with shrugged shoulders and an "Oops" from Seth. They tried again and this time managed to get them set off without incident.

They managed a few more rounds before the next mishap and this time I couldn't help but laugh. Emmett thought he would be smart and set one off from the ground. He forgot about the heat from the end and let it go prematurely where it promptly shot off to the side. It landed on the grass…where it started a small fire that was put out quickly by the fire extinguisher that I made sure Carlisle had close by.

I had a feeling we would need it!

"Good thinking baby," Edward smiled at me as we watched Emmett and the rest of the guys jump around the fire as they all pointed fingers at Emmett for causing it in the first place.

They managed to finish up without causing any more damage and after Maddie and Masen were done with their sparklers, it was time for the big show to begin.

Beneath the bright lights of the fireworks and wrapped in Edward's arms with Maddie and Masen curled up on our laps, I couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

Edward and I had some plans to make about our future, but I knew with absolute certainty, that whatever we decided, we'd all be together.


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