The Path We Choose

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chapter 26


"I couldn't bear to leave you my love, and now, I am going to make love to you all night long," I told her as I laid her on the bed.

I wanted this to be loving and gentle but the need for her that currently coursed through my body was making that very difficult. I crawled my way up her body and roughly kissed her, as I let my need for her overtake all my thoughts of being slow and sweet.

My tongue forced its way into her mouth and I wrapped her hair around my fingers and pulled her closer to me. My knee was pressed between her legs and I felt her as she began to arch her body and angled her pussy against it.

"Bella, fuck baby….oh…god that feels so good," I groaned out to her as the tip of my hardened cock brushed against her.

Slipping a hand under the bottom of the t-shirt that already rode up and exposed her taut stomach; I laid my hand in the middle of her chest and rested it there for a moment so that I could look at her.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered as I bent my head down and attacked the side of her neck again, her hair tickled my nose.

Jesus she smelled so good, always so fucking good. Her scent filled my mind when we were apart and I craved it like nothing else until we were together again. I was going to have to let her sleep on my pillow or some shit like that so I could at least fall asleep at night with her smell around me.

My teeth bit lightly into the soft skin behind her ear and I had to stop myself from staying in one spot too long, however the urge to leave a mark on her was extremely strong.

I knew we were going to have to spend days apart starting tomorrow, knew that people…men…would look at her as she got her picture taken or made an appearance at some event or another and I wanted everyone to know who the fuck she belonged to.

She wasn't a piece of property, I wasn't caveman enough not to acknowledge that, but bloody hell, she was…mine.

Any tiny, insignificant reservation I might have hung on to before I spent the best six days of my life with her was completely gone now.

Isabella Marie Swan was going to be a Cullen someday, and the sooner the better in my book.

"I love you, Isabella," I murmured to her as my hand covered her breast. I slipped it underneath the fabric of her bra and felt her nipple pebble beneath my palm. I brushed over the tip with my thumb and the moan of pleasure that escaped from her lips caused my dick to twitch in my cargo shorts.

I nudged the material of her shirt down with my nose and licked and bit my way down the side of her neck and across the top of her shoulder.

She always tasted as good as she smelled. It didn't matter what she had been doing…cooking, running, sleeping, but her skin always had a distinctly Bella taste to it.

I had her nipple between my thumb and index finger and I rolled it between my fingers and pinched her gently.

"Edward…oh yes baby…feels good," she mumbled as she moved her head back and forth.

Her eyes were closed and I was having none of that.

I raised my head away from her and commanded quietly, "Bella, look at me. Let me see your eyes, angel."

The gorgeous brown eyes that had the ability to see straight into my soul found mine and I let a rumble roll deep inside my chest. They were hooded in lust and I could tell she needed me as much as I needed her right now.

"My Bella…mmmm…the things I want to do to you," I groaned to her as I licked my lips and stared into her eyes.

I was completely pressed against her now, and our bodies moved against the other which allowed the friction to increase to delicious, aching level.

"Edward," she said on a sigh as her knees went to her side which let me push against her even harder.

My cock felt like it was going to go straight through the material of my shorts and I could feel how warm and wet she was through her shorts as well.

I ran my hands up her calf and then twisted my hands around so that they were on the top of her thighs. Her legs were fucking amazing, toned and muscular and they now had a slight tan to them from being in the sun at the lake. I loved her legs…mostly I loved when they were wrapped around me, but I loved them all the time just the same.

The thumbs of each of my hands stretched out and I purposely brushed her clit through her panties with each one and when her body arched off the bed and she moaned huskily, I could have fucked her right then…but I wanted to enjoy her body for much longer than this.

I knew I was being greedy…and a bit irrational in thinking that I had to have her over and over again tonight to try to satiate myself enough until the next time. Not knowing when the next time would be was the cause of the unease I was feeling right now and I knew it.

My thumbs kept up their incessant teasing and I watched Bella's breathing get deeper, faster with each pass of my thumb.

"Touch me Edward…for God's sake, please…stop fucking teasing me and touch me," she growled at me as I pressed down on her clit.

"If I touch you my Bella, will you come for me?" I said in a low, gritty voice.

I wanted it, needed it desperately…needed to watch her come under my hand.

Bella nodded her head at me and threw her head back against the pillow as I circled her clit again and this time let my fingers lightly graze her entrance.

I slipped my hand inside her panties and Jesus, she was so fucking wet.

My index finger ran up and down her folds, collecting the wetness as I went. I shamelessly removed my hand from her panties and brought my finger to my lips and waited until she looked up at me. Bella's eyes glazed over as she watched me lick her juices off my finger.

"Oh god…that's so fucking hot…" she breathed out and bit her bottom lip.

I shook my head at her and bent my head down to whisper in her ear, "Uh uh little girl, you know that bottom lip belongs to me. Now let go of it and let me have it," and then I gently bit her ear lobe.

When Bella gasped, I chuckled to myself before I took the lip I wanted between my teeth and then traced it with my tongue. I began to push her shorts and panties down her legs; I needed to see her, all of her.

She wiggled her hips until I could get them from around her waist and I sat up to push them the rest of the way off. As I did that Bella ripped her shirt off her head and threw it to the side. She reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra and slipped the straps down her arms and she threw that in the same direction. And then, fucking then, she was naked in bed and waiting for me.

I hardened even more as I stood there and took her in, my eyes traveled from her head to her cute little pink polished toes. Her chest was flushed as were her cheeks, her hair was a wild mess from her rubbing against her pillow, her fingers gripped the blanket beside her…and she was fucking exquisite.


"Isabella," I breathed out in a voice I barely recognized as my own.

I had made love to her before, we had fucked before as well, but this…this was about claiming her and I had no qualms about it either. I had to share her with the world for three more months, had to share her with Jasper, Rose and Seth, hell I even had to share with my family, Uncle Marcus included and even our friends.

But here…in this bed, I didn't, and I was going to be as selfish as I wanted, no, needed to be.

Pulling my shirt over my head, I threw it down beside the bed, unbuttoned my shorts and pushed down the zipper; I let my shorts form a pool at my feet. I stepped out of my shoes and stood before her in just my underwear, my hard erection on prominent display. I smirked widely when I watched Bella's eyes focus on me and when she took a breath and licked her bottom lip, my cock twitched almost violently inside the confines of my boxer briefs.

I let my hand ghost over my stomach and I palmed my cock in my hand and stared straight into her eyes, neither of us able to move and our breathing the only sounds in the room.

"Do you want me Bella? Do you want me as much as I fucking want you…as much as I need you?" I rasped to her, my voice tense with my quickly overwhelming urge to claim her.

"Edward, please…oh God please," Bella begged from the bed, her thighs squeezed together and her chest heaved deeply in and out.

I stroked myself through the material of my boxers and felt the wetness seep out from the tip of my cock and I hissed when my thumb grazed it. "Please what Bella? What do you want?"

Bella looked at me, her eyes wide and dilated. She breathed deeply through her nose and she looked like a tiger waiting to spring from a cage…and I wanted her.

Jesus Christ I wanted her so bad my body vibrated with a need so crushing I felt like I was about to buckle from the pressure of holding back. But I wanted her to say it, tell me what she wanted.

"Take me Edward….fucking take me and make me yours," she panted out, her legs widened on the bed so that I could see all of her.

"Bella…fuck," I moaned as I pushed my boxers down.

I crawled onto the bed; my tongue trailed a line of kisses and licks up her legs. I stopped at the inside of her thighs and sucked gently on the tender skin there and I could smell her arousal which caused my erection to grow even harder.

"Mmmm, my little insatiable one, you smell so fucking delicious and I bet you taste even better," I breathed out and chuckled darkly as I watched her body tremble as my warm breath floated across her soaking wet pussy.

I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue and Bella immediately arched her back off the bed. I fucking loved when she did that shit. As I circled the tiny bundle of nerves and pushed two fingers inside of her, I felt her muscles tense around them. I knew she was so close already; my teasing from earlier had done its job beautifully.

"Oh God Edward…yes…so good," she mumbled almost incoherently.

I curled my fingers forward and pressed on the spot I knew would make her explode, and explode she did. I didn't stop with either my fingers or my tongue until I knew her orgasm had finished.

"That's my girl," I murmured to her before I pulled my fingers from her.

As soon as she was done I slithered up her body and paused only long enough to take one then the other nipple into my mouth and bit her gently and then soothed each hardened nub with my tongue.

I continued my ascent until I reached her sexy as fuck collar bones and had to stop to taste her skin there as well. I was quickly losing control of all rational thought and the only thing I wanted…needed was to be buried deep inside of her. I positioned myself between her legs and as she adjusted her body to accommodate mine, I slid inside of her.

"Holy fuck…Jesus Bella…I can't even explain how fucking good you feel!" I panted out as I began to move inside of her.

"Edward, yes…oh God yes…baby…" she sobbed out as her legs gripped me even tighter than they already were, her pussy clenched just as tight around my cock inside of her.

I bent my head down and kissed her neck behind her ear and moaned deeply into her ear, "Say my name again, Bella. Beg me…let me hear it."

Bella plunged her hands into my hair and gripped it tightly between her fingers and focused her eyes completely on mine as she said in a voice so rough with need I could almost feel it, "Fuck me Edward…make me come, please?"

"Mine Isabella, you are fucking mine," I grunted as I dove deeper inside of her and felt her walls squeeze me.

She still looked in my eyes, and whispered, barely able to force the words out, "Yours, Edward…only and always yours."

That did it, hearing her say she was mine and as I felt her let go, I followed along right behind.

"Yes Bella…oh God baby," I roared as she milked every drop out of me.

I collapsed on top of her and rested my nose against her shoulder as she ran her hands up and down my back.

She turned her head towards me and kissed the side of my head and whispered very softly, "I love you Edward, so much."

"Love you too, baby," I moaned back to her. "I hope you don't need to get up anytime soon, I don't think I can move."

Bella giggled and I felt it all throughout my body…including the part that was still inside of her. "Fuck Bella, you can't do that to me already. I'm an old man you know."

She pushed up on me and managed to roll us over and kept our bodies close to each other. Bella bent down and kissed my chest, her hair fell all around us. "Edward, you are so far from old, it's not even funny."

I sat up and wrapped my arms around her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I bent my head down and traced my tongue over the tops of her breasts and cupped both of them in my hands, and purposely brushed her nipples with my knuckles.

Bella groaned and not surprisingly, I found myself getting hard again. "Hmmm, maybe you're right sweet girl, considering I want you again…now," I seductively told her as I gripped her hips and lifted her up only to watch her lower herself on me.

"Jesus fucking Christ," I moaned as I felt her surround me.

"Holy shit Edward, God that feels so good baby," Bella cried out as she tugged on my hair.

"Move on me Bella, ride me," I panted out as she took me in deeper than I had ever felt her before.

I watched as my cock went in and out of her and damn if it wasn't the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my fucking life.

Bella's hands cupped the back of my head and she stared into my eyes as she continued to fuck me. "I'm so close already Edward…you feel so good inside me."

I wrapped her hair around my hand and pulled her mouth down to mine and matched my tongues motion with each thrust I took. "Come then baby, let me feel you come all over me…now Bella," I hissed as I thrust almost violently into her.

Her legs tightened around me and I felt her clench my cock deep inside of her and I watched as she completely fell apart above me. Bella threw her head back and her hair brushed the tops of my thighs.

Fucking hell…she was so magnificent.

I came immediately afterward, shuddering with the force of my orgasm.

We sat there for indeterminate amount of time before either of us attempted to move. I wordlessly got up and carried her to the bathroom and into the shower where I lovingly and gently washed every inch of her glorious body.

Afterward, we went to the kitchen and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since Bella had been gone for almost two weeks and hadn't been to the grocery store yet.

We talked quietly, never straying farther than a few inches from the other while we ate and then cleaned up the kitchen. Bella held her hand out to mine and I took it as I allowed her to lead me back to bed…where we continued to gorge ourselves on each others bodies long into the early morning hours.


I woke up to the annoying sound of my cell phone buzzing on the nightstand and tried, unsuccessfully, to reach it before it woke Bella up.

She groaned and buried her nose into my side and her hand tensed where it was on my chest, in the same spot it was just a few short hours ago after we finally managed to stop ravaging each other long enough to fall asleep.

I felt sore in spots I didn't even know I had but it was so fucking worth it. I felt like I might…maybe…be able to walk out the door in a few minutes and go home. I went over my schedule in my mind; I had checked it on my phone yesterday while I was driving home. I knew I had appointments for most of the day, pretty much back to back so seeing Bella for lunch was going to definitely be out. Besides, in my haste, or uncontrollable lust as the case was, I didn't have time to ask her what she needed to do today, but I did know that a trip to Volturi was certainly on her agenda.

Reaching the hand that wasn't holding Bella up, I ran my fingers through my hair and then pinched the bridge of my nose. I really did not want to get out of bed, but I steeled my self as I turned and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

"Baby, I need to get up and get going," I whispered to her, feeling my heart clench when her fingers dug into the skin on my chest.

Her eyelashes brushed the skin on my side so I knew she was awake. "Okay," Bella said in a small, quiet voice.

Jesus she was killing me, but I knew this wasn't any easier for her either.

"Look at me angel," I gently asked her and I waited until I heard her take a deep breath and lifted her eyes to mine.

They sparkled in the early morning light, but mostly from the tears that she held in that hadn't fallen yet.

"Oh Bella, come here," I earnestly requested and she immediately complied.

I sat up in the bed and rested my back against the headboard and pulled her up on my lap where she fit perfectly. I ran my hands up and down her back and brushed her hair back behind her ear. Bending my head down, I pressed kiss after kiss onto the top of her head as we swayed back and forth.

"It will be okay Bella, it really will," I told her gently as I placed my palm on the side of her face.

She closed her eyes for a moment and let herself lean against my hand and then she opened her eyes and gave me a tender smile, "I know it will, Edward. It just sucks so bad. I know I am overreacting to all of this so thank you for not making me feel like a spoiled little girl throwing a temper tantrum."

I grinned at her then, knowing it would make her smile and I felt better when a small, but genuine one appeared on her face. "Wait until you see Maddie throw one baby, you'll be shocked."

Bella raised her eyebrows in surprise at me and I nodded and kissed the tip of her nose. "Yes, Bella, Madeline Grace can throw a temper tantrum with the best of them. Trust me; you have nothing to worry about!"

"But to get back on the subject at hand, it's just going to take some time Bella. We'll figure it out as we go along, my love," I told her as I mentally told myself the same thing.

It was going to suck major ass to be apart for days at a time, sending only text messages and emails and only being able to talk on the phone, but we would manage.

"I love you Edward," Bella quietly told me as she pressed her palm over my heart.

I turned her around so she straddled my lap and placed my hands on the side of her face and pulled her towards me, "As I love you my sweet girl," and placed a soft, but very passionate kiss on her lips.

When we had to each take a breath, I leaned back and rested my forehead against hers and told her, "Bella, baby, I really need to get going. I have patients to see in less than two hours and I want to see Maddie and Masen for a bit before I have to go."

She silently nodded her head at me and slipped off the bed. She bent down and picked up the t-shirt I wore yesterday and pulled it over her head and when she flipped her hair out from underneath it, I groaned softly…but apparently not quiet enough.

"What's the matter Edward; do you not want me to wear your shirt?" she teased me with a quirk of her eyebrow and her hand on her hip.

She was adorable all rumpled and with her hair a tangled mess in the morning…it was one of my favorite ways to see her. She was unbelievably gorgeous when she was all dressed up, or when she was dressed period…but when she was natural like she was in the morning, well, there wasn't anything better.

"If I could always keep you looking like that, I would be a very happy man, you little vixen…and you know that, too. You're just trying to make it hard on me to leave, that's all," I told her as I narrowed my eyes at her.

Bella walked forward and placed a knee on the edge of the bed and stretched across to kiss me quickly on the lips and as she brushed hers against mine, she purred, "Well, I am trying to make something hard, that's for sure."

I threw my head back against the headboard and squeezed my eyes shut and when I heard her giggle I tried to give her a dirty look but failed entirely when she smiled at me and her eyes were shining with love and happiness.

"You are seriously going to be the death of me little girl, I'm just warning you, if you don't knock that shit off," I growled at her as I lunged for her.

Bella was surprisingly quick for so early in the morning and slipped out of my grasp and with another chuckle at me, she looked at me and said, "Get up old man; it's time to go to work."

"Trying to get rid of me, Swan?" I asked as I stood up.

I smirked when her eyes immediately went to my crotch since I was still naked. "Jesus Edward, please get dressed…like now…before I find a way to keep you in this bedroom all fucking day," Bella huffed at me as she walked into the bathroom.

I heard the water start running and knew she was brushing her teeth so I did as she asked and grabbed my boxers from yesterday and pulled them on and after I found a shirt in my bag, I put that and my cargo shorts back on, too.

Walking to the bathroom, I had a thought, and I leaned against the door jam with my arms and ankles crossed as I waited for Bella to finish brushing her hair and washing her hands.

She noticed me watching her in the mirror and when our eyes met, hers softened immediately and I lost myself in the brown depths. Jesus Christ she was so beautiful. I know I say that all the damn time, but she truly is spectacular.

"What?" she asked with a smile in her voice.

I shook my head and softly answered back, "Nothing, just you. You are beautiful."

We stared at one another for a time, totally absorbed in the moment of just…being.

"Hey, I had a thought right before I came in here," I suddenly said, breaking the spell we were just in.

Bella rested her hip against the counter and looked at me while I just stood there staring at her sexy as fuck legs, "Well?" she questioned and I had the presence of mind to at least look a little sheepish when she rolled her eyes at me.

"I can't help it baby, I was remembering what it was like to have those sexy legs wrapped around me as I fucked you just a few short hours ago." She gasped and I chuckled, I really loved when she did that.

She was sex personified, and talking dirty to her turned her the fuck on.

"Smug, sexy jackass," I heard her mumble under her breath as she turned to the mirror and put her hair up in a ponytail.

Her neck was exposed and right at that moment I wanted nothing more than to bite it, to sink my teeth into the tender flesh by her ear.

Shit, what the hell was wrong with me? I'm not a fucking vampire or anything.

I shook my head and tried to focus on what I wanted to tell her. "Baby, do you think I should leave my clothes here? I mean…well I hope at least…what I meant was…" I stammered out.

Christ almighty, I sounded like a thirteen year old asking out a girl on the first date.

Bella giggled at me and I took a deep breath and ducked my head and then picked my head back up again when she gently said, "Edward, I think that's a great idea. I was going to suggest it anyway."

Thank fucking God, I felt like a damn idiot!

"Really?" I squeaked out and tried not to let how happy that made me turn me into a complete fool.

She nodded her head at me and whispered, "Really."

"Okay then, good. I'll just leave my bags here and not have to mess with taking them back to Ma and Pop's," I told her with a nod of my head.

I couldn't call it home anymore, home was wherever Bella was.

Looking down at my watch I heaved a great big sigh, I really had to get going if I was going to spend any time at all with the kids before I had to leave for the office .

I held my hand out to her and said, "Come walk me to the door angel, I really have to get out of here and head home."

Bella took my hand and wove our fingers together and allowed me to walk her to the front door.

I stopped at the door and tried to keep from sweeping her up in my arms and taking her back to the bedroom. I knew I had to open that door and walk out, but I sure as hell didn't want to.

Bella was looking down at the floor and she was breathing heavily. Christ, she was killing me. I knew she didn't want me to leave any more than I wanted to go, but we both knew where we stood with each other and that we were moving forward.

I placed a finger underneath her chin and tipped her head up to look at me, my heart shattered into a million tiny pieces when I saw the tears that had pooled in her eyes.

"Baby, it'll be okay. It's only for a few days. Maybe when you meet with Angela today we can find a time so we can meet for lunch or I can take you out to dinner? We'll figure it out as we go along Bella, I promise you," I softly told her as I pulled her towards me.

She wrapped her tiny arms around me and hung on like she was afraid I would disappear. I kissed the top of her head and took one more chance to inhale and keep her scent with me.

We really acted like two melodramatic fools right now, but I didn't care. The thought of it being days until I could touch her, kiss her…hold her was almost enough to bring me to my knees but I knew if I didn't leave right then, I never would.

I gently pushed her away from me and bent down to kiss her. I slowly placed my lips over hers and kissed her, trying to let her know without saying it that I was leaving a piece of myself with her. I finished the kiss with a peck on the lips and then a long, lingering one on her forehead.

"I love you Bella, so very much. Call me later, okay? I can't go too long without hearing your voice," I softly told her as I opened the door.

She looked at me then, her eyes telling me so much and I smiled when she squared her shoulders and then she smiled at me. My Bella…always so fucking strong.

"Love you too, Edward. I'll call you after my meeting and let you know what's going on. Give Maddie and Masen a kiss for me, too, and tell them I'll talk to them before bed," Bella quietly said.

"I will beautiful, you have a good day. Be safe," I whispered to her as I kissed the side of her head one more time before walking into the hallway and pushed the button for the elevator.

When the doors opened I looked back at Bella, the love of my life, and mouthed I love you one more time, my legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds each when she lifted her fingers to her lips and blew me a kiss before turning to walk back inside.

I stepped into the elevator and as the doors closed I slumped down against them.

How the hell were we going to manage when I felt like my world was crashing down around me just at the thought of leaving her here…alone?

I don't know how I managed to find a taxi, I barely remember flagging one down and giving him the address for mom and dad's.

My head rested against the window and I rubbed my chest, right over my breaking heart, and went over the last thought I had over and over again in my mind.

Alone…I left Bella there alone. I knew Seth and Jasper were in the building and that helped minimally, but she still was going to wake up and go to bed in an empty house. I would be sleeping alone, but I had my family to talk to, to spend time with and she had no one.

God damn it!

How could I have not thought of that before now?

It really took everything I had to not tell the cab driver to turn around so I could go back to her, but I was home before I knew it. I paid him and got out of the car and dragged myself through the front door and up the stairs to my room.

I knew the kids would be up any minute now so I rushed through my shower and got dressed so I could meet them downstairs and have breakfast with them.

Bella was my life now, but Maddie and Masen were still my number one priority and they always would be. It had just been the three of us for seven years; it was going to be an adjustment with Bella in our lives now. Balance…this whole thing was going to be a lesson in balance. I wanted to spend every moment of every day with her, but knew that it was impossible to do so. And, I would never, ever let Maddie and Masen think they were less important to me now that there was Bella.

I had just turned the coffee pot on when I felt two little arms wrap around my waist and I looked down and smiled when I saw Maddie's wild hair.

Picking her up, and man she was getting too big for that, especially after a long night with my little vixen, I kissed her soundly on the cheek and when she giggled I tickled her tummy.

"Morning baby girl, were you happy to sleep in your own bed?" I asked her as I got a bowl out of the cabinet for her cereal.

She shook her head and stuck her bottom lip out adorably. She definitely had the Cullen pout down to a science and I cringed at the thought of her using it on me when she hit her teenage years. There was no telling what I would give in to when the time came!

I poured her Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the bowl and did the milk, too, and when she took a bite I asked, "What was the matter princess? Didn't you sleep well?"

Maddie stilled her spoon as she started to take a bite and said quietly, "I miss Bella."

Talk about a sucker punch to the gut…damn.

"I know you do Mad, but she has to work this week and so do I. Going to Lake George was a lot of fun, but that was vacation sweetheart," I told her softly.

"Will we be able to see her soon?" she asked me as she drank her juice.

I got up to get Masen's bowl because I heard him stirring upstairs and knew he'd be down in a minute.

Just as I turned around to answer her, Masen flopped himself in his seat and was followed into the kitchen by my parents.

I kissed Masen on the head and placed the bowl in front of him and got his juice while he poured his cereal. He did manage to make most of it in the bowl this time, only spilling some for a change.

"Morning son," Ma said as she kissed me on the cheek once I sat down.

"How is Bella, Edward?" Carlisle asked me as he took a sip of his coffee, a smirk appeared over the top of his mug.

I rolled my eyes at him when the kids weren't looking, I knew perfectly well what he had implied, and he knew I knew, too, smart ass old man.

"She's good," I said when Masen caught my eye.

"Daddy," Maddie said as she caught me when I stared off into space thinking about last night with Bella. "You never answered my question."

I shook my head much to the amusement of Carlisle, who snorted at me; I looked at Maddie and told her, "I hope so Maddie. Bella is going to let me know what her schedule is, but she did tell me to let you know she would call before bed tonight, just like always, ok?"

"But I wanna see Bella," Masen piped up and interjected.

I sighed and ran my hands through my hair before I looked at each one of them. "Listen, you two. I know you had a lot of fun with Bella over the weekend, and I am really happy about that. But, she has a job that takes up a lot of her time so she'll busy and may not be able to see us very much. When I talk to her later, I will see what we can work out, okay?"

"Her job is dumb," Masen grumbled. "Bella should just stay here with us."

Maddie hopped down from her chair and said, "Come on Mase, let's go draw some pictures for Bella."

I let myself rest against the back of my chair for moment after they walked out of the room. This was going to be much harder than I thought…for all of us it seemed like.

"Edward," Esme said quietly to me. I left my head resting against the back of the chair, but turned it to look at her, "Do you have any idea what you are going to do now?"

I shook my head at her and waited a beat or two before I answered her. "No Mama, we don't. I know that I love her with all I have and I know that I want to spend forever with her. We had a really good talk about everything in the car on the way home yesterday and got a lot of things out in the open. She even mentioned Pop and a talk he had with her?" I said as I raised my eyebrow in his direction.

"Can you tell me what you told her? I don't want you to break any confidences or anything, but I'd like to know," I said quietly.

"Of course I can tell you Edward. I just let her know that Charlie's death was not her fault…at all. He was so far gone by the time I got there that short of keeping him comfortable there was next to nothing that could have been done for him. We also discussed his possible motives for wanting to try to bone marrow transplant. But most importantly, I told her that I believed wholeheartedly that she was destined to be a part of this family…Jasper, Rose and Seth as well, but her most importantly. Oh…I also told her that I wouldn't hesitate to kick your ass if you step out of line with her." Carlisle chuckled at that last bit, but the rest of it was said with complete sincerity.

I knew what she meant to all of us, it was evident by the way everyone gravitated towards her at the lake. I didn't doubt what my father said, not even a little bit.

There could not possibly be anyone more perfect for me and my children than Bella Swan. I was convinced of that.

"She is your gift Edward; don't ever take that for granted," Esme told me gently as she laid her hand over Dad's. "You and your children have been blessed with her."

"I know Mama, believe me I know. And besides, I am sure between Pop and Uncle Marcus, they will remind me plenty. I think they love her more than me!" I huffed at my dad, but secretly I was thrilled.

The fact that Bella loved my parents as much as they loved her warmed my heart and made me exceedingly happy. Uncle Marcus…I would deal with him later!

I finally made it to the office, the ache in my chest still present but I hoped I would hear from Bella before too much longer and that would help.

Walking into the office I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and smiled immediately when I saw Bella's name flash on the screen.

"Hey Beautiful," I sighed to her as I passed our receptionist Kate's desk on my way to my own office.

I did not miss the scowl on her face as she heard me talk to my love, but I didn't have the inclination to care too much either.

Kate had pursued me ever since I started and the only reason she was still here was because Carlisle was a softy. If I had my way, she'd have been out a long time ago. A man should have to put up with only so much unwanted advances before it could be classified as harassment and Kate had passed that mark a long time ago.

"Hi sweetheart, how was your morning with the kids? Are they doing okay?" Bella sweetly asked me.

I knew she missed Maddie and Masen and it had only been a day since she'd seen them.

"My morning was good baby, and the WonderTwins are just fine. Busy making you pictures when I left, so make sure you have a spot on your refrigerator for them. Just a warning!" I laughed at her and my chest felt a little better when I heard her giggle on the other end. "Oh and by the way, Masen thinks your job is dumb, too."

Bella laughed even harder when I said that and she said, "Well, tell him I tend to agree with him most of the time. And what does Skittles think I should do with all my time if I wasn't working?" she asked.

I shrugged out of my suit jacket and slipped on my doctor coat and chuckled when I told her, "Oh, he thinks you should spend all your time with him and Maddie, probably teaching him how to play the drums and Maddie how to play soccer."

She sighed and then quietly said, "That sounds perfect if you ask me."

I sat in the chair at my desk and looked at the picture of the four of us I had put on my desk while she was at the lake by herself. I had missed her so much and was going out of my mind worrying about her so Esme gave me a copy of a picture she had taken the day Bella came to the house for dinner.

I ran my finger lovingly over the glass and smiled when I looked at how happy we all were. Bella sat next to me on the sofa and Maddie sat beside her. Mase had leaned forward over the back of the couch and stuck his head right between the two of us and said something to make Bella laugh out loud. Mom took the picture at the perfect time and the picture itself was too.

"To me too Bella," I tenderly told her.

"Okay Edward, go do your doctor thing and I am going to get ready to face my doom," Bella told me as she tried to make it sound like she was teasing.

"Bella," I sighed. The words may have sounded right, but the tone of her voice totally gave her away. "Baby, you can do this. It's only for a little while longer then you are mine forever."

I looked up when I heard a throat clear from the doorway and scowled at Kate when I saw the look on her face.

What the fuck was that look for?

She was shooting daggers at the phone in my hand and had her fingers clenched so tightly around the file in her hand her knuckles were white and she wrinkled the folder.

"I know Edward; I was just joking…kind of," she giggled at me. "I'll call you later after my meeting if I have a chance, if not I'll send a text and you know I'll call at bedtime."

"Ok sweet girl. Have a good day and remember I love you," I told her as I still tried to figure out what the hell Kate was looking at…and why she still stood there while I had a private conversation.

"I love you too Edward, say hi to your dad and Tanya," Bella said as she hung up the phone.

I narrowed my eyes at Kate and asked her icily, "Is there something I can help you with Kate?"

She looked taken aback at the tone of my voice, but I didn't give a shit. She should never have listened in the first place, "Your dad wanted you to look over this patients file before their appointment later this morning."

I stood up and took it from her, "Thank you," I said shortly.

Kate's gaze fixated on the picture on my desk and she glared at it for a moment before she turned around and stomped out of my office.

What…the …fuck?

I didn't have time to think about it for the rest of the day as I saw patient after patient. I even sent Kate out to pick me up a sandwich from the deli on the corner for lunch because I didn't have time to leave.

About 3:30 I was finally able to send Bella a quick text message. I needed her to know I was thinking of her.

Thinking about you…I miss you so much baby~~Always and Forever angel… E XOXOXO

Her response was almost instant and I couldn't help the feeling that came over me when I read it.

I love you so much Edward, forever can't come soon enough! Have news about my schedule…you're not going to like it! Talk to you later~~ B XOXOXO

Okay, not going to lie, the smile faded pretty fucking quick with the comment about the schedule, but like I told her, it wasn't much longer…we could make it.

The rest of the day flew by and before I knew it I was headed home. I ate dinner with the kids and they showed me the pictures they had drawn for Bella. She was going to need a bigger refrigerator if they kept this up, but I told them she would love them.

Bella did call before bed just like she promised and I talked to her for a bit after she was done with the kids. She sounded fucking exhausted and lonely and it pissed me off and made me feel like shit all over again when I realized she was there all alone.

She didn't want to talk about it, and I knew she was too tired to press the issue so we spent an hour talking about her day and mine and then said goodnight. I was wiped out and I knew she was too, but it didn't make hanging up the phone any easier.

After numerous I love you's and stalling on both of our parts she finally huffed at me and hung up the phone. I hated to be the first one to hang up…it just felt wrong for some reason and I was stubborn enough to keep her on all fucking night until she did it first and she knew that so she put us both out of our misery rather quickly.

Wednesday was much the same. Being gone for most of the week before had wreaked havoc on my schedule and even though I would do it again in a heartbeat it made getting back to work pretty damn hectic.

The day flew by, although I did manage to eat lunch with Tanya for a change. I may have spent the weekend with her, but really, I'd barely managed more than a hello to her and I missed my best friend.

Once lunch was finished, we sat in her office and I looked at her and asked, "So, everything going good with Seth still?"

The blush on her cheeks and the way her eyes lit up at the mention of his name made me smile in gratitude for the man that was able to make her as happy as I'd ever seen her. She sighed dreamily and said, "E, I love him so damn much, it's scary…but so wonderful at the same time."

I smirked at her, "I know the feeling well my friend, trust me."

"I really love Bella, Edward; she is so good for you and for the twins. I am so incredibly happy for you, I can't even tell you how much!" she said to me as she bumped her shoulder against mine.

"Thanks Tan, she loves you too. Bella is really happy for the both of you, you know? She's been worried about Seth to be honest with you. She hasn't said much, but from what she has said, I know it's true," I told her a bit hesitantly.

"What about Edward?" Tanya asked me.

I knew I could talk about this with her, but I had a patient coming in soon and I needed to look over a file first.

"It's nothing Tanya. Listen, I have a patient coming in soon so I need to get to my office. We'll finish this later, all right?" I asked as I got up and threw my trash away.

Tanya stared at me for a minute, and I knew she was trying to figure out what was going on, but really there was nothing to worry about.

I kissed her on the cheek and told her, "T, it's okay, really. We'll talk about it another time."

The rest of the day flew by and by the time I made it home, I was ready for a beer and a nice long, hot shower.

After a spirited dinner with my parents, Ali, and the twins, I hung out for awhile with Alice while she filled me on how Jasper was adjusting to being in New York City. He was such a laid back guy, much more suited to California if you asked me, but she said he was doing fine so far. Granted it had only been a couple of days, but it looked like things were going well.

I was happy to hear that Jasper was just as frustrated with Aro and Jane as Bella was about trying to force her to allow me to attend official appearances with her. Alice assured me she would be going over her contract with Jasper again just to cover our bases. After the discussion with Bella in the car on Monday and her explanation of the effect being followed would have on Maddie and Mase, I had come to the conclusion that the less seen in public we were with her, the better. I was sure it would happen from time to time, but there was no point in flaunting our relationship for the paparazzi or the public.

Talking about Bella made me miss her terribly. I needed her, needed to see her, or at least talk to her so I excused myself to go to my room and take a shower and wait to talk to her.

My laptop was on my desk and I decided to send her a quick email. Even if she wasn't home yet, she would have her iPhone so she would get the message regardless. I got my thoughts together and began to type:

My sweet girl~~

Is it just me, or do the last 2 days seem like the longest in the history of time? Fucking hell…I miss you so much baby. I am trying not to be a whiny ass baby about all this, but shit Bella. Being away from you is fucking killing me.

I can't wait for Friday…you have no idea how much I am looking forward to it! Not just because I can't wait to be inside you either, because you know I fucking do! No, I want to hold your hand, or push your hair behind your ear or kiss your forehead…those are the things I miss the most. The little things…

Jesus, I sound like a lovesick fool or something, don't I angel? I blame your sexy ass you know…and I literally mean your ass. Have I ever told you how spectacular that thing is? I could look at it all damn day, but then I wouldn't be able to see your gorgeous face…so I guess I'm screwed either way. Fuck…now I gave myself a hard on just thinking about your ass…shit!

Ok, then, on that uncomfortable note, I'm going to jump in the shower and relive some pent up frustration. Friday better hurry the hell up and get here, that's all I'm saying baby.

I love you…more with each passing day.

~~ E (and, yes, I am still thinking about your ass!)

I did take a shower, but I didn't release any frustration. It just seemed wrong so I had turned the water on as cold as I could stand it and stood under the water until I was a shivering mess.

When I walked from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist and picked up my beer, there was a message from Bella waiting for me in my inbox. I groaned when I saw there was an attachment…there was no telling what kind of torture she had planned for me but I couldn't help the excitement I felt when I opened it. As the picture came up I felt my breathing increase exponentially as it loaded and when it was done I felt like I had just run a marathon. The little vixen had taken a picture of her above mentioned ass, covered only in a midnight blue pair of lacy boy shorts.

Jesus Christ, I swear she was trying to kill me!

I groaned even more when I read the message that came with it:

Doctor Cullen:

It seems as though I have a problem. You see I am suffering from a case of extreme pent up frustration. Do you have any thing you could prescribe to alleviate said problem? Anxiously awaiting your recommendation…

PS…I'll be home in an hour…make sure the kids are in bed and your door is locked. Hope you are ready for some phone sexing mister…I need you so bad!

Always and Forever,


I did as she asked and got the kids tucked into bed, happily surprised that Bella had already talked to them while I was in the shower earlier. Seemed like I wasn't the only one that was sexually frustrated.

Two damn days…it had only been two days. I had no idea how this could go on, I was already going out of my fucking mind.

My cell phone rang shortly after I shut my door and turned my iPod on and lay down on the bed.

I pushed the button to answer the phone and what I heard almost made me come right then. "Dr. Cullen, I am so wet for you. Any suggestions on what I should do about that?"


Thursday morning arrived and I couldn't help but smile to myself as I thought about my phone call with Bella from last night.

Who would have ever thought phone sex would be so hot…but of course anything with Bella made me hard.

I jumped in the shower and then got ready for work. I had rounds first thing this morning and I had hoped from talking to Bella that we would be able to sneak in a quick dinner tonight. It had only been two days since I'd last seen her, but I was going out of my mind already.

Maddie and Masen were sitting at the table with Ma and Pop when I made it down stairs and to my morning cup of coffee.

"Morning Daddy," Masen said around a mouthful of cereal as the milk dripped down the side of his chin.

I chuckled, the kid killed me, he really did. "Hey, little man. Did you sleep good last night?" I asked as I kissed the top of his head.

"Morning princess," I said to Maddie who was busy trying to color a picture.

"Daddy, do we get to see Bella tomorrow?" Masen asked me as he swallowed the rest of his orange juice.

The smile that appeared at the mention of her name was instantaneous and I couldn't help but get excited just thinking about it.

"Sure thing Mase, are you guys excited?" I asked and was immediately met with squeals of yes's and little nodding heads.

"Yes!" exclaimed Maddie. "Bella told us we could stay up late tomorrow night and haves popscorn and then on Saturday we would all go out and do somethin fun."

"She did, did she? Well, I am sure we can come up with something to do on Saturday," I told her as I got up to put my coffee mug in the sink.

"Edward, make sure you remind Bella about dinner on Sunday with the family. I mentioned it on the phone with her yesterday but I don't want her to forget. Uncle Marcus will be so disappointed if he misses an opportunity to see her," Esme giggled at me when I scowled at the mention of Uncle Marcus.

Horny old man…I swear.

"I won't forget Mama, but you know I don't need to remind her. I'm sure the WonderTwins will take care of that for me, won't you guys?" I smirked at Maddie and Masen.

"Nana, can Rufus come with us when we come back on Sunday?" Masen asked.

"Es, you know you love that little guy as much as the kids do, don't lie!" Carlisle said as he put the newspaper he was reading down.

Mom just shook her head, there was no way she could deny it, we all knew Dad was right. "Yes, Masen, Rufus is more than welcome on Sunday, and you," she pointed her finger at Pop, "You better watch it or I'll let Rufus stay in the house and put you in the back yard."

"Oohh, Pop! Better watch it, Ma is in a mood this morning!" I teased him as I stood up and kissed Esme on the cheek.

"Don't think I won't put you out there too, Edward," she said as she tried to glare at me but failed miserably when I grinned at her.

I told you, I try not to abuse it, but no one wants to get on their mom's bad side!

Kate acted as strange as she had the past two days when I got to the office and I made a point to remind myself to talk to Carlisle about her behavior after dinner on Sunday. It was getting ridiculous and I was actually beginning to get really uncomfortable being around her. Carlisle may be a big softy, but there was no way he would dismiss my feelings about this.

After I finished my rounds I grabbed lunch in the hospital cafeteria. I pulled out my phone to look at the time; I was already beginning to count down the time it would be until I was supposed to meet Bella for dinner.

Dinner was going to be a crap shoot, I knew that. Bella was doing some radio interview thing that she had to call in for so there was no telling how long it would last. Angela and Jasper had promised her that it wouldn't last past seven o'clock since she was calling into some show on the West coast, but there was no way they could really know for sure. The last time she was supposed to do one of these damn things, it wound up running two hours late so I tried not to get my hopes up too much.

That was fucking easier said than done!

I made it back to the office shortly after one and went straight to my office to work on paperwork and didn't look up until I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I glanced at the time and realized with a start that it was almost five o'clock.

Damn, I didn't even notice.

I groaned when I read the text message:

Sorry baby, dinner is going to have to wait for another time. Will explain later. Love always, Jelly Bean~~ XOXOXO

Fucking son of a bitch!

I threw my phone down on my desk and ran my fingers through my hair. I knew there was a possibility that this could happen but it didn't make it any fucking easier to stomach.

I missed Bella and needed to see her.

Picking up the phone I hit speed dial # 6 and didn't even bother saying hello when the other party picked up, "I need to work out some frustrations, meet me at the gym in an hour."

"Nice to hear from you too, little brother. What's got your panties in such a twist?" Emmett teased me.

"I'm not in the mood Em, can you meet me or not?" I grumbled to him, feeling like a tool for being short with him, but I couldn't fucking help it.

"I'll be there Ed, but just so you know, I am kicking your ass for being a jerk," he told me.

I chuckled at him, "I deserve it brother and for what it's worth, I'm sorry. I'll explain later, ok?"

"I'll see you in an hour, be ready. I won't go easy on you," Emmett warned me.

I hung up the phone and groaned, that was probably the dumbest thing I could have done, but it was too late to back out now.

Pushing the buttons on my phone, I typed a text message back to Bella.

I'm sorry too Bella. Going to the gym with Emmett, will talk to you later. Always and Forever~~ Kit Kat XOXOXO

It wasn't her fault that our dinner plans got interrupted…didn't make it any easier, but I didn't want to get upset with her. I knew this was as hard on her as it was on me and making her feel bad about it wouldn't help anyone.


"I'll have a Sam Adams and he'll have a Heineken," Emmett told the waitress that shamelessly tried to flirt with the both of us as we sat down in the booth at the bar Em insisted we go to once we were done with our workout.

Workout my ass…more like a complete pummeling.

I had to admit, well at least to myself, that I felt better now that I was able to run and sweat out some of the annoyance I was feeling before. Emmett had me run on the treadmill, lift weights and even worked the speed bag…that really helped!

"Talk to me brother mine," Emmett said as the waitress placed our beers on the table in front of us. She bent over way more than necessary to offer us each a view of her goodies, but unfortunately for her, neither of us was remotely interested.

She huffed at the both of us and walked away, much to Emmett's amusement.

We each took a long drink of our beers and he waited patiently for me to start talking…and talk I did. He never interrupted me and only raised his eyebrows once when I mentioned leaving my suitcases at her place for the next time. I complained about not being able to see her when I wanted and told him what Masen said about her job which he answered with a snort. I told him about Bella missing dinner tonight and admitted that was what had gotten me so frustrated before I called him.

I threw myself back against the booth when I was done with my spiel and ran my fingers through my hair and looked at my older brother. Surprisingly he wasn't laughing…hell, he wasn't even smiling. He just started at me impassively and picked at the label on his bottle.

"Edward, let me ask you a question, and really think about this before you just blurt out an answer, okay?" Emmett asked me, as serious as I had ever seen him.

When I nodded my head he spoke, "Are you sure you want Bella…and everything that comes with it? Just because her contract is going to be up in three months isn't going to mean that everything is just going to turn into some kind of utopia. She will still be recognized wherever she goes, she will have people that want to take her picture and there will still be guys out there with her half naked picture on their wall while they jack off looking at it. Are you a hundred percent positive that you are ready for this?"

I instinctively wanted to scream at him 'yes' and ask him what the fuck he was trying to do but instead, I thought about what he asked me. I had convinced myself that when her contract was up, things would be perfect for us and we could spend every waking moment together. I had convinced myself that she would just fade away and no one would ever bother her again. And, I didn't ever think about her picture up on anyone's wall, so I was good there.

But, he did make sense. NOT that what he said changed my mind about Bella in the least, nothing would ever be able to that except for Bella herself telling me to go away…and even then I am pretty fucking sure I would never do it.

I looked at him and nodded my head, "I'm sure Em. More sure of her than of anything ever before in my life. All this other bullshit…is just that. Meaningless shit. I know what is important and that is Bella and the fact I want to spend the rest of my damn life with her. I want to marry her Emmett, it's only been two months, but I know I want to make her my wife. I want to have babies with her and have her be the mother Maddie and Masen need and deserve. I want to grow old with her and spoil our grandchildren together. I want her Emmett…just Bella. All this other shit…it's just a bump in the road."

"That's all I needed to hear Edward. You know I'll do whatever I can to help you and Sweet B. I can't wait to have her for my sister!"

I chuckled at his lame ass attempt to lighten things up. Emmett was without a doubt the best big brother anyone could ask for and I could count on him without question, but being able to remain serious for any extended amount of time was definitely not his strong suit.

We hung out for a few hours and he filled me in on things with Rosalie. The smile that he got whenever he said her name did not go unnoticed, but I didn't say anything. When he was ready to tell me more, he would.

I made it home well past ten o'clock and after a very brief phone call to Bella, I went to bed…smiling because I knew the next night I would be sleeping with her beside me.


"Daddy, hurry!" Maddie and Masen hollered from the back seat of the car as we pulled into the parking garage at Bella's Friday night.

I chuckled at the both of them and I couldn't tell who was more excited about spending the weekend with Bella… them or me.

It had been a long day…hell it had been a long week, but being here tonight with Bella made everything fade away into the background.

As soon as I turned the car off they both busily tried to unbuckle their seatbelts as I opened the back door and pulled out their bags. Bella had told me that I had enough clothes here from the suitcases I left Monday night so only Maddie and Masen needed to bring their stuff.

I let the kids figure out who was going to push the button on the elevator as we walked towards it, my stomach felt like it was in knots I was so anxious to see her. Four days without her and I felt like I was falling apart at the damn seams.


My fingers itched to hold her again and my cock was definitely looking forward to being alone with her that was for damn sure. I had to discreetly adjust myself as the elevator doors opened and Maddie and Masen ran down the hallway.

I grinned when I heard Rufus barking. The little guy was as excited to see the twins as they were to see him I think. I knew Bella would have left the door open; she always did when she knew we were coming. I wasn't particularly crazy about that idea and had mentioned it to her before…her answer? A huge eye roll is usually what I got, most of the time accompanied with a snort of disgust.

"Bella! Bella!" I heard as I made my way into the door and smiled when I saw the scene in front of me. Bella was sandwiched in between two very excited seven year olds, both of whom peppered a cheek with kiss after kiss.

Yeah, seemed like I wasn't the only one that thought the past four days majorly sucked ass.

Christ almighty, it was only four days and when I looked at her it felt like it had been weeks, months since I'd last seen her.

When her eyes found mine, I could tell she felt the same way. We were going to have to figure out something because there was no way in hell I would be able to make it until September if the past four days were any indication.

Was it pathetic and irrational to feel that way…hell if I knew and frankly I couldn't give a shit. She was my world and if she only had fifteen minutes of free time a day, I was honest and maybe selfish enough to admit that I wanted those spent with me.

Phone calls, text messages and even emails weren't enough and something was going to have to give.

I bent down and kissed Bella quickly on the lips, letting them linger there just long enough to feel the electricity crackle and spark around us and I instantly calmed when I felt it.

"Hey beautiful, I missed you so fucking much," I whispered to her, reminding myself in my head that there were two sets of little eyes in close proximity and even though I wanted to throw her down and take her right there on the floor, it was going to have to wait.

She stared into my eyes and placed her little hand on my cheek and gave me another quick kiss and replied back, "I missed you too, baby. So, so much."

I stood up and looked down and narrowed my eyes at her when I saw her look away from me. Okay, we would definitely be talking about that a little later on but I had to let it go for now since Maddie was yanking on my hand.

"Daddy! " she said excitedly. "Guess what? Bella said we could have a camp out in the living room again and watch movies and eat popcorns!"

I ruffled her hair with my hand and smiled down at her, it really was great to see both her and Masen so happy to see Bella. I knew they missed seeing her almost as much as me. Bella still called them every night before bed, if I was home or not. I also knew that both my parents checked in with her regularly as well as both Emmett and Ali. Hell, when Uncle Marcus came by the office yesterday, he had talked to her the day before.

I knew once I watched her with the family at the lake that they had all come to love her just as much as I did and that she would bond with each of them individually. I was extraordinarily happy about that, I can't deny that, but sharing her with all of them was really going to take a gargantuan effort on my part.

I really did not share well at all…just ask Ali and Emmett!

Balance…this whole thing came down to balance and right now, after only four days, it seemed like things were about as out of balance as they could get judging from my first instinct to groan to myself when Maddie mentioned the camp out in the living room.

It looked like sleeping with Bella in my arms was going to have to wait another fucking night.


But, I put on a happy face and bent down and kissed her on the head and said, "That sounds great princess! Let me go put your things away and then we'll see what needs to be done, okay."

"Daddy, make sure you get out my Jeter jersey to sleep in!" Masen hollered at me as I went to the guest room to put their bags down.

I had just set down Masen's bag and had unzipped the backpack when I felt two arms come around my waist.

Bella kissed the bottom of my shoulder blade; it was as far as she could reach and whispered, "I am so glad you are here Edward."

Placing my hands over top of hers I squeezed and said, "Me too, angel."

She pressed her forehead against my back and quietly said, "I'm sorry about the camp out in the living room, but I promised them the other night before they went to bed, especially since we didn't get to do it at the lake."

Of course that made me feel like a huge asshole and I pulled her around me and pushed her on the bed.

"It's okay Bella, I can't wait, and it'll be fun," I told her, not completely lying.

It would be fun and the kids would love it, which in turn always made me happy.

I bent down to kiss her, knowing it was probably not the smartest thing in the world to do, but totally unable to stop myself. I mean hell, she was right here… what could I do?

Pulling her close to me, I lowered my head to hers and kissed her…and kissed her…and kissed her. I didn't pull away until we were both so out of breath, I was afraid one or the both of us would pass the hell out.

I let my lips linger over top of hers, just rested them there and let her scent and her presence wash over me. "I missed you Bella, so fucking much. I can't believe it was only four days, it felt like a lifetime."

Melodramatic and a little over the top…hell yeah.

Did I care? Not one fucking bit.

It was agony and I didn't feel like lying about it. Besides I knew it was as hard for her as it was for me.

"I missed you too, Edward. I'm so sorry about dinner last night, I tried…" Bella quickly said, sounding upset.

I kissed her quickly and held her hands in mine, "Shhh, baby. It's okay. I understand, really. I was disappointed sure, but not with you. Besides, I had a good talk with Emmett, so it's all good."

"I was so worried you'd be upset with me. I know you said you weren't last night, but I still worried all day," she told me.

"Bella, come on now. It was one dinner, and we knew you might not make it in the first place. Now, let me change my clothes and we'll get this movie watching, popcorn eating night going," I told her.

There was nothing for her to feel bad about and there was no way I was going to let her stew about it all night.

The night was fun, I had to admit. Maddie and Masen talked through the whole movie telling Bella every single thing they had done since they had seen her on Monday…and I mean everything.

"And we had Cimanin Toasts Crunch for breakfast on Wednesday," Maddie was telling Bella as Masen rolled around on the air mattress with Rufus.

Bella giggled and it made me feel…good. I wanted desperately to sleep with her in my arms and make love to her, but Maddie and Masen needed her as much as I did and I wasn't too selfish to admit that.

We all fell asleep pretty early; it was a long week for all of us apparently.

I woke up with a stiff back and as I opened my eyes, I couldn't stop the smile on my face even if I tried.

It was…perfect.

Maddie was asleep on my chest, Masen was asleep on Bella's and she had her arm wrapped around both kids and had rested her palm on my chest where my hand covered hers. Rufus was sound asleep at our feet and I couldn't imagine a better way to wake up.

Well, honestly, waking up with Bella naked in my bed and in my arms was better, but this was a pretty damn close second I had to say.

I bent my head forward and picked up Bella's hand and kissed the back of it and chuckled when she stirred and started when she realized I was looking at her…and that Masen was curled up next to her.

"Morning angel," I whispered when her eyes found mine.

She smiled sweetly at me and said, "This is so perfect."

"I just thought the same thing baby, although if I am honest, I'll tell you that you and I naked in bed would be even better." I growled at her when she bit her lip.

"Honestly Edward, do you think of anything else besides me without my clothes on?" she said as she rolled her eyes at me.

"Bella, have you seen you naked before?" I questioned in all seriousness…I mean really people.

She was fucking spectacular naked!

"Oh my God, Edward, knock it off!" Bella giggled as Masen stretched and rolled on top her.

My son was definitely not a sleep in one spot kind of kid so it was no surprise he wriggled his way on top of her.

Bella kissed the top of his head and scooted him back on the mattress before she rolled off and stood up.

And…cue morning hard on.

She had on a cute pair of Capri pajama pants, a tank top and her hair was up in a ponytail…and she had never looked better.

Bella in the morning just getting out of bed was a sight to behold and I couldn't be happier that I was the only motherfucker on the planet that would ever…ever see her that way.

The morning passed quickly and as soon as breakfast was done we were out of the loft in a flash. I sent Seth a text message to let him know where we were headed and when we planned on getting back. We were still being extremely careful where Bella's safety was concerned, but this was our day to spend as a family and I'd be damned if I let anything get in the way of that.

We took a vote last night and decided to ride go-karts and have pizza afterward as our activity for the day.

Bella may drive a 1968 Camaro, but she couldn't drive a go-kart for shit. I rather enjoyed putting her into the hay bales…she didn't like it so much.

Maddie and Masen laughed at the both of us and we had a blast.

We spent so much time at the go-kart track that we had decided to pick up pizza on the way home. We even got extra to drop off for Jasper and Seth.

Our good idea came back to bite me in the ass when before long Ali, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were all at the loft with us. It wasn't that I didn't like to spend time with all of them because I did. I just wanted to be alone with Bella, was that too fucking much to ask?

I put on a happy face and for the most part I managed to fool most everyone…except for Ali and Bella.


Bella and I needed to talk…badly.

I loved my family, I loved my children more than life itself, but I was a 32 year old man madly in love with the woman of his dreams and I wanted some time for just us.

Something was seriously going to have to give…and give soon because I didn't think I could even survive another week of this.

Everyone left after Emmett managed to beat everyone at Wii bowling, and let all of us know what fucking losers we were buy running around the loft singing I Am the Champion…even to Maddie and Masen who rightfully crossed their arms and stuck out their tongues at the big jackass.

Bella and I were so damn tired that once we got the kids put to bed in the spare bedroom all we could manage was a quick kiss before we both fell asleep.

She was naked as was I and she was curled up right next to me so I couldn't really complain too much!

Sunday morning came way too fucking early, especially when I noticed that Bella had put on a t-shirt and my boxers at some point during the night.

What the hell?

I rolled over and pulled her to me and had just managed to wake her up by kissing her behind her ear when I was interrupted by not one, but two, seven year old cockblockers. Now I understood the reason for the clothes.

Bella thought it was fucking hilarious…me and my cock, not so much.

We did make breakfast together and I did manage to cop more than one feel of Bella's gorgeous ass while we were cooking.

I had stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and whispered in her ear as I pressed my semi hard cock into her ass, "Bella, I'm dying baby. Seriously. I need you so fucking bad I would take you right here if the kids weren't sitting ten feet from us," I groaned out as she reached her hand back and cupped my growing erection in her hand.

"Edward, I promise tonight, when we come back here after dinner at your parent's house, I will make it up to you," she purred at me as I kissed the side of her neck.

I ran my thumb in a circle over her belly button and said, "I am holding you to that beautiful. There is no telling what I might do to you if I can't be inside of you soon."

She turned around and licked up the side of my jaw before she bit my earlobe gently, "Tonight Edward…then I promise I'm all yours. No interruptions, no family, no kids…just us."

I bent my forehead down and let it rest against hers and cupped her ass and pulled her towards me one more time, "Tonight," I whispered.

Maddie and Masen made the bed in the guest room and got dressed so we could leave.

"Baby, what time will you be at the house?" I asked her as I was tying my tennis shoe.

Bella came out of the bathroom and leaned against the doorway and said, "I'm not sure Edward. I should be done no later than five o'clock. Is that too late?"

I shook my head at her and said, "No, angel, that's fine. I hate that you have to work on a Sunday, but I know you have to go. Seth will be with you right?" I asked, knowing if he was going to be there the chances of one of those skater bastards putting their hands anywhere near my girl was next to zero.

She rolled her eyes at me and said, "Yes, Edward, he will. Just like always."

"Ok then, that's all I was worried about. You have a good day okay, and I'll see you and Ma and Pop's this afternoon and then, my Bella, you are all mine for the rest of the night just like you promised," I said as I claimed her mouth in a searing kiss.

If she was going to be around a skate park full of twenty year olds, I wanted to make sure she remembered who it was that was waiting for her at home.

Yes, I am a jealous bastard, I know this.

She kissed Maddie and Masen and promised to bring them each a surprise later on and with one more kiss for me, the kids and I were off to our Sunday at the park and she went to get ready for work.

I agreed with Masen…Bella's job was stupid.


I picked up my phone and checked it for like the fiftieth time since the kids and I got back from the park. Bella should have been here over two hours ago…and she hasn't answered her fucking phone which has pissed me the hell off and has me more worried than I would like to admit.

She had that stupid appearance to make at some skateboarding competition this morning and afternoon that we talked about this morning. Just great I thought to myself…a bunch of hyped up teenage boys and guys in their early twenties all tattooed and muscled ogling the love of my life. I wanted to pull my hair out just thinking about it and the worse part of it was she was going to sign autographs and take pictures with most of the participants.

I called Bella's phone and it went straight to her voicemail…again. I hung up without leaving a message, knowing full well that the ten I'd already left would be more than enough to piss her off.

Truthfully, I didn't give a shit if it made her mad. She was supposed to be done and here already and I was getting nervous as hell as I wondered where the hell she was and if she was okay and I pulled on my hair…again!

September couldn't get here fast enough in my opinion and I wasn't sure I would have any hair left at all if it didn't hurry the hell up.

I was frustrated; there was no doubt about that. Friday night I was so excited to see her only to have to sleep in the living room with her and the kids. Saturday I had to share her with almost my entire family when everyone popped up at the loft. We had a great time, sure, but by the time everyone left we were both so fucking exhausted we went straight to bed. This morning Maddie and Masen came and jumped in the bed with us right before I was getting ready to pull her to me to make love to her.

Getting cockblocked by your own damn children sucks big time in case anyone wondered.

"Edward, son, staring out the door isn't going to make Bella get here any quicker you know," Carlisle said to me as he stood next to me as I watched out the front door for Bella.

Just as the words left Carlisle's mouth, a cab pulled up and Bella stepped out.

I let out a very, very frustrated breath and pinched the bridge of my nose and closed my eyes for a second.

"Don't jump to conclusions Edward, make sure you listen to her before you wind up with your ass in a sling," Carlisle told me as he slapped me on the back and walked off.

I opened the door to a very anxious and much worn out looking Bella. Jesus, she looked terrible. Beautiful as always of course, but she was in desperate need of a good nights sleep.

There went my alone time with Bella in bed.


I tried, I really did, not to let my frustration with this whole damn situation get the best of me, but I failed…miserably.

Dinner was awkward and uncomfortable. Everyone wanted to talk with Bella and I felt like I was second to the rest of my family as she made an effort to talk with all of them. Uncle Marcus monopolized her time even more than I expected and it pissed me off. Alice and Mama wanted her opinion on something or another and that pissed me off. Emmett picked her up and twirled her around in a circle and that pissed me off. Carlisle took her into his office to show her a book and that pissed me off.

I hadn't been alone with her in almost a week and I was at the end of my fucking rope. I knew I was being ridiculous but it didn't stop me from snapping at most everyone during dinner. Maddie and Masen were the only ones I managed to be civil too.

My entire family looked at me like I was stark raving mad but I didn't give a shit. I felt neglected and I was pissed.

I stood by the front door and tapped my foot very impatiently as Bella went through another round of hugs and kisses to everyone. By the time I pried her away from Ali, my hair was so wild I wasn't sure I would ever tame it back down again.

I walked her to my car and held the door open for her when she stopped and looked at me, "Edward, are you okay?" Bella quietly asked me and I felt like an asshole but it didn't stop me from saying, "Just get in the car Bella."

The way she hung her head as she sat down and pulled her seatbelt on broke my heart, but again, it wasn't enough to make me stop acting like a spoiled brat.

Our drive back to the loft was spent in silence, me stewing in my seat as I tried to convince myself I was not acting like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum. Bella stared out the front window and didn't say a word, hell she didn't move at all.

We arrived at the parking garage and she was unbuckled and out of the door before I could open her door for her. Bella waited at the elevator for me but as soon as the doors closed she stared straight ahead and didn't look at me at all.

I really felt like a total dickhead but by this point, I had no idea what to say. I knew I overacted…a bit, but hell.

Bella walked straight to the door of the loft, walked in and went straight to her room and closed the door. I went to the fridge and took a beer out and went to stand in front of the windows by the dining room table. I noticed the twinkle lights she had still left up and looking at them made me smile as I remembered our night spent in this very spot. I rubbed the spot over my chest as I realized how big of an ass I had been all damn night. I knew Bella probably had a good reason for being late, but I hadn't wanted to hear it. I knew it was selfish to act like she was ignoring me at my parent's house, but I did it anyway. It wasn't right at all not to talk to her in the car on the way back here and left her to let her mind run wild.

Son of a bitch. I was such a fucking idiot.

Yes, I had never been in a relationship like this before, but that didn't excuse my actions in the slightest.

I heard Bella's bedroom door open and I turned to look at her and I almost dropped to my knees when I saw the devastated look on her face and her shoulders slumped and her hands twisted in front of her.

I couldn't have felt smaller if I was only an inch tall.

"Bella, baby," I choked out as she shook her head at me.

She stared at me for a moment; tears ran down her face as she said the words that felt like a knife straight through my heart, "Edward, this isn't working," Bella said and I felt like my whole world had crashed down around me.

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