The Path We Choose

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chapter 23


"Always and forever, angel," Edward said.

God help me, I hoped for that more than anything!

"Bella!" Maddie yelled at me from beneath her brother and Rufus. Her hair was stuck to the side of her face and her, or well my, jersey was a twisted mess on her little body, but she looked so happy she made me want to roll around on the grass with her all day.

"Can we show daddy what I learned today?" she asked me sweetly.

Edward smiled at me and leaned up from the ground to kiss my lips quickly, but so very tenderly and whispered softly, "Thank you so much baby. I watched you and her together earlier, you were amazing with her."

Not wanting to dwell too much on what he had been doing while he watched, I told him, "She's great Edward…really."

I rolled off him and then hopped up from the ground and held my hand out to him, "Now get up old man, Maddie and I are going to school you and Mase face in a quick game of two on two."

"You think so little girl? We'll see about that!" he growled as he lunged for me and picked me up and swung me over his shoulder before looking at Masen and yelling, "Come on little man, we've got some girls to teach a lesson to!"

"Jas…help!" I yelled, knowing my best friend would come to my rescue.

I heard the door to the deck open and then Jasper's voice as he laughed at me hanging upside down as I tried to peek around Edward's back. I did manage to give his ass a nice and hard pinch however.

It was right there…what else could I do?

I giggled loudly as I watched him flinch and then reach a hand behind him to rub the spot, "You better watch that shit baby, or did you forget your ass is right here in my face?" he asked me in a low, sexy voice.

"Sorry sweetheart," I told him, totally not sorry in the least but trying to save my ass…literally…as best I could.

"Edward, care to tell me why Shortcake is actually turning the shade of a strawberry because she is hanging upside down over your shoulder?" Jasper asked as he shook his head at the both of us.

Edward spun us around and said, "You tell him, Bella," so that I was facing Jasper who looked at me expectantly.

"Well, I told him that Maddie and I were going to school him and Masen in a quick game of two on two," I huffed and tried to scowl at Jasper, but I just couldn't do it.

I felt ridiculous hanging upside down and as I looked up even more, saw that the entire family was watching us.


Edward twisted back around and said incredulously, "Can you believe that, Jasper? School me and Mase, I don't think so!"

He is so dead!

Edward swung me off his shoulder and when I landed on the ground I spun around to face him, ready to knock him down a peg or two but broke out into laughter when I saw his face.

He had that stupid, sexy ass grin on his face, and I just fucking melted like butter when I saw it.

Damn, that pisses me off so bad! Just once I'd like to be able to at least pretend to be angry at him, but he makes it impossible!

"I hate you," I told him as I rolled my eyes at him.

Edward pulled me to him and crushed me against his chest and bent down to my ear, "No you don't baby. You fucking love me and you know it."

I pushed him away after I felt his tongue go around my ear and said, "Well, yes I do Edward. But, that still doesn't mean I can't run circles around your ass. You are kinda old you know. I'm not sure you can keep up with me!" I giggled and then ran to hide behind Jasper as Edward glared at me.

He mumbled under his breath loud enough so that we all heard him, but the kids, who were playing with Rufus, couldn't. “I'll show you old later little girl, just you wait."

"TMI! TMI!" Jasper cried out, with his hands over his ears. "That's still my Shortcake you're talking about there, man. I so do not need to hear that shit. Damn!"

I laughed at Jasper and then again at Edward as I watched a very self satisfied smirk appear on his gorgeous face.

Damn, I loved that man like nobody's business.

Once Jasper shook his head to ostensibly clear his mind from the mental picture Edward just gave him, he looked at me and then Edward and then behind him where everyone else was standing.

He clapped his hands together and said, "OK, here's the deal. Bella on one team, me on the other and we'll pick teams to see who schools whom."

"I call Sweet B," Emmett hollered as he thundered down the steps to the ground and picked me up and swung me around.

"Get your paws off my woman you big oaf," Edward snorted at his brother as Emmett and I both laughed at how ridiculous he looked standing there with his arms crossed as he glared at the both of us.

"Not your woman right now, baby. You're with Jasper and you're going down!" I squealed at him as Emmett tossed me on his back and took off to the spot where the soccer goal was set up.

While Jasper and I argued over who was going to play on whose team, Seth ran to the garage and got the other goal out and set up. Finally after way too much bickering and strategizing by my best friend and his cohort Edward, we finally had our teams picked.

Team Bella consisted of me and Emmett of course. Then Demetri, Maddie, Alice, Marcus, Tanya and Heidi.

Team Jasper (the losers!) was made up of Jasper, Edward, Seth, Masen, Rosalie, Carlisle, Angela and Ben.

I was a little worried to be honest. Jasper was almost as good as I was, Edward had played baseball and was so good he could have pursued that if he'd wanted to instead of going to med school. Seth was still in great shape from playing football all those years ago, plus all the working out he still did. Rose was always fierce, and judging from the intense stare she was giving Emmett and me, I knew we were in trouble. Of course the glare could be because Emmett hadn't put me down yet and I was still perched on his back.

I just stuck my tongue out at her when no one was looking to which she responded with a middle finger up in the air…and followed it up with a wink. She is such a faker!

They also had Carlisle who I know was in better shape than any fifty something year old guy I'd ever seen and Angela and Ben. Masen rounded out their team…and they were going to be tough!

Esme and Diane were going to be referees, figuring we would need more than one. From the looks Jasper and Edward were giving my team, I decided they were right.

Jasper gave us the rules, making sure that everyone was aware that there would be two seven year olds in the middle of all the mayhem. Esme and Diane issued harsh warnings to Emmett, Demetri, Seth, and Edward to watch their language to which Jasper beamed in a self satisfied grin at not having been included. Ben looked pretty pleased as well.

My team decided to have Demetri play goalkeeper and Ben was the goalie for the other side. We were going to play for about forty minutes…Maddie and Masen wouldn't last much past that, and once all the trash talking was reduced to a minimum, we started.

The teams were pretty evenly matched. Alice and Angela were completely hopeless, neither one of them with an athletic bone in their body. Tanya and Rosalie were both fierce competitors and quite enjoyed playing against their other halves. I refused to say better, because Seth and Emmett were hilarious to watch.

However, they paled in comparison to watching Marcus and Carlisle go at.

"You are going to have to be faster than that little brother," Carlisle sang out as he, quite skillfully I have to add, dribbled the ball straight down to the goal and took a hell of a shot.

"Too bad, so sad, Uncle C!" Demetri yelled as he stopped the ball and then he rolled the ball back out to his father. "Go teach him how it's done, Dad. Show the other Cullen family who really rules!" he told his father as Edward scowled at the both of them.

"Let's get 'em Pop!" Edward shouted as he took off after his Uncle.

Tanya and Alice jogged up beside me and each threw an arm around me. "How you doing, Sweet B?" Tanya asked as I stared at Edward as he ran up the yard.

The man seriously made me drool like a teenager.

"Oh, like either one of you is any better," I teased them as I caught them each staring at Seth and Jasper.

All the guys had begun to work up a sweat and their shirts were clinging enticingly to their bodies. Angela, Rose and Heidi all joined in on the stare fest we were currently undertaking as we watched the guys run and cut down by the other goal. They were seriously a sight to behold. Even Marcus and Carlisle. The Cullen family sure got lucky in the gene department!

"Hey, what about me?" Demetri yelled, getting our attention.

We turned around to look at him, standing all by himself. "Don't I get to be ogled? I'm better lookin' than all them put together," he said as he flexed his muscles at us.

All us girls couldn't help but laugh at the big goof, even Heidi who looked like she didn't know whether to run and tackle him or run the other way in embarrassment.

Tanya nudged her with her shoulder and said, "He's been like that since he was in junior high. He hated when the girls all looked at Edward and Em and ignored him!"

"Did not, T!" Dem yelled, completely proving her point.

The shouts from in front of the goal brought our attention back to the game and I knew our team had scored when I saw Emmett with his arm around Marcus and they turned around and laughed at Edward and Carlisle who did not look pleased at all!

"Chill out Ed, we won't tell Bella that you suck a…" Emmett said as he was interrupted by his mother.

"Emmett Cullen, language!" Esme hollered and then tried not to laugh at him as he just pointed to his backside and pointed at Edward.

"Sorry Ma!" he yelled as we got in position again.

I walked over to Maddie and bent down and whispered in her ear, "I'll get the ball right away, you run down in front of the goal like we practiced earlier and when I pass it to you, kick it as hard as you can, okay?"

She nodded her head and I looked up to find Edward smiling at me. "I love you so much Bella," he whispered as I walked past him.

"Love you too Edward, but don't think you can dazzle me!" I glared at him before I flashed him a quick smile.

We all got in our positions and I got the ball just like I said I would and I watched in fascination as Maddie ran down the side of the make shift field like she was born to run. I passed the ball right at her feet and without breaking her stride, she struck the ball perfectly and aimed straight for the goal.

Ben was so busy watching her run; he forgot to move to block the shot and Maddie jumped up and down when she scored.

"Bella! Did you see me? I scored!" she squealed as she ran towards me.

I scooped her up and swung her around in a circle, kissing her face over and over again. "That was perfectly awesome Peanut Butter Cup, one of the best goals I've ever seen!"

Jasper walked over to give her a high five and bent at the waist and looked her in the eyes and said, "That was spectacular Maddie, you'll be even better than Bell someday, you just watch." He kissed her on top of the head before he ruffled her hair as she ran off to Emmett who was ready and waiting for her as she jumped on his back.

"She'll make you so proud one day Bella, just like you made us," Jasper whispered in my ear before he squeezed my hand and walked back to his side of the field.

Edward was staring at me with a look of wonderment and joy and a smile that I swore took up his whole face. He blew me a kiss before doing the same to his daughter and we started over again.

This time it was Masen who scored, thanks to Demetri's deliberate miss. Masen was so excited; he didn't even notice that Demetri was on the opposite side of the goal from the ball.

Masen would definitely not be giving up baseball for soccer, though.

I gave him a high five a he ran past me, "Good job Skittles!"

He slapped my hand and kept going, turning around and running backwards as he said, "Thanks Jelly Bean," and ran straight into Rosalie, knocking them both down.

She laughed and tickled him before she helped him off the ground and looked straight at me said, "Ok Masen, let's really take it to them now. We're only down by one. You take Bella and I'll take Emmett, okay?"

Masen giggled as I growled at the both of them, "Sure, Miss Rose, let's take them down."

"You are so going down Bella!" Masen hollered at me as he ran to Edward, who nodded in agreement with his son.

"We'll see about that, won't we little one?" Marcus said as he put his arm around me.

"Sure thing, Uncle Marcus," I chuckled at him and then kissed him on the cheek.

He looked at me with a blinding smile, "Oh Bella dear, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have you as part of our family. Please remember that while Esme and Carlisle will eventually be your mother and father, Diane and I will always think of you as our daughter as well."

I wanted to cry at his heartfelt words but before I could, he moved closer to me and whispered, "Of course, we could cut that whole Mama Esme and Daddy Carlisle thing out by you and me running away together and leaving everyone behind." He winked at me and walked away.

"Marcus Cullen…you leave Edward's Bella alone and get to playing the game!" his wife yelled at him from the sidelines and smiled at me, and then rolled her eyes at her husband's retreating back.

I loved every member of Edward's…well my family it felt like…so much!

"Ok, baby girl, I'm tired of taking it easy on you! Let's do this thing," Jasper smirked at me from the other side of the ball.

"It is so on Whitlock, you're toast buddy!" I laughed at him as I watched him eye Alice as she stood across from him.

He had it soooo bad!

Seth cut his eyes back and forth between Alice and Jasper and then looked at me and raised his eyebrows in a silent question. I nodded my head at him and he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. He would be happy for Jasper, just like J was happy for him and Tanya.

We started playing again and both teams were running back and forth between the goals and even with the twins in the middle of the action, everyone seemed to be playing pretty seriously…until Alice tried to pass the ball to Emmett, and instead of keeping the ball on the ground, kicked it in the air and hit him straight in the nose.

"Shit, Ali! Damn that hurts!" Emmett said around his fingers as he held his hands over his nose. It wasn't bleeding, but he was jumping up and down like she's just broken it.

Rose went running over to him and guided him to the deck where he could sit down. Seth and I were doubled over in laughter at her fawning over him. Rose never acted that way, in all the years I have known her she's never shown anyone sympathy like that before.

When Seth was in high school and got his nose broken in a football game she snorted at him and huffed as she looked at the swollen appendage and told him to suck it up because he'd live.

My knee injury was the exception, but she was a ruthless taskmaster during rehab. She gave Nurse Ratchet a run for her money!

Esme had run inside to get some ice for his nose and handed it to Rose who then proceeded to very gently tend to Emmett and was whispering into his ear.

I was struck dumb, really, by her actions. I always knew when she fell for someone, she would fall hard and it seemed as if Emmett Cullen was the one that had captured her heart. I only hoped he was strong enough to put up with her. I loved the girl like mad, but she was a fucking piece of work.

"Sorry big brother!" Alice yelled at him as Rose continued to doctor him.

He lifted his hand and flipped her off before giving her a thumbs up after Rose gently, but quite forcefully slapped him upside the head.

"What a fucking baby," Alice muttered under her breath as we all laughed at her correct assessment.

The man was an ex-pro football player for goodness sake, plus he did personal security. A ball to the face, hell, I'd been nailed in the nose more times than I could count on both hands.

"Five minutes!" Diane hollered at us, bringing our attention back to the game at hand.

"Ok, this is it Swan," Jasper taunted me.

He really shouldn't have done that…not at all.

Edward laughed at our banter and that didn't go over well either. Carlisle chortled as he watched my eyes narrow at both of them and as he caught my eye, he nodded slightly at me.

Oohh…Daddy C was going to play saboteur…this was going to be fun!

I let their side have the ball first, my side at a distinct disadvantage. Emmett was out and Dem was in the goal. Alice couldn't play for shit, Tanya and Heidi were okay and Maddie…well she was seven. Marcus was about the only one I could count on to help me.

Edward and Jasper were so going to pay for goading me the way they have been if I had anything to say about it.

After a few minutes of back and forth, Carlisle found his opening and I began to sprint towards the goal. Seth started to chase me when he saw me take off and then so did Jasper and Edward. Carlisle passed me the most perfect pass, right at my feet and I cut around Rosalie towards Ben and my target. I both saw and felt Edward and Jasper closing in on me, one from the side and one from behind me. I cut to the right and as I got closer to the goal, I stepped over the ball while I was running and flicked it up behind me and over my head and as the ball came down I heard Jasper groan from behind me as I bumped the ball into the goal with my head, much to the dismay of Ben.

I heard Maddie as she ran up to me, "Bella! Can you please teach me to do that…plllleeaaseee?" she begged adorably.

I bent down to her level and kissed her on the cheek and said, "It takes a lot of practice sweetie, let's work on a few things before we attempt that one, ok?"

Jasper was gracious enough to give me a pat on the back and Seth did too. Carlisle looked extraordinarily proud of me and with a wink, blew me a kiss. Everyone else made their way back into the house where Esme and Diane had lunch started and pretty soon it was just Edward and I.

"I am in awe of you Bella," Edward said softly as he stepped in front of me. "You looked so free out here running with a soccer ball. I am so sorry your dream was stolen from you."

Quiet tears fell from my eyes and the look on his face almost broke my heart.

"I've had a long time to come to terms with it Edward. Yes, it still hurts, a lot at times. Losing playing in the World Cup was the most difficult thing I've ever had to deal with except for Charlie's getting sick and dying. But today, today Edward, I played again. I fucking played again and it was…incredible. I never thought I would feel that way again," I told him as my voiced faded to a whisper.

Edward held my face in his hands and stared at me, looking into my eyes for a few moments before he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me with every ounce of love he felt in his body. I could feel it coming off of him in waves.

I felt my body mold against Edward's as he pulled me to him. I felt my heartbeat go faster, my breathing quickened, my entire being tingled all over as every part of me pressed against the length of Edward. Sometimes I just got so fucking lost in the way he felt, the way he smelled, the sound of his heartbeat when I was close to him… everything about him called to me.

There was no doubt left in me anymore that Edward and I were meant to find one another, because I knew we were. There really wasn't any question of it now, especially as Jasper and Alice and Rosalie and Emmett were steadily becoming closer as well. The Cullen family was destined to become ours, and I was beginning to believe we were all going to get our happily ever after.

Edward and I finally made it inside just as everyone was sitting down to eat and I motioned to Edward that I was going to go upstairs for a minute. My knee was killing me; I never should have been on it like that without my brace on.

I made it up to my room, trying to ignore the sharp, shooting pains I was feeling by the time I made it to the edge of my bed. Sitting down gently, I scooted back so that I could straighten my leg out on the bed. My breathing was coming in deeper breaths as I tried to push the pain back. I closed my eyes and laid my arm over my face as I tried to focus on something besides the pain in my knee. Playing had been amazing, but after the little tweak on the trampoline, I really should have known better than to run it like I did… and the rainbow at the end? Foolish on my part to even think about attempting, let alone doing.

The bed shifted and I felt Jasper as he lay down beside me. I didn't even open my eyes, I knew what he was about to do without even looking at him. He took my shoes and socks off, and moved to my right leg and began massaging the area around the kneecap.

"You were spectacular today, Shortcake," Jasper said quietly as he continued his massage. "I am so fucking proud of you," he went on, the words struggling to come out.

I moved my arm from my eyes and looked at my best friend and almost brother's face…my protector and rock and always, always, my biggest supporter in everything I have ever done. Whether it was when I tried out for the spelling bee when we were in the fourth grade, or entered into an essay contest in seventh grade, or when I walked out onto the soccer field for the first time without him beside me in high school, Jasper had been by my side for it all.

"I love you so much J, thank you for what you did for me today. I…I can't even…telling…" I stuttered out, the weight of acknowledging the gift he'd given me was more than I could articulate.

"Bella, don't even think about finishing that sentence! I'm not kidding. We are your family and it was our job to get you through this and we did. No looking back now, not anymore. Charlie is the only thing worth looking back for honey, nothing else matters. Edward, Maddie and Masen…they're what's important now. None of that other shit makes one damn bit of difference. Renee doesn't matter, James doesn't matter…none of it does. We've fought Bell, we have all fought so fucking hard to get to this point and I'll be damned if you are going to feel guilty for one more second for anything that has happened," Jasper finished, his voice tight with the sob he was trying to hold in.

"He's right Shortcake," my other best friend and almost brother said from the doorway, tears running down his handsome face.

I struggled to sit up and held my arms open to him as he rushed to the bed and wrapped me in his arms and held me as he cried.

"You deserve to be happy Bella, so much. Please don't be scared of moving forward. Run…don't walk to your future. Embrace it with all you have and hang on to it. I love you so much little one, don't make me have to kick your ass while you're all injured and shit," Seth finished with a chuckle as he wiped off his face.

I can't even start to think what it would be like when Seth and I were no longer each other's constant companion.

"Is there a spot for me on that bed?" Rosalie asked from the doorway as she looked at the three of us on the bed.

Seth looked from me to Jasper before turning back to Lele, "Well, hell, Le, I'm not sure. Are you sure you can stand to be away from the jolly green giant downstairs long enough to grace us with your presence?"

Rose's eyes narrowed dangerously at Seth's stupid ass comment and Jasper gently pulled me towards him knowing as well as I what was about to happen. In the blink of an eye, Rose had run into the room and had Seth wrapped in a headlock and was mercilessly rubbing the top of his head.

He hates that shit! Like Edward, Seth is ridiculously obsessed with his damn hair.

I haven't ever had the heart to tell him it's really not all that great. I mean it was nice hair and all, but nothing at all like Jasper's…or Edward's.

She finally let him go, and laughed when he huffed at her and then the four of us lay down on the bed and talked…and talked…and talked.

God, I missed them, missed the connection between the four of us.

We teased Jasper about Alice, which caused us to tease Rosalie about Emmett and that turned into ribbing Seth about Tanya. We laughed and joked until we fell asleep and I woke up when I heard whispers out in the hallway.

Rose and I were in the middle of the bed, Jasper beside me and Seth on the other side of Rose…like it had always been.

"Do you think the bed would break if I crawled in between Sweet B and Rosie?" came the distinctive voice of Emmett, not whispering at all.

The man sure doesn't have an inside voice!

"Ow, Edward! What the hell was that for?" Emmett croaked out as he was, I am sure, rubbing the back of his head.

"You are not crawling your dumb ass in bed with my girl," growled Edward, whose voice sent tingles straight in between my legs as I moved them and squeezed them together.

"I felt that Bell," Rose snickered at me almost silently. "If his voice can do that to you, I don't even want to know what happens when other parts of his body touches yours."

"Oh my fucking god," groaned Seth, who didn't even bother being quiet. "That is about 500 times some fucked up shit Le. There is no way in hell I need to know that the sound of Edward's voice makes Bella's girly parts go all ape shit!" he exclaimed, before he looked at the doorway and stared into the three different faces of the Cullen siblings.

Alice looked like she just swallowed a bug or something as she was trying so hard not to burst out laughing.

Emmett looked like he was watching a tennis match or some shit like that as he kept looking back and forth from me to Edward before he mumbled, "Damn," loud enough for Esme to yell at him from downstairs to watch his language.

See, no inside voice whatsoever!

And Edward… my beautiful, sexy as hell, cocky as all get out Edward just stood there and leaned against the door frame with his ankles and arms crossed as he stared at me from the doorway, his eyes smoldering and boring straight into my soul.

"Um, yeah okay. We'll be going now Shortcake. Make sure you stay off that knee for a bit and take your pain medicine, we'll ice it later," Jasper said as he gave me a quick kiss on the top of the head and grabbed Alice by the hand and pulled her behind him.

"Later Shortcake, listen to J," Seth said as he quickly left the room followed by a giggling Rose who threw me a wink and a silent nod of approval as she walked past Emmett who followed without saying a word.

Edward continued to stand on the other side of the room but was now standing in front of my shut bedroom door, looking every bit as intense as he did not more than thirty seconds ago.

"Are you okay angel, do I need to get you anything?" he asked from his spot where he still stood unmoving as his eyes traveled from the top of my head down to my toes and then back up again.

I nodded my head yes, not trusting my voice at this point.

My need for him was growing by the second and I was afraid that if I opened my mouth, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from begging him to take me right then.

"Yes, you are okay?" He asked quickly, the muscles in his arms flexed as he let them fall beside him.

I nodded my head again, letting him know that I was okay.

He took a few steps until he stopped at the end of the bed and slowly, agonizingly slowly, reached his hand down and picked up my foot, and then slid his warm hand up my leg until it was pressed against my calf muscle.

Edward continued moving his hand up until it cupped the back on my knee and he held it gently in his hand, as if he was holding a fragile piece of glass that would break with the slightest wrong touch. He bent his head forward and placed a warm, soft, open mouthed kiss on my knee, his tongue tracing the faint scar that ran up the outside of my leg.

"Do you need anything my sweet, beautiful girl?" he asked in a voice that was so rough with need, but so smooth and velvety at the same time it about did me in right there.

I nodded my head again, still not saying a word.

My body felt like it was plugged into a light socket. I vibrated with need, and the electric current that was always present around us buzzed and crackled in the air.

I felt his tongue on my scar again as his fingers reverently traced all around my knee, his strong fingers feather light in their stroke, but electrifying every bit of skin they touched.

"Tell me, my love, what it is you need and I will give I to you. I will give you whatever you wish, you need only to ask," he whispered gruffly.

He lifted his eyes to mine and the green of his eyes was almost black as he pinned me with his gaze

I felt my breathing getting faster and faster and my hands curled into fists and pressed into my thighs.

"You, Edward. I only ever want you. Please…" I panted out to him, wishing more than anything that I could throw myself at him but knew I couldn't.

He crawled up the bed and followed my body until I was lying flat on my back and then he hovered over top of me, being so very careful with my knee and traced my lips with his tongue as he settled himself into my core.

Edward stilled his tongue; his lips lingered over top of mine but did not touch them. I swear I could feel them they were so close, but they taunted me with their proximity. "Oh my Bella, you always have me. Forever and always remember baby? Now, my beautiful angel, when you say you want me, where exactly do you mean?" he asked me in a voice so laden with sex it set my whole body on fire.

White hot need raced through my body as I tried to pull him closer to me. He reached down beside me and took each of my hands in his own and lifted them until they were over my head.

Edward shifted and placed both of my wrists in one of his hand and trailed the other one down my body. Down the side of my face and over my cheek. His thumb traced over first my top lip then my bottom, where he gently pried said lip from in between my teeth.

"You know better than that baby, I love that fucking lip, no torturing it like that is allowed," he breathed out as he swept his thumb across my lip again and this time I darted my tongue out to lap at it.

His breath caught as he looked at me. Edward chuckled darkly at me and the sound made my toes curl it was so sultry.

"Evil little girl," he muttered as he began his travels over my body with his fingers again.

I wanted to beg him to hurry up, but the anticipation building in my body was so delicious I was unable to even form the words.

His index finger made a path from one shoulder to the other, pressing gently against my collar bones and then his thumb pushed against the pulse point on my neck and he rested it there for a brief moment, almost as if he was counting the beats of my heart before he moved on.

Edward placed his entire hand, palm down, in between my breasts, and spread his fingers across my breastbone as he watched my chest move up and down with each breath I took. One finger then circled my left breast, and across the nipple, then he moved to the right, repeating the process. I watched as Edwards eyes focused on his fingers, getting lost in the sight and feel of my body responding to his touch.

He reached down and pushed my t-shirt all the way up and over my head, leaving the material in a bunch at my elbows, and then proceeded to duplicate the movements of his hand and fingers on my now naked skin. He flicked the front clasp of my bra and watched with rapt attention as my breasts spilled out of the open bra and then pinched first one then the other nipple in between his fingers.

"Oh god, Edward, please…I need you so much, I can't take much more," I shamelessly begged him.

I didn't care; I just wanted to feel him inside of me.

Edward moved back over my body and ground his steel hard erection against my thigh before he progressed to my aching pussy.

He bent his head forward and whispered in my ear in that deadly sexy voice that made me shake with need, "I fucking love it when you beg me Bella. Say it again…now baby…and I will give you what you want."

"Edward, please baby…I need you…now, oh god…now!" I cried out, my entire body quivered with want so strong I could barely contain myself.

He lifted up and pushed his shorts and boxers down and then my panties and shorts followed. Edward turned us so that I was lying on my left side and he had his whole body pressed against mine, his chest pressed firmly against my back and I felt it as he wrapped his arms around me and began touching me…everywhere.

Now that we were both naked, every part of my body was able to touch his and the feeling was exquisite. Edward covered my breasts with each of his hands and kneaded them gently before sliding one hand down over my stomach to touch my soaked pussy. His finger slid easily through my folds and when his index finger began circling my clit and he pressed on it, I cried out in pleasure.

"That's my girl…you're so wet for me Bella, always so fucking wet…" Edward crooned in my ear as we rocked back and forth, my body racing towards the climax that felt like had been building for hours and hours now.

"Oh yes Edward…um, so close baby…please…" I begged him as his other hand snaked down my body.

I felt it as Edward's finger pushed inside of me, first one finger then two and when he curled those fingers forward and pressed on my clit with his other hand, I exploded and came and came.

"Yes Bella…come for me…let me feel you beautiful," Edward groaned in my ear as I felt myself come apart with the skill of his expert fingers.

His fingers slipped from me easily and then he lifted my right leg carefully, paying close attention to the position of my knee and rolled his hips forward until I felt the tip of his cock still at my entrance.

I whimpered in protest and my insides turned to complete mush when he chuckled deeply at me before he glided inside of me.

My body instantly relaxed into his touch as I instinctively opened up to him, feeling him move in long, deep strokes. I reached my arm up and tangled my hand in his hair and pulled him forward until I felt his warm breath settle on the side of my neck.

We rocked back and forth, not saying a word as we let our bodies speak the words we couldn't seem to find. Edward pressed his forehead against my shoulder blade and I heard him grunt and then moan from the back of his throat.

"Bella, you have no idea what you are doing to me. I'm watching myself move in and out of you, and it's like I can't get enough, like it will never, ever be enough," he breathed out as he gripped my hip with his hand, his fingers flexed over the bone, his thumb making unconscious circles on the soft skin there.

"I wish I could see it Edward, I love to watch you push inside of me," I panted as I felt his tongue and then his teeth on my shoulder.

"Jesus Isabella, you're killing me baby…I'm so close now angel, please…come with me," he begged as I felt him suck on the skin behind my ear.

I started to shake as I felt myself getting ready to come undone again, "Oh fuck…Edward…so close baby…" I moaned as I circled my hips and felt him as he drove deeper and deeper into me.

Edward's hand slipped down between my legs and he pressed on my clit with his thumb and I felt goose bumps as he said, "Fucking yes Bella…come for me now…give it to me," he commanded as I let go.

"Oh fuck yes baby…I love you so much…" he ground out as I felt him spill inside of me.

When his breathing settled into a normal rhythm along with mine, I felt his lips make a path along the top of my shoulder.

"I love you so much Edward," I whispered softly, relaxing into him.

He chuckled lightly at me, "Always and forever angel."

We finally got out of bed and got cleaned up. Edward set me on the bench in the shower, not wanting me to stand any longer than necessary. I told him he was being silly and that in a few hours my knee would feel fine, but he didn't listen…and I didn't complain. Having Edward wash my body and hair was heaven.

When we made it downstairs, the family had gone in all different directions.

Seth, Tanya, Emmett and Rosalie were out on the four wheelers taking a ride around the lake.

Jasper, Alice and Maddie were on the trampoline. Well, Alice and Maddie were on the trampoline, my BFF just stood there looking like a love struck fool as he watched.

Ben, Angela, Demetri and Heidi had gone into town to pick up some more beer and some fresh seafood to cook on the grill for later.

Carlisle and Marcus were playing checkers out on the deck, with Masen happily watching his grandfather go to town against his little brother. Marcus did not like the giggle he heard from me as Carlisle won…again.

Esme and Diane were in the kitchen, putting the remnants from lunch away. I was so embarrassed at having slipped away before making sure everyone ate and that the food got put away.

"Edward, I am going to go help your mom and Diane in the kitchen," I told his as I turned to him.

"Ok, ok, I'll share Bella, but not for long. I'm going to catch up to Seth and Em on the four wheelers, ok?" he asked me as he kissed my forehead.

"Have fun and be careful…Emmett is a menace on those things!" I giggled at him as he took off to the shed to get out a four wheeler.

I watched as he waved at Maddie and Alice as he ran by and flipped off Jasper behind his back at something he said to him as he went past.

There was no telling what Jasper just said.

"Thank you so much Bella," I heard Esme say softly as she stood beside me and slipped her arm around mine.

"For what?" I asked as I turned to her.

She looked outside at Marcus, Carlisle and Masen peering at the checkerboard, and then shifted her glance to Alice, Maddie and Jasper by the trampoline and then finally to Edward as he backed the machine up out of the shed and took off, blowing me a kiss as he went.

She gripped my shoulders and turned me so that I was looking her square in the face before she said, her voice trembling with feeling, "For being so damn strong. For enduring every tragedy that has happened to you with grace and dignity, for not letting it change who you are. For finding Edward and giving him happiness he could have only dreamed about. For loving Maddie and Masen as if they were your own. For allowing Carlisle and I into your life again when we'd thought we'd never find you."

Esme embraced me then, her small but frighteningly strong arms wrapped tightly around me. Besides Sue Clearwater, no woman has ever meant as much to me as Esme Cullen did and there was none I admired more.

"Thank you Esme…for more than the words you just spoke. Thank you for taking care of the four of us all those years ago. Thank you for helping Edward raise Maddie and Masen to be the incredible little people they are and they will be but mostly, thank you for welcoming me and my little family to be a part of yours," I told her with as much feeling as I possibly could.

"You've always been a part of it Bella, all four of you, ever since we first met you. Like Car and I told the other three earlier, you will never, ever have to be alone again. We will always be here for you if you need anything," Esme told me softly as she kissed my cheek.

We stood in silence again for a few moments looking out the back windows and Masen caught my eye and smiled at me. I remembered what I had for him in the garage and held my finger up to him letting him know I would be right there.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a couple bottles of water and a few granola bars from the cabinet and picked up the books I had set on the island before walking back through the living room.

"I'll see you later Esme, I have a date with a seven year old I can't miss," I told her as I blew her a kiss as I walked out the door.

I swear I heard Esme whisper, 'Thank you God for bringing her back to us' as I stepped on the deck but I couldn't be sure.

After beating Carlisle in a quick game of checkers, much to the delight of his brother and grandson, I took Masen by the hand and led him to the garage, Rufus happily following Masen like he'd always been doing it.

"Where are we goin' Bella?" Masen asked me as we got closer to the garage.

I looked down at him and I swear my heart grew due to the amount of love I felt for the little boy walking beside me.

"Well Skittles, I thought you and I could spend a little time together while I taught you how to do my most favorite thing besides playing soccer," I told him, reigning in the extremely naughty thought of what my actual favorite thing to do was …or who more specifically.

Shaking my head to focus back on Masen, I pulled us to a stop at the garage door.

"What's wrong Jelly Bean?" Masen asked me as I stood before the entrance to the building.

I hadn't ever taught anyone how to play the drums and all of a sudden I was scared I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing with Masen. He was so good every time we played Rock Band, his rhythm was almost instinctual and he was a hundred times better than I was when I started playing and I was older than him when I started, but I wasn't positive I could do this.

Taking a deep breath, I turned the doorknob and flicked on the light as Masen and Rufus followed me inside.

I watched Masen look around the space and giggled softly when his eyes fell on the car. I blushed to myself when I glanced at the car, remembering Edward and I against that car just a few short days ago. I almost choked when I saw the distinct outline of Rosalie's ass on the trunk of the car.

That bitch!

She was so dead when I caught her alone the next time! I am so getting her back for her little tirade in the game room last night.

"This is a cool car Bella, is it yours?" Masen asked me as he walked around the vehicle. I didn't think he would notice the prints on the car, both mine and Rose's and if he asked, I already told myself to lie.

I nodded my head at him and walked to where he was looking through the driver's side window. "It is, Rose fixed it up and gave it to me for my twenty first birthday. She got it to remind me of my father. He'd always wanted a car like this so when we ride in it, we always remember him."

"What was your Daddy's name?" Masen asked as he started to look around the rest of the building.

I instantly felt the lump in my throat at his question; I missed my father so much but his memory made me smile. So I answered him, "His name was Charlie," my voice was shaky with emotion but I held it together and gave him a small smile.

"Do you think he would like me?" he asked softly.

"I think he would have loved you almost as much as me Skittles!"

He smiled at that as he continued to let his curious eyes roam around the room.

My heart broke a little at the thought that my father would never know this wonderful part of my life; all I can hope is that where ever he is, he is smiling down and happy for me.

The garage wasn't technically just a garage. The Camaro was the only car I parked in here. The rest of the space was taken up by my drum set that faced the windows and the lake, a sofa, some workout equipment that Seth and Jasper used when they came up here and then the room that contained all my soccer mementos.

When Masen's eyes lit up as he finally looked at the drum set, I knew I had made the right decision in bringing him in here to spend some time alone.

"Go ahead, Mase, you can go look at them if you want," I said softly, encouraging him to embrace the instrument the way I had and the way his father had the guitar.

He looked at them as he approached the drum set, and then back towards me. At my smile and nod of approval he walked even closer. I watched as he looked at the posters on the wall and laughed when he giggled at my Animal poster.

"Seth and Jasper gave that to me when I was sixteen. It's my favorite poster ever," I chuckled as I told him.

Idiots…little did they realize that their joke turned out to give me one of my most prized possessions. I loved that damn poster so much I had it framed. The poster just helped me realize the reason I played…just for me and because it made me happy.

I heard Masen as he touched the drum set and the cymbals made a noise. From the way he jumped, he'd obviously never heard a cymbal up close like that before. A brilliant thought came to me then and I wanted to start jumping up and down but barely contained myself.

My first drum set was in the corner of the garage, covered with a blanket and as I walked towards it visions of sitting down to the instrument for the very first time filled my mind.

Jasper had gotten the set for me from one of the guys on the reservation. There was no way I was keeping the set at my house so Peter and Charlotte let Jasper set them up in their garage. Their house was far enough away from mine that I didn't have to worry about Renee saying anything about them so it was perfect.

The drum set was a gorgeous midnight blue color and I had played the hell out of it before I bought the one I have now. It was bittersweet; I had so many memories playing on the damn thing, mostly to get away from Renee. When I bought this set shortly before moving to New York from California it didn't have any of those memories attached to it and it actually took some time to get used to.

I pulled the blanket off and followed Masen's eyes as he took in the gleaming set. I knew I had the right idea.

"Hey Mase, if you want, we can move this one close to mine and I can give you a few pointers if you want to learn how to play," I casually told him, hoping he wanted to learn.

If he did, he would love to play forever.

"Really Bella? You would teach me how to play?" he asked and squeaked…freaking squeaked, when I nodded my head yes.

I really wanted to share this with him so I was as much, if not more excited than he was.

We maneuvered the set beside mine and I adjusted the seat to fit him. I found an old pair of drumsticks on the shelf and handed them to him and we each sat down.

"Okay Mase, first let's learn how to keep time. First you do this," And we began our lesson.

We went from keeping time to learning how to use the pedals, which he got almost immediately. He was a natural and I felt myself glow with pride at my boy as he soaked up everything I taught him with ease. Then we progressed into some basic beats he would need to know before he could go on.

Masen laughed every time he got one right and even embellished them with way more style and complicated combinations than he should have been able to since he sat down to his first set less than two hours ago.

He was fucking phenomenal.

I heard a noise and looked up to see my best friend smirk at me as he took in the scene before him.

"I haven't seen those drums in forever!" Seth exclaimed as he walked in the garage.

"Seth, did you hear me? Bella is teaching me how to play!" Masen screeched out, trying another combination of beats.

Looking at Seth as his mouth fell open, I chuckled and whispered, "I had a feeling he would be good but had no idea he could do anything like that."

Seth wrapped his arm around my shoulder and as I laid my head down on his, I heard him softly say, "I love you Bell. So fucking much. I am so proud of you. This is the first time I have ever seen you play because you wanted to not because you were trying to escape. You're a great mom."

He called me…mom. I had to stop myself from jumping up and down just thinking how damn perfect it sounded. I wanted to be his mom…Maddie's mom and I truly loved them both as if they were my own.

He kissed my temple and lingered for a moment before he gave Masen a high five and walked out of the building, without even looking back.

Not that he would, that is not Seth at all.

I loved him so fucking much it made my heart hurt.

Masen and I played for a little while longer and I only got him to stop by promising him we would take the car out for a ride tomorrow and that we could play again either tonight or in the morning.

I closed up the garage and started to walk back towards the house when I felt my two favorite arms clutch me around the waist.

"I have missed you so fucking much today Bella," Edward sighed to me as he rested his chin on my shoulder.

He turned me around in his arms and walked backwards until he rested against a tree and stood me in between his legs and held each of my hands in his.

"Did you have fun on the four wheelers sweetheart?" I asked as he played absentmindedly with my fingers as he looked around and then pulled me even closer to him.

Edward nodded his head and then spoke in a low, husky voice, "I did angel. But, it wasn't as much fun as we had earlier in our bedroom."

Our bedroom…oohh…I really loved the way that sounded!

I smiled, a huge goofy ass looking smile I was sure, and he quirked his eyebrow at me.

Standing on my tiptoes, I reached up and held his face in my hands and kissed the tip of his nose before I whispered, "You said our bedroom Edward."

He bent his head forward and rested his forehead against mine and I felt his fingers curl in over my hip bones as he moved our bodies closer to one another.

"It is our room Bella. Wherever you go, I go. I will follow you anywhere baby. I don't know how I am going to make it when we get back to the city and I can't hold you every night when I go to sleep," he said as he closed his eyes.

I couldn't help the gasp I let out as I realized that I only had two more nights with him and then we would go back to seeing each other only sporadically throughout the week. The weekends would be easier now that the kids were out of school, but there were still five days in between.

"We'll figure something out Bella, don't worry. It will be okay," Edward said, his voice as pained as I felt.

I don't know how I managed to completely forget the reality that awaited us when we got back to the city, but I sure as hell did. Being up here with our family and Edward, away from all the pressures of photo shoots and appearances and reporters and patients left me with a feeling of security and peace; I was so afraid we would lose that once we left here.

"Bella, stop baby. Please," Edward begged. "I can see your mind working a mile a minute. It will be okay…we will be okay sweet girl. I promise you. No worrying, promise me."

I nodded my head, trying to tamp down my spiraling emotions before they got away from me. I believed Edward when he said we would figure something out, I didn't doubt him about that at all. It was just going to be hard being away from him and the kids on a regular basis.

"Bella, look at me," Edward said as he tipped my chin up with his thumb and finger. "I love you beautiful, so much it seems like I could tell you from the time I woke up in the morning until it was time for bed and it still wouldn't be enough. This isn't going to be forever Bella, and we will figure out a way to spend time together once we get back to the city."

"I know we will Edward, it's just that I am going to miss you, Maddie and Masen so much when I don't get to see you every day," I told him as I held on to his forearms with my hands.

He crushed me to him and I buried my nose in his chest, his smell flooding my senses immediately. I relaxed against him and felt him as he ran his fingers through my hair as we stood leaning against the tree, each lost in our own thoughts for a time. He finally stood up straight and pressed his lips to mine, his tongue explored my mouth possessively and he kept on and on until we had to part to breathe.

"Let's go inside baby and see what the rest of the family is up to. If we don't go in soon, Emmett is liable to send out a search party for his favorite new toy." Edward laughed as he took my hand in his and laced our fingers together.

We began to walk towards the house; I could hear Masen and Maddie's laughs from the trampoline.

Edward picked our joined hands up and pressed a soft kiss across my knuckles. "Thanks for coming to meet me baby, it was a nice surprise after not seeing you all afternoon."

I stopped abruptly and looked into his very confused face. "Edward, sweetheart, as happy as I was to see you, and I hate to disappoint you, but I wasn't trying to find you. I was just coming from the garage and our paths happened to cross," I laughed lightly at him as he turned to look back from where we came. His eyes moved back and forth from the shed to the garage a few times before he stared at me.

"You really didn't come find me because you missed me so much you couldn't wait to see me?" Edward asked, with the Cullen pout out in full force.

"Oh Jesus Edward, really!" I giggled at him. "Baby, I was in the garage with Masen this afternoon and he left to go up to the house while I locked the doors and followed after him. Gah, you are such a friggin baby sometimes, I swear!"

"What were you and Masen doing in the garage angel?" Edward asked, his curiosity shone through his voice.

I turned to walk away, not really wanting to tell Edward about teaching Masen to play the drums. I didn't think he would be upset or anything, or that I was trying to hide it because I was embarrassed. It was just instinct to close down but when I felt him grab my hand to stop me from walking away, I realized I couldn't wait to share my day with Masen with him.

Edward seemed a bit shocked at the huge smile on my face when I spun back around to face him. "Oh Edward, it was so incredible. I've never seen anything like it in my life. I mean, I had an idea when we went out there, but oh my God baby, I was stunned speechless. I wish you could have been there," I finished on a sigh.

I looked at Edward with my eyes narrowed in aggravation when I noticed he was chuckling at me. "Bella, Jesus do I ever love the shit out of you! Do you realize you didn't tell me a damn thing just then? All I got out of that fucking adorable ramble fest was that you saw something that you thought was incredible and you wish I could've been there but I have no fucking idea who you saw doing what."

I rolled my eyes at my own damn self and took a deep breath and squinted my eyes in warning to Edward letting him know that he better not fucking laugh at me this time, I started again."Edward, my love, I took Masen to the garage today because I wanted to show him my drums."

"Bella, that's…" He stopped when I held my hand up to him, keeping him from going any further.

"I'm not done yet Mr. Impatient, give me a damn second to get this out and then you can say whatever the hell you want." I stared at him until he pressed his lips tight together and nodded his head. "Anyway, like I was saying, I wanted to show Masen my drum set. Ever since we played Rock Band at the loft, I had a feeling that Mase would be really good at playing the drums. It's like instinct, like you with your guitar. You just feel it, you know, and I was sure he would as soon as he sat down in front of them." I took a breath and giggled at Edward who looked like he was going to explode, he wanted to say something so badly.

"Edward, Good Lord sweetie, spit it out already. You look like a freaking blowfish with your face like that!" I shook my head at him as he took a much exaggerated deep breath before he winked at me.

He reached up and took a piece of my hair and rubbed it between his fingers as he said in a calm, gentle voice, "Baby, you took him to the garage?"

I nodded and he continued, "Bella, I love that you wanted to share that with Masen, tell me what he thought about it."

I grabbed for the hand that wasn't playing with my hair and fidgeted with his fingers as I put my thoughts in order and then said, "Edward, he is truly amazing. I have never seen anything like it. I mean I haven't been around a lot of people that play a musical instrument or anything like that but I could just tell that he got it. It took me all of fifteen minutes to teach Masen how to keep time and by the end of two hours, he was playing beats and combinations I couldn't play until I'd been practicing for almost a year. Mase just laughed and giggled and didn't have any idea what he was doing was so incredible. And Edward, I loved playing with him, it was so much fun!"

"Wait, what do you mean you played with him? Isn't there only the one drum set in there?" Edward asked me as he cocked his head to the side as he ran over the last time he was in the garage in his mind. I could tell when he thought about the two of us and what we did in said garage after he found me the other night when he started breathing in and out through his nose and his eyes darkened.

My panties became damp with the memory, but focusing on the here and now I shook my head and said, "I…umm…I had my first drum set stored in the garage. I remembered it was up here as I was showing Masen around the space. We moved it beside mine and we played together all afternoon. It was…Edward it was as if I was sharing a special part of me with him and it was amazing," I breathed out, hoping he understood what I was saying.

Before I knew what was happening, Edward picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he turned us around so that my back was against a tree. "Bella, just when I don't think I could fall any more in love with you, you prove me wrong by making me do it over and over again and the best thing is, you don't even have any fucking idea that you did anything, do you?" he whispered as he brushed his lips back and forth across mine.

"Baby, loving Maddie and Masen is as natural for you as breathing and you are so fucking amazing with them. I can't even begin to describe to you what it does to me to watch you with them. I do it often too, you know?" Edward asked quietly.

He nodded before he began in the same sweet, gentle voice he had used earlier, as he cupped my face in his hands, "Isabella, you have no idea how much it completely wrecks me inside when I watch you with Maddie or Masen or both of them. You love them so completely, so effortlessly it takes my breath away. You've shared yourself with both of them, given them pieces of you that they will carry with them forever now. Maddie might never be the next Mia Hamm, but she will always love soccer because of you; Masen might decide next week or next year that he wants to play the tuba instead of the drums, but he will always remember today. They love you baby…they fucking adore you and I, for one, know for a fact that there is no one this Earth that would be better for them than you."

"I love them so much Edward, so much that I don't know what to do with it sometimes. If anything ever happened to them or to you because of me I don't know what…I just couldn't live with myself," I whispered as my heart turned to ice with just the thought of anyone hurting any of them because of me.

My eyes must have looked wild because Edward tightened his grip on my face and held me still as he said in a sharp, urgent voice, "Bella, stop. Right fucking now. We have been over this already and will continue to do so until you knock it off. Nothing is going to happen to any of us; not to you, not to me and not to either one of them. I promised you I wouldn't let anyone or anything hurt you ever again, and I mean to keep that promise my sweet girl."

"Okay," I whispered.

"Good, now let's go find everyone, I'm fucking starving!" Edward laughed as we made our way to the deck.

Dinner was a riot. Seth, Emmett and Demetri argued over who was going to man the grill for the steaks and lobster. Seth had his grilling apron on and I laughed when I saw it was a new one that said, 'Mr. Good Lookin' is Cookin'.

"Seth, you're not doing it right!" Emmett exclaimed as he tried to move my best friend out of the way.

Seth turned his baseball cap around backwards and picked up the tongs and waved them in Em's face. "Dude, if you don't back the hell up right fucking now, I am going to use these tongs on a piece of your anatomy that you definitely won't like!"

Emmett's face paled as he looked at Rose and then me before he said, "You're a little protective of your grill aren't you buddy?"

"Em, you have no idea. He special ordered that damn thing and had it custom made. I'm quite honestly shocked he's letting you and Demetri even stand next to it!" I giggled at my best friend when he tried to scowl at me, but couldn't because he knew I was telling the truth.

"You all will be singing a different tune once the food is done," Seth warned as he took a long pull on his beer and got back to work.

The food was, of course delicious, and everyone ate and ate until they were stuffed.

After we got Maddie and Masen cleaned up and put to bed we all sat outside on the deck and visited. My stomach was killing me after an hour from laughing so hard at the stories everyone was telling, but my favorites were of Emmett, Edward and Alice. It's a wonder Esme has any hair left and Carlisle's hasn't turned prematurely gray.

"What?" Emmett asked as all sixteen of us were laughing at him. Edward and Demetri were laughing so hard they had tears coming out of their eyes. Rose and Tanya spit out their beer and were holding their hands over their mouths, and Esme and Carlisle couldn't decide whether to laugh or hide in shame.

"I never would have gotten caught if you and Demetri would have been able to keep quiet!" Emmett valiantly tried to prove his point, only to have the rest of us laugh even harder at him.

"You're going to try to blame this on me and Dem?" my love shrieked out at his brother. "No fucking way brother. You were an idiot and got what you deserved!"

Apparently when Emmett, Edward, and Demetri were in high school, Emmett had a crush on the daughter of the principal. Of course Emmett being Emmett, he had lost a bet, the details of which none of them could remember or would admit to, and as the loser he had to streak across their lawn after returning from a baseball game.

Little did any of the idiots know but the principal's very old mother was in town for a visit and was the only one home at the time. When she heard the noise outside, she ran outside to the porch and shot Emmett in the ass with a BB gun as he dove over the bushes.

"Shut the hell up Sweet B! I had bruises on my ass for days after that, not to mention scratches on places that should never have scratches on them!" Emmett huffed at me.

We all laughed at his stupidity again, even Emmett was shaking his head at himself.

"And on that unpleasant visual image brother of mine, I am taking my girl to bed," Edward said as he pulled me up from my chair.

We wished everyone a good night and Edward slapped Emmett upside the head before he kissed both of his parents on the tops of their heads.

After we had taken a shower and got ready for bed, we were in the bathroom brushing our teeth. I couldn't help but stare at the toothbrush holder where both of our toothbrushes were resting. It just looked so…right.

Edward caught my eyes in the mirror and whispered softly in my ear, "Soon my angel," and then he kissed my shoulder and walked back into the bedroom.

We crawled into bed, the extremely long and emotionally draining day finally having caught up with the both of us.

I snuggled into the crook of Edward's shoulder and I immediately felt his fingers run through my hair and my hand was over my favorite spot above his heart in an instant.

"I love you so much my Bella," Edward murmured to me as he kissed the top of my head, "thank you for letting me in baby. I'll take care of you forever."

"Love you Edward, so much. We'll talk about everything tomorrow," I mumbled, sleep overtaking me as soon as my body relaxed into Edward's.

"I'm going to spend the rest of my life loving you Bella, I can't wait to make you my wife," Edward breathed out as he settled into the pillows and followed me into a peaceful night's sleep.

I dreamed of white dresses, wedding marches, and Edward as I slept and I know I fell asleep with a smile on my face.


I woke up early Sunday morning with my legs tangled with Edward's and my hand still over his heart. I tried to move to get up to use the bathroom, but Edward wasn't having any of that.

As soon as he felt me shift against him, his arm pulled me in tighter to him and he chuckled softly when he heard my huff of impatience.

"What's the matter, baby, are you that anxious to leave me this morning?" Edward said in a voice thick with sleep.

It was, without a doubt, one of my favorite sounds to wake up to in the morning. Edward, just waking up, was all kinds of sexy.

"No, Edward, I just need to pee. You've been squeezing me for the last twenty minutes and if you don't let me up, you will be sorry!" I giggled at him as he rolled me over and all but pushed me out of the bed.

He laughed as I did the pee pee dance on the way to the bathroom and yelled through the closed door, "Bella, all you had to do was wake me up, silly girl!"

I glared at him through the closed door. I was not peeing in front of him…no way no how!

"Stupid, sexy ass old man," I grumbled to myself as I washed my hands and brushed my teeth and I would have peed my pants if I hadn't just gone to the bathroom when the door opened and Edward stood there, smirking at me.

"What was that angel? I could have sworn I heard something that sounded an awful like sexy and then old? Hmmm?" he said as he stood in the doorway with his shorts hung down low on his body, looking all rumpled and gorgeous and I wanted him…now.

I looked at him, and watched as his eyes turned dark with lust as I began to undress as I pulled my tank top off and then pushed my boy shorts down until I stood before him completely naked.

I walked backward towards the shower and crooked my finger at him, "I think I've been a very bad little girl this morning Edward, don't you think you should punish me?"

He growled…fucking growled at me as he pushed his shorts down and then grabbed me around the waist.

As he walked us backward into the shower, he pressed me against the cold tile wall and chuckled when I squealed from the cold. He reached out and turned the water on and as it flowed over us, he bent his head forward and sucked on the side of my neck before he soothed the spot with his tongue and huskily said, "Are you ready to take your punishment little girl?" as he dropped down to his knees and dived towards my aching center without even waiting for my answer.

Forty five delicious minutes later we were done getting dressed and started to walk downstairs when I stopped to rub the twinge I had just gotten in my knee.

Edward bent down in front of me, "Hop on baby, I'll carry your sexy ass downstairs and keep you off your feet."

I climbed on and giggled when he said, "You look much better up there than on my dumb ass brother's back."

Bending my head forward, I licked the side of his neck and whispered, "I'd rather have my legs wrapped around you any day baby."

"My body better be the only one you want Bella. I can always take you back upstairs and punish you again you know," Edward hissed at me but ruined it when he smiled at me.

"Always and forever you Edward," I told him as I rested my head on his shoulder until we made it down the stairs.

He pulled me off his back gently and stood me in front of him before he kissed me sweetly and said, "Always and forever can't come soon enough Bella."

Reaching down he took my hand in his and we walked into the kitchen area and came to a dead stop as the entire family sat there…waiting for us from the looks on their faces.

I instinctually stepped closer to Edward, immediately sensing as he did that something was going on. He let go of my hand and wrapped an arm around my waist and looked Jasper in the eye, who had just stood up.

"Shortcake, Edward…we need to talk to you," he said in a tense voice.

Shit…this was not going to be good.

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  1. She has shared her to favorite parts of her life with her to BFF babies, so sweet. And she has finally let Edward all the way in... you made me cry again when Esme told Bella her heart and I loved that part especially... I totally floved this chapter...