The Path We Choose

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Chapter 44

Jane POV

Looking up at the ceiling, I tried to count the tiles but every time I tried, I lost count. I'd been trying for hours now…or at least it felt like hours.

I vaguely remembered bits and pieces of a conversation, but it was a bit fuzzy. I remembered hearing shouts and what I assumed was gunfire. I remembered hearing someone scream no. I remembered hearing someone cry.

My nose itched and when I tried to lift my hand to scratch it, something metal clanged against the bed rail. Handcuffs? Why the hell was I in handcuffs? I frantically looked around and finally comprehended that I was in a hospital room.

What the hell happened and why was I here?

I began to move around in my bed and the sound must have alerted someone because a nurse quickly entered my room.

"Oh good, you're awake," she said tersely and moved efficiently to check the machines I was hooked up to.

"What happened? Why am I here?" I questioned.

"Someone will be in to speak with you shortly," the nurse answered and then strode out the door.

I took a few deep breaths as I tried to piece together the last thing I remembered. The Fashion Show. I recalled speaking with my dad and with Ian. For some reason, thinking his name brought tears to my eyes, but I couldn't fathom why. I closed my eyes again and concentrated as more images began to flicker and I caught brief glimpses.

Models running around back stage.

Speaking with the handlers.

Double checking the racks of clothes.

Watching Bella walk the runway one last time.

Bella… Bella…Bella

For some reason thinking about her made my heart race and I could feel sweat break out on my forehead.

What the hell?

I shook my head again. I knew something happened at the Fashion Show. I knew it had to do with Bella, but for the life of me I just couldn't remember what it was.

I heard the door open and I turned my head to see who it was. I vaguely recognized the two men who had met with my father and me about Bella, but I couldn't remember their names.

"Ms. Volturi," the tall, older one said. "You might not remember, but my name is Alec Macelli. This," he said as he pointed to the man with him, "is Detective Riley Donovan."

He walked closer to the bed and stood for a moment before he said, "We're here to ask you what you what you remember about the events that took place involving the attempted murder of Bella Swan. Please know that this is an official statement and we will be recording this conversation. I ask you; do you want a lawyer present while we ask you these questions?"

"Lawyer, of course I don't need a lawyer! Attempted murder? What are you talking about? Bella Swan?" I asked.

The words sparked a vague memory…


"Morning, sunshine," came the voice that brought a smile to my face every morning.

He was so beautiful and the fact that he chose me, out of all the girls at this school, to be with was like a dream come true.

I was as pretty as most of the other girls I supposed. At first, I was worried he was with me for my money, for my name, because it happened before, but he truly seemed like he was the real deal. I hadn't told anyone about him yet but he didn't seem to mind. I wanted to introduce him to my father but I was a bit hesitant to do so. Ever since my mom 'died' a number of years ago, it was just me and my father. To be honest, I liked it that way. My mother had been a selfish bitch and didn't deserve my father. I imagine I should have been more upset about the fact that she had somehow magically managed to ingest an entire bottle of sleeping pills but I wasn't. I was pissed at her for upsetting Daddy and I sure as hell didn't miss the bitch.

I had Daddy's undivided attention until it was time to go to college and I loved it. He took me to dinner, to important functions and I got to go with him any time he traveled. It was just me and him; just the way it should be. I didn't really want to go away to school, I wanted to stay with him but he promised me I could live off campus in a new house. He bought me a new car, too.

He also promised that once I got my degree is business, I could help him run the agency. I couldn't wait for that. I was worried that those skanky whores would try to take advantage of him without me there to protect him, so I agreed to get my degree.

"I gotta get going," my dream guy groaned as he got out of bed. He was a runner so his body was long and lean. It was so muscular it made my mouth water. Of course being a runner meant he had stamina for days and we tested that as often as we could. I woke up sore and achy more times than I could count and it never failed to bring a smile to my face. Not to mention the fact that he kept me wet almost constantly.

My guy was a bit rough too, not that I minded a whole hell of a lot... especially when I got the reward of multiple toe curling orgasms. A few bruises were nothing really when compared to what it felt like when he came inside of me or my mouth. That was actually his preferred method. It wasn't my favorite thing but I'd do anything to make him happy.

I pouted at him a bit for leaving before we had sex but he was like that sometimes. Sex was whenever he wanted, not me, but again I'd do anything he asked. I was just grateful when he made me feel good so I never complained.

He got dressed to leave and then looked at me. "Don't give me that look, doll face." His voice had a strange tremor to it and it gave me chills so I put a smile on my face immediately. "That's better," he whispered seductively. He reached down and placed his palm over my naked breast and rubbed gently before he pinched my nipple…painfully hard. "You be a good girl now," he told me. "You don't want to deny me the pleasure of that delectable mouth do you?" he warned with another twist. My eyes filled with tears, more from the thought of him upset with me than from the pain. I shook my head at him and was rewarded with a soft kiss. "I might be back later, I might not. Depends on if I get a better offer for the night."

My heart clenched painfully at the thought of him finding someone else so I cried out, "Oh no! Please come back. I promise not to look at you that way again."

"Hmmm, well we'll see later, won't we?" he replied before he strode out the door.

He didn't come back that night but showed up the next one as if nothing had happened. It became a pattern and I never knew whether he would come back when he left. There was one night he came over and I had gone out with some friends since he hadn't let me know he planned on stopping by. Needless to say, I had to wear long sleeved turtlenecks for quite some time after that. I never made the mistake of leaving at night again.

Daddy visited frequently but my guy was always conveniently busy when he would be in town. It upset me that I couldn't introduce my two favorite men to each other but Daddy assured me that so long as I was happy he trusted my judgment. My guy pretty much said the same thing. He also added that as long as I got to keep the house and the car, which he had taken to driving more than me, and we could keep living the extravagant lifestyle he'd become accustomed to, all was good.

There were times I felt like he was using me, but I tried not to think about that too much. He was so gorgeous and made me feel so good that I tended to overlook his wandering eyes and the fact that he got phone calls and text messages all day and night.

It got closer to graduation and I had yet to introduce my father to my lover but I was determined it would happen soon. Daddy was coming out west to check out a prospective model that some of his scouts had discovered and he'd asked me to help. He had an idea of what he was looking for: someone athletic which would mean she'd have a nice body, someone with long, dark hair, and pale skin. A new sportswear company was looking for a model to be their spokesperson and had contracted with Daddy to find her.

Daddy and I walked across the campus, my arm hooked in his and I knew all the girls that watched us walk by were insanely jealous of me. Daddy was a nice looking man, very distinguished looking with his white hair and dark eyes. Every time we passed by a group of people, I could hear their whispers and knew they were wondering who we were. I loved being out in public with my father, he made me feel like a princess and only a fool wouldn't love the attention he lavished on me.

"There she is, her name is Isabella," Daddy whispered reverently. The tone of his voice sent a shiver down my spine. The way he said her name, 'Isabella', set off alarm bells in my mind. It was like he had just found a buried treasure. "I need you to find out everything you can about her."

I didn't like it…I didn't like it at all.

He was only supposed to talk about me that way. He'd only ever spoke that way about me. Even my bitch of a mother, the woman he supposedly loved with all his heart didn't get her name spoken in such a way.

I quickly scanned the crowd of people and found a rather plain looking girl standing with two guys and a girl. She had on a U of O t-shirt with the name Swan on the back. I grudgingly admitted, though certainly not out loud, that she had the perfect body for sportswear. She laughed at something one the others said and again I reluctantly recognized her smile was radiant. She looked like the girl next door, the All-American female athlete and I knew without a doubt that my father would move heaven and earth to sign her. I thought the other girl with her was prettier with her blonde hair and blue eyes but Daddy didn't even pay her any attention. His eyes were focused solely on the dark-haired girl and I again I felt that strange twinge in my stomach.

I'd never acknowledge that I might have been jealous but I was…insanely so. My father had only ever looked at me that way. Even with the other models he represented or at functions where the world's beautiful people went to be seen, nothing could ever pull Daddy's attention from me the way that girl had just done. I tried pointing out a number of other co-eds around campus but Daddy was adamant she was the one he wanted. I resigned myself to the fact that he'd made his mind up. When he instructed me to find out who she was and everything else about her, I did as he asked because I always wanted to make him happy.

With a little research I'd found out more about Isabella Swan. She was the daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan. She was a star soccer player who'd been injured during a game and her promising career was over. She was studying English and the people I'd seen her hanging around were named Seth Clearwater and Jasper and Rosalie Whitlock. She was from a tiny town named Forks, Washington and that, really, was about it.

During the time I'd spent researching Bella Swan, my guy started to become different, distant. The nights he'd spent at my house with me got fewer and fewer between. When he was at the house, all we did was have sex. Rough, hard, oftentimes painful sex, but I took what I could get. I loved and needed him and there was no way I was going to give him up. He was mine and no one else's. I'd started to feel like I wasn't enough for him anymore so I began letting him do things to me…things I never would have imagined, but they seemed to make him happy. That was all that mattered.

As long as Daddy and my guy were happy, then so was I. One night I had my file on Bella Swan out on my dining room table when my guy decided to surprise me with takeout for dinner. As we brought our food to the table, I watched as his eyes scanned the pictures of her and noticed the intense way he stared at the picture. His fingers turned white from holding the bag of food so tightly and his breathing became erratic. I got the same feeling with him as I'd gotten with my father when he saw Bella Swan for the first time. It was in that instant that my intense hatred for a girl I'd never even met began to fester and grow.

First my father and now my man? What the fuck? There was fucking no way she was going to ever take either one of them away from me. Over my dead fucking body I fumed to myself…even though I made sure not to outwardly show my anxiety.

"Who's that?" my man asked. He tried to sound nonchalant but the tremble in his voice gave him away.

I didn't want to make him mad, Lord knew what would happen if I did, so shrugged my shoulders in an attempt to make it seem like my world wasn't slowly crumbling around me and said, "That's the new girl Daddy wants to sign to the agency."

"What's her name?" he demanded and his tone of voice indicated I'd better answer him.

"Isabella Swan," I said slowly as I watched him process that information.

He smiled then schooled his features before he looked at me. "Nice name. She's a cute girl," my guy said offhandedly and I let out a relieved breath.

He didn't say she was beautiful or perfect or anything else so I knew I was worrying over nothing. Our dinner was enjoyable and never once did he bring up Bella Swan again. Sex that night was better than it had ever been and I fell into an exhausted sleep when we were through. His stamina was sometimes hard to keep up with, even for me. Sometime during the night I'd woken up a bit sore but deliciously so and the other side of the bed was empty. I strained my ears to see if I could hear my guy in the house and I heard a noise from the dining room. Carefully I got out of bed, nervous for some reason. I didn't want him to think I was spying on him…that wouldn't go over well at all. I tiptoed down the hall and flattened myself against the wall. I took a deep breath before taking a quick peek around the corner.

What I saw made me see red and my whole body began to shake with rage. My beautiful man sat there at the table, a glass of whiskey next to him. His eyes were focused on the picture of Bella Swan. He ran his fingers lovingly, it looked like, over the photograph and his eyes and smile were as gentle as I'd ever seen. He certainly hadn't ever looked at me that way and in that moment I vowed that somehow, someway I would destroy her.

I heard my guy whisper, "Soon my beloved Isabella and you'll be mine." The blood in my veins turned to ice. My mind began to envision all the ways I could make that bitch pay for taking away everything I loved.

My father began his pursuit of the whore and my guy continued to run hot and cold. Somehow he always knew when I was doing something work related for my father and on those days he always appeared. I never caught him staring at her picture again, but I would notice when his mind would wander. There were also times when we were having sex that I knew without a fucking doubt he was picturing her beneath him instead of me. I could tell because his touch would turn gentle and his smile would turn warm. I tried to convince myself it wasn't really happening and for the most part it worked.

There were times when I had violent images…I imagined running her over with my car. I imagined tying her to a chair and cutting off her hair. I imagined her getting horribly burned and disfigured. I imagined my guy and my father begging me for forgiveness for ever putting anyone before me. I would forgive them of course because I'd do anything for both of them.

The brown-haired whore, as I'd come to call her in my mind, repeatedly rebuffed my father which caused him great vexation. It just enraged me further. How dare she upset my father so, especially when all he was trying to do was make her rich and famous. The images I had of her suffering painfully started coming with more frequency and became even more violent. I wasn't a violent person normally, liking rough sex not withstanding, but fucking Bella Swan brought out the worst in me.

My father began spending more time on the West Coast as he increased his efforts to acquire the bitch. Bella, the fucking whore, continued to resist my father's efforts which in turn caused my anger to rise to a crescendo. Every time my father would talk about how much he wished to sign her and how distressed he was that she continued to say no, I would find myself getting more enraged. He was beginning to get desperate, wanting to offer her the moon and the stars if necessary when I stumbled across a piece of information during my research gathering.

Charlie Swan was sick, terminally so from all accounts. There was a small chance of remission or a recovery if he were able to get a bone marrow transplant. The chances were slim that the bitch would be a match for her father…but I suppose in this case a chance was better than none at all. There was no way her or her family's meager means or insurance would ever be able to afford something like that. Then there was the information I'd uncovered on Bella Swan's own bitch of a mother…really what was the matter with her? Just like my bitch of a mother…self-centered, vain, and vapid women that had no business ever bringing a child into the world.

Totally ridiculous.

Daddy was thrilled when I informed him about Bella's father's declining health. To be honest, he seemed almost giddy at the prospect of being able to help the whore out in such an extravagant way. The signing bonus he was prepared to offer her was substantial and more than enough to cover the cost of Charlie Swan's care by the best doctors in the country and for the test to determine if a transplant was possible.

As Daddy began making headway with his prize, my guy became more and more distant. In a turn of events I never would have imagined or thought possible, sex wasn't even enjoyable any longer. When we did have it, which was getting more and more infrequent, it was fast, rough, and painful. He started spending more time away from me. There were times I'd see him around campus and he would be with one of the guys that the bitch Bella had been with the first time I'd seen her. He also looked like a runner and my stomach would twist in knots when I thought about the possibility my guy was trying to get closer to the whore.

I began to have almost constant visions of my man and the brown-haired whore together and my rage at the thought of losing him to someone like her continued to boil. Thoughts of the two of them together began to consume me and occupied almost every thought I had regardless of if I was asleep or awake. It was relentless, it was never ending, it was slowly driving me mad.

Not only was the bitch taking my man away from me, she was taking my father too. She was about to cave, I could tell. Her father's condition was worsening and Daddy was giving her the chance to try to save him. It was my worst fear coming true and I didn't know what to do. On the one hand I wanted her gone, destroyed for tempting my man the way she had and for threatening my place in my father's life. On the other hand, Daddy would be devastated if that happened and his happiness meant everything to me.

One night my guy didn't stop by so I took a chance and left. I decided to go by his place and just see what was going on, if anything. I tried to convince myself I wasn't spying, but it really didn't fucking work. I was out my mind, convinced he was hooking up with the brown-haired whore and I needed to see for myself. When I got there, I parked across the street and waited. The lights were on inside and for a brief moment I had myself convinced that I was just imagining things…which in my current state was certainly a possibility. As soon as I saw him leave his apartment, talking on his cell phone , my fingers clenched around the steering wheel until they hurt. I wanted to scream but I couldn't so I pulled my hair as hard as I could instead. How fucking dare he? I shrieked silently in my mind. After all I'd done for him, after all I'd given him and wants to treat me this way? Who the hell did he think he was? Of course those thoughts were immediately followed by ones of what it would be like to be without him and I swore I wouldn't let that happen.

"Yeah, man. I'll be happy to help out. No problem at all. In fact, this will give me a chance to get to know her better," my guy said with a laugh as he climbed in his car. He didn't even bother to look around or anything and I had the awful feeling he was so focused on going wherever he was headed, nothing else mattered.

I followed my guy, seething while I tried to figure out what was more important than spending time with me! I followed him for about ten minutes until we arrived at a house and I watched horrified as the brown-haired bitch descended the stairs and walked to his car. He got out and rushed around to open her door. What the hell? He'd never done anything like that for me. Of course we never went out much either since the time we spent together was usually in bed…or any other surface he wanted. Her friend Jasper walked out with her and I heard him introduce the two. What a fake bitch with that shy smile!

"Thank you so much for taking me home," the bitch simpered.

How fucking fake was that shit? She knew he was taken and she was trying to steal him from me I screamed silently over and over in my head.

"It's no problem at all Bella. I'm happy to help out a friend. I'm just glad I didn't have any place special I needed to be tonight so that I was available," my guy said as helped her in the car.

I watched, my eyes filling with tears as he smiled after he shut her door and walked back to his side. I followed them, crying uncontrollably, to her fucking house. He repeated the process of opening her door and helping her out of the car. My skin tingled all over and my nails dug into my skin as I watched him place his hand on the small of her back as they walked to the door. I had parked in the shadows and I rolled down my window so I could hear what he said to her.

"Thanks again, James. It was so nice of you to pick me up." She smiled and pushed her hair behind her ears.

Classic whore move was what I scathingly thought to myself.

I watched as he stepped toward her, all smiles and looking as gorgeous as ever. "It was really my pleasure, Bella. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon."

I couldn't take any more so I pulled away from the curb and drove home. When I arrived I didn't really remember the actual drive because my mind was so full of their faces. The way she looked at him, all innocent-like even though she was nothing but a whore. The way he looked at her, like she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. I stumbled out of my car and into my house. I threw my keys and purse on the entryway table, barely registering the fact that my purse spilled out on the floor. I made my way to the kitchen and pulled out the bottle of expensive vodka I had in the freezer. After a burning drink, I took another…then another. I squeezed my eyes shut to try and stem the images from coming but I couldn't.

James was fucking mine, I growled in the quiet kitchen. Mine! There was no way that two-bit whore could ever take him from me. I wouldn't allow it I vowed. I couldn't help but remember the way James had looked the first time he saw Bella's picture or the way his voice sounded that night at the dining room table.

"Aahh!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I threw the vodka bottle against the wall. The sound of splintering glass filled the room and as I watched the liquid spread across the tiled floor, I smiled to myself as I imagined it being bright red blood…Bella Swan's blood.

I began to follow James around more; I just couldn't help myself. I knew I was losing him and I just couldn't seem to find a way to stop it. Daddy was spending almost all his time here too, to be close to Bella and to monitor the situation with her steadily ailing father. Bella was so close to acquiescing, I knew it. Her father's condition predicated extraordinary measures and the only way she could ever afford those was by the money Daddy was offering to her. The contract he wanted her to sign was not the typical one that was presented to the other models at the agency but I knew that was because Daddy wanted to keep the bitch around as long he could. If he'd had his way, she would never leave. Daddy was totally enamored with Bella and I had no idea what she had that I didn't. I was being replaced by her in my father's life just as I was in James' and I didn't know how to deal with that. I wanted the bitch gone, obliterated to infinity with no chance of ever returning but no matter how much I wished it, I knew it wasn't happening. She took my guy and she took my father and no matter how long it took, she would pay.

Every time I would catch James and Bella together, my plan to make her pay became more solidified. James and I were over; I knew it even if he had yet to be man enough to admit it to me. We hadn't had sex in weeks and days would go by between talking to him. I felt lost, alone, and abandoned. Between James and my father focusing so much on the whore, there was no one left for me. I hated her, hated her with a burning, fiery intensity. I would end her…someway, somehow I would. She would get hers in the end. I would make sure of it.

The bitch finally agreed to sign a contract with Daddy and I'd never seen him happier. Not at anything I'd ever done did he smile or show such pleasure. I had to keep a fake ass smile on my face. I had to curb every instinct I had to rip her hair out or gouge out her eyes. I had to act friendly and happy around her when all I really wanted to do was make her suffer as I had. James had finally 'officially' broken up with me…by text no less. The only reason he gave was that we'd grown apart which was a fucking lie. I knew we'd still be together if it wasn't for the whore blindsiding him so that she could take him. I didn't blame her for wanting him…he was perfect, who wouldn't want him. But the bitch should have backed off when she knew he was taken. Instead she just batted those ugly ass brown eyes and flipped her plain looking brown hair and lured him away from me.

Daddy was thrilled of course and though he asked me to accompany him to meetings and functions all he cared about was Bella. He'd asked me to oversee her first appearances and to set them up as soon as possible. It was a nightmare really, especially since James was attached to her fucking hip and wherever she went, he was sure to follow. He never gave any indication that we had seen each other naked, that we had sex you only saw in porn movies, that I let him do things to me I was sure Miss Innocent couldn't even say out loud let alone do. He looked through me like I wasn't even there. He regarded me as if I was nothing more than a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. I was Jane Volturi and I wasn't meant to be ignored…not by him and not by my father either. I was so much better than that whore and both of them would realize it sooner or later. They just better hope and pray I forgave them.

I watched, hurt and angry, as James lovingly followed Bella around constantly. He would show up at her appearances unannounced, just to be near her. What did the bitch do? Complained to her blonde-haired friend.

"He scares me sometimes, Lele," I heard her whine one day to her friend Rosalie.

"Then kick his ass to the curb, Bell. You don't need this shit, not with everything else you have going on," the cunt named Rosalie said.

"I know you are probably right, Rose. He was just so nice when we first started dating. He's like a completely different person now. I don't know what's happened," Bella complained. How could she talk about James that way? Didn't she realize what an amazing man he was? The fact that he wanted to always be around her should have shown her how great he was.

"Well honestly, Bell. James creeps me the hell out. The way he always stares at you and follows you around; he treats you like a possession. It's just not normal."

I seethed silently as they continued to talk about my James so unfairly. He never should have chosen her over me. I never would have complained about the constant attention. I craved it and I still missed him horribly. I'd taken to sitting outside his apartment as well as Bella's anytime I could, just to be near him. His body still called to me even if Bella had brainwashed him into thinking she wanted him.


Time marched on and Charlie Swan's health continued to deteriorate. Rapidly. Bella and her minions, as I'd come to call them, spent every weekend traveling to stay with him. A part of me understood her need to be with her father since I'd do anything for my own but when she left to visit him, James stayed behind. I'd overheard many arguments between the two of them and while a part of me was glad to see Miss Perfect wasn't as perfect as she liked everyone to believe, the other part couldn't believe how callously she ignored James' wishes.

It was on one of those weekend trips to visit her father that my life, my world, was irrevocably changed. I was alone when I found out that she murdered the love of my life. A part of me died inside. Anything good that was left inside of me faded away and left nothing but a black void and ice in my veins. The fucking bitch would pay for taking James away from me. My own father was more concerned about what 'his poor Isa' had gone through. It was then that I lost not only the man I loved but my father as well. She'd taken away the only two people that made my life worth living. I swore that no matter how long it fucking took, even if I had to wait for the rest of my life, I would return the pain she'd inflicted upon me tenfold…hell a hundredfold. One day someone would come to mean as much to her as James did to me and when that day came, I would be waiting. I'd be waiting to take that person away from her.

When her father finally succumbed to his illness, Bella and her lapdog Seth moved to New York City to be closer to my father. She said it was to be close to the office but I knew better. The bitch just wanted to be close to Daddy. She didn't even look upset about James' death either. She just moved on like he was yesterday's trash, while inside I continued to mourn his death. Over the years I watched and waited for her to meet someone, to find the one person she loved like I loved James. I didn't believe for one fucking second that she could ever truly love someone the way I had loved James but she could pretend, I supposed.

Bella was nothing more than an ungrateful bitch. She never once thanked Daddy for all he'd done for her. All she did was complain about how this was not what she wanted to do with her life. She'd only agreed so she could help her father. Blah, blah, fucking blah. Years passed and my father's attention and devotion to Bella never wavered whereas my birthday went by unnoticed. Holidays that used to be just the two of us we no longer spent together. It was if I didn't exist to him anymore either. As long as the brown-haired whore was happy, so was my father.

Until Edward fucking Cullen and his two brats came along. The moment she met him, Daddy became desperate. He could tell Edward was going to be important to her and he was a threat. Bella had made no secret of the fact that she was leaving Volturi; leaving Daddy as soon as her contract was fulfilled. The fact that she now had Edward just cemented that. My father was heartbroken, totally destroyed by the thought that she would leave so I came up with a plan. I'd send her hate mail, trying to scare her. Trying to get her to pull away from her friends and be all alone. That would mean all she would have was Daddy. It wasn't a perfect plan, I wanted her gone, for good, but it would suffice for now. At least I would take her away from her friends and her new lover boy. Daddy would stay happy and I would just have to keep being patient.

I started out kind of tame, kind of small. Just little hints of what might happen to her. I didn't think I could get her to pull away instantly. I knew it would take some time. I started with the Gala picture, figuring it would scare her to think of someone being that close to her. Then I got a picture of Edward and Bella with the kids on one of their 'family' outings. Family my ass, she wasn't their mother; no matter how much she wanted to be. I hung around in the background, listening to Bella and Angela talk. I'd eavesdrop on Daddy's conference calls with Jasper and Rose, on photo shoots and at appearances. I'd stand unobtrusively behind Seth and Bella as they discussed their plans. It wasn't hard to find out where she would be at any given time.

I increased my attempts and attention to her comings and goings, waiting for the most opportune time to make my presence known. I wanted her to distance herself from everyone and everything. I thought it was working too when we went on that trip to California…the one where I met Ian. I should have known he was too good to be true. It was just one more instance where Bella couldn't be happy with what she had already; she had to take what was mine too. Ian never loved me, never even wanted me. He just wanted a way to get close to the one that got away. That was all.

I began paying even closer attention to Bella's comings and goings. I wanted to completely break her, isolate her from her loved ones. The letters I sent became more ominous, more threatening. I could tell no one had a clue what to do, how to handle me. I laughed to myself more times than was probably sane but I couldn't help it. Everyone was beside themselves with worry and I loved the chaos even if things weren't going exactly the way I wanted them to. Instead of her pulling away, they all closed in ranks even more.

When I'd overheard Emmett and Seth talk about getting the locks changed at Bella's loft, I knew it was too good an opportunity to pass up. With some careful timing I managed to get inside the building before the locks got changed. I'd hidden on the mostly empty second floor until the workers were done. I got inside the main security office and interrupted the camera feed. What I needed to do would only take me a few minutes.

I had followed Bella and Edward one evening and managed to steal Bella's sweater when she wasn't paying attention. A few fans had approached her table and asked for a picture. When Edward offered to take it and their attention was diverted I stealthily walked by and casually picked it up. As soon as I had the camera feed off I slipped up the stairs, left the sweater with the note attached, went back downstairs and started the feed again. I waited until the camera panned away from the main door and slipped out into the night.

I watched, amused, as Bella, Edward, and the rest of their family continued to struggle with everything. A small part of me admired the way they rallied around the two of them, but it was a very tiny part. The biggest part of me relished in the chaos, the worried looks on all their faces. Now I didn't care anymore about keeping her with us to keep Daddy happy. He'd abandoned me long ago anyway. Now I was just having fun tormenting her and her precious Edward. I'd keep having fun, too, until it wasn't fun any longer. Then she'd just be gone…forever.

My piece de resistance came of course with the final letter. I'd grown tired of my game and tired of her. I'd left the letter for Bella at the office unobtrusively. No one saw me, no one had the slightest inkling that Bella's tormentor was so close. It was quite enjoyable actually, watching everyone…even my own father now, as they tried to find a rhyme or reason to what was going on. I was completely nuts, a part of me knew this, recognized it, but I didn't care. I was fucking done and I was fucking tired.

Hearing my father call the bitch by her preferred name instead of using 'Isa' like he'd always done was really the last fucking straw for me. He was the one that was really to blame for all of this anyway. He never should have replaced me with her. He and James both. I'd given everything of myself to them and they'd just used me until something or someone better had come along. I listened as the FBI and the NYPD tried to make heads or tails of the letters. I cackled, internally of course, when I saw how devastated Bella was at having to send the kids away. I was glad they were going to be gone truthfully. I was crazy but I wasn't that heartless of a bitch to want to harm kids for God's sake.

I'd slipped out of the room, unnoticed once again and found a spot across the street that would let me watch as she came outside. It was then that I'd decided to go after Edward instead. I wanted Bella destroyed and I could think of nothing that would cause her more pain than to be abandoned like I had been by everyone she loved. I wanted her to live the rest of her life knowing that he was dead because of her.

The plan was brilliant I'd thought and I couldn't think of a better place for this all to end than at the Fashion Show. She'd told my father definitively that she was through with her contract and she was done…for good. He was upset but he'd resigned himself to the fact that she was leaving long ago. All throughout the day's preparations I imagined what the final showdown would be like. I wanted Bella to beg and plead with me to spare Edward. I wanted her to acknowledge that I was the one with all the power, that I was the one that gave her what she wanted. I wanted her to think she was going to get it…and then I would kill him anyway.

Things worked out even better than I'd hoped and the whole time I led Edward back to Bella's dressing room, I kept imagining her cries, kept picturing her face once I took everything away from her. It was all I could do not to kill him as soon as I'd shut the door, but I wanted her to know, to truly understand what she'd done to me. So we entered her dressing and I let them have their brief, sickeningly sweet reunion before I locked the door.

The look on the bitch's face when she realized it had been me, when she saw the gun, was worth almost everything that happened. The crazy thing was, I'm not sure Bella really ever understood why I hated her so much. I never even told her about James.

I noticed that the room was really quiet except for the sounds of the machines. I shook my hand against the bed rail again; for some reason I enjoyed the sound. I noticed my left thigh was covered in gauze and tape, bits of red soaked through. I turned my head to the right and the same gauze and tape with the same drops of red covered my right shoulder. I looked up at the two men that stood in my room…I remembered them coming in but not anything after that.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked as they continued to stare at me.

I heard the sound of a small tape recorder turn off but I couldn't remember saying anything for a moment.

"Jesus Christ," the younger man said in a whisper. He looked at the older man and he put away the notebook he had been furiously writing in. The older man nodded at the younger one, I think I remembered his name was Riley something or other.

As soon as I remembered his name, I remembered Bella and Edward. Shit what happened I asked myself.

"Jane Volturi, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Isabella Swan. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you."

"Attempted murder? You mean that bitch is still alive? After everything I went through to get to her? I didn't even want to kill her, though that would have been okay, too. I really wanted to kill Edward. An eye for an eye."

"Ms. Volturi," the older man said in a steel hard voice. "I assure you that Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are both alive and healthy. You," he said as he stepped closer to the bed and stared at me, "have a really fucking long time to sit and think about that."

He and the other guy left the room after that.

"Well, fuck. What the hell do I do now?" I asked…and got no answer whatsoever.

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  1. Well Erin, you did not disappoint!

    You know that I had been looking forward to this chapter and I was so excited to read it!

    Jane is without a doubt, insane.

    From my point of view, she was rather crazy to begin with. She was so eager to please that she would accept the "abuse" from James from the very beginning. That actually showed signs of low self-esteem but also maybe a personality disorder.

    Her whole time in college when she was stalking James and Bella was out of control. Just red flags going off everywhere and the thing is, she KNEW something was wrong, and didn't care. Sociopathic comes to mind readily!

    How she came up with the idea that Bella murdered James is baffling but then again, she was already nuts by then so of course she would see no wrong in anything that James did.

    Warning signs were all over the place that he was just using her, yet she said again and again, she was pushing that to the side and not actually paying attention to blatant using of her and her material things, and her body. Kinda sad, it ALMOST makes me feel sorry for her, but...not really!

    While she was crazy, she wasn't stupid. She planned each letter and picture perfectly to cause the most damage. She was diabolical in her plans. She just underestimated the power of the love that these people share for each other and most certainly underestimated the love between Edward and Bella.

    As much as she was claimed to want to make her dad happy, she still blamed him for 'hurting' her and supposedly putting Bella ahead of her. Now Aro may have done that, because he really wanted Bella, and likely as more than a model, but it was remarkable that in the end, when the crazy really took over, she had no plans to do anything to Aro. It was ALL focused on Bella. Again, she might have been crazy, but I don't think she was completely incompetent, as she had enough control to focus her rage.

    I'll be curious if we find out if Ian actually WAS only with Jane to get closer to Bella again, or if that was all in Jane's head.

    She's a piece of work! And you wrote her well Erin. I know when I first asked you about it you were worried you couldn't pull off the crazy, but you did. Should we be worried about this?? LOL!

    So SO loved this chapter my dear friend!!